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New fish, here!


I'm Commander Shepard, and FFXIV is my favorite MMO on the Citadel.


I've been playing MMOs for over 16 years, now, and FFXIV is, in my opinion, the best on the market today.


I guess I'm a bit of a unicorn in that I think hardcore RP and hardcore PvE are both worthwhile activities. I look forward to doing one or both with you all sometime soon! So send me a /tell and lets be friends!






So, uh, I was trying to make a wiki thing and I think I messed it up multiple times. I read the directions but I have the dumb and can't computer good. Someone pleez haalp x_x

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I guess I did it right by accident?


But my character page doesn't seem to be showing up in the big list of character pages and I'm not sure why.


Suppose if other people can see it with the link or by searching, that's all that really counts. Thanks for checking it for me Nailah!

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I always appreciate when players want to get the most out of both PVE and RP. :)

Though I've fallen behind as of late, I find raiding in this game to be great fun. I hope you can find what you're looking for on Balmung.

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I think your wiki issue just comes from not having tags in the bottom of the page. For example, I needed to stick this stuff into the bottom of my page to get it to populate in the roster.


[[category:Player Character]] [[category: Highlander_Hyur]]


If that's not the case, uh... I don't know! You broke it. Get out? :cactuar:

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I think your wiki issue just comes from not having tags in the bottom of the page.


That fixed it, thanks!


Now all the people cruising random profiles all the way back to the R's can stop to appreciate my sweet pic and the aesthetic of the template I copypasted before going "Why the hell is this text so small!?" and leaving to read something else!


Do, uh...do I still have to get out? I already unpacked some stuff...

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