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The Happy Median between PvE and RP

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One of the big things that FFXIV is known for is the sheer amount of content cramped into it's game. I have to say, out of all the other games I have played in the past, FFXIV is comparable to open world Bethesda games like Skyrim. One of the design decisions Square Enix has made for this game however, is that a lot of said content is locked behind specific quests- which has a lot of pros but also has some cons as well.


One of them I'm finding to be is that I find myself as a player spending more time PvEing in an attempt to unlock everything I can in the game, and am spending little time at all engaging in roleplaying. I was curious about your guys' opinions on what is a happy median between engaging in roleplay and progressing in the game itself? Do you only participate in RP events as they come up? Do you mainly stick with RP partners? Or maybe set a specific day in a week that is dedicated to RP only?

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It really depends on what you're trying to accomplish in PVE. There's a lot of RP to be had in the 1-50 zones, and those are entirely open to you after about level 15? If you begin in Gridania or Ul'dah, you can run to everywhere on the mainland, while Limsa is stuck on the island until the dungeon quests open up. You can technically move around even earlier if you have access to an FC house with a teleport crystal on the other region.


The cities alone feature a ton of RP spread between FC plots, random tavern RP, all kinds of events, and everything in between. Admittedly you're locked out of Ishgard for a long time since it requires progress through all of the 2.x content, but that is by no means where the bulk of RP is happening right now.


I'm accustomed to the casual-level-60 cycle now, which means I do some dailies and dungeons and PVE for about an hour a night and then spend the rest socializing or roleplaying.

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Gosh, yes, very much this, especialy at content release time.


When there is new content there is a flurry of activity as people push through it. New players arrive also and there is a PvE buzz, and maybe even a "I'm back RP with me" one too.


So just hang on in there it will pass.


As the content is eaten and sucked dry, we fall back into the daily grind and our heads lift towards the RP again. RP that is never ending and always there for us. The content adicts have moved on and we are back to our  nice little community of dedicated hard core RPers.


So, don't dispair, keep up the spirit, the RP may be muted for a while but will be back.


Personally I aim to always put RP before PvE, even dropping queues when the opportunity comes up. Dalies and NPCs will be there forever, but that RP with someone is a one off that can't be repeated.

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I've noticed I've naturally gravitated towards RPers that tend to have the same penchant for PvE that I do. A lot of us are former raiders from wow, one of us actually having cleared Naxx 40.


The happy medium you're looking for is whatever makes sense for you. Stuff like this is why it's important to just respect people and the ways they choose to spend their time in and out of game.

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I started playing this game for PvE (I'd never RP'd in an mmo before), and it's really the real reason I am on so often.


I do love RP though, and I consider it the 'real endgame' but sadly it often takes second string to raids. The only good thing is that it makes me appreciate the RP I /do/ get more. Almost every scene is something to remember, a treat, rather than just business as usual.


My old RP was more similar to a soap opera, lots of talking, lots of drama, but not much happening. RP these days is closer to an HBO series (Mostly thanks to fate-14), you only see the plots in small snippets, but what you get is powerful stuff.


In any case, I also like to be able to talk about how great RP is to the endgame raiding FC's. I will however, be happy once A8s is finally down for us (any week now hopefully), so I'll have more time for RP.

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I sometimes take breaks from PvE for entire patches, but it's because I have a very.. Casual, mindset about it. I of course like to perform the best I am able to, but I don't really see a big need to rush for the best gear, min/maxing and all of that. So if for example I don't like the dungeon designs in a patch I likely wont do much of all. I should mention I don't touch raiding outside of the 24-mans which tend to be fairly easy to meet the requirements for. For me roleplay comes first, and second to that is crafting and gathering which I can make quite a lot of time disappear with. I'd consider it an endgame in it's own right. 


But as I see it, you can always play the game but you can't always find RP. Good to save some other things for a rainy day ^^

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