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Sup my fellow RP nerds.


After talking with a few of my friends, who don't use Tumblr, and still love the shit out of answering prompts and the like, I will just post one to start this thread of with. If it catches on, I will continue making these type of threads.


However, as much as we like the "What pokemon fits with your character" (meanwhile I have art with Ave and her pokebro), I'm trying to toss some more serious questions and prompts into this section for folk to answer.


So. Lets start this shall we?




Which person(s) or group(s) are they most loyal to?[/align]



This can mean anything from family, homeland, close friends, lovers, organisation they serve ect. Go crazy and tell me all the things about your character involving this topic, I'm looking forward to reading it all.

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Lho'a tends to hold no love for his own kind. Infact he is pretty far removed from Keeper society and traditions entirely. That said, he often CLAIMS to hold some degree of loyalty to the Flames, but only when he feels the need to seem like he is important. If he would actually step in to aid that group or not remains to be seen.


That said, he loyalty falls more to individuals. Lho'a has experienced great pain and loss, and through it has decided that those he truly cares for, are worth more than the general population or whatever may stand in his way of safe guarding them. As such the lengths he will go to for those souls goes FAR beyond what one might consider safe, or normal. This also often goes beyond what THEY would want as well...as Lho'a always presumes he knows what is best for everyone around him, even when he is wrong.

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Maqali is torn - she grew up loyal to the Empire, but she has a growing affection for the tribe she ought to have been raised among. Her loyalty to the Qulaan was a bit dented some months ago, so I'd say she still has first loyalty to the Empire, though I don't think she'd right now be able to betray one for the other.

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Warren is committed fully to protecting and serving his assembled family unit; As much as he wants to believe in the good of folks, he's also been witness firsthand to the failings of the Alliance as a whole, the entire face of the world changing in the Calamity, and seemingly-resolute forces become corrupted or compromised. Trust is a watchword for him, and he can count the number of people he actually feels he can rely 100% on on his hands. The rest of the world can change, but he's determined to make sure that his circle of support is a constant.

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Quint (Or Doll#401) has been in her confusing spot. while she has no real loyalty to anyone, she is more than willing to make amends and fix what her creator (the real Xyla) has caused. 

Her current spot is more than questionable anyways. Groups will not take her in despite her clear interest and some people will still accuse her of various allegations such as being a witch or a dormant daemon waiting to emerge and kill them all. It took Arala much effort in the past to even allow Quint to be 'free' in Ul'dah. Talking and conversation through the Flames made her known at the least.


She is in a grey area. Some can trust her, others cannot. Some enjoy her and others just despise her very existence. Out of the people she met, Quint is more than willing to prove to the populace that she can be loyal if given the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities and skills. For now she is loyal to only those she is familiar with, Friends and their companies and her love.

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Kanako is very loyal to her closer friends and family. In fact, in a plot from a couple months, she admitted to one of her closest friends that she would go to any lengths if it meant she could give him a better life. Despite all the troubles and pain they faced, she stayed by his side.


Aulbiene on the other hand, well.....She isn't really truly loyal to anyone or any group. She only looks after herself and makes acquaintances if they can provide her an intellectual conversation and/or if they can help her reach her goals in someway. The way she sees it, you can just kick someone to the curb once they can no longer help her. However, in her past she was very loyal to her family. They all stuck together to make it through the harsh times in Ishgard.

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Feine is loyal to a fault when it comes to friends and family—but those are far and few between. He usually tries to keep a healthy distance from people for many reasons, but there are some (*CoughKanakoCough*) that manage to get by his defenses. He’d lay his life down for someone he trusted and cared for, and already has. In an odd way he’s so loyal that he’d tear the friendship apart if it meant keeping them safe, and happier.

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Silence was meant to be played as only loyal to a small War Bound I was going to form...but with playing a mute, those bonds never seemed to take off, and I regretfully selected many players who vanished into the aether shortly after meeting them lol.


Enter his handler, Aoi..whose orders he follows to the letter. Beyond her, the brute would likely show a degree of protection towards Warren ( since he originally only interacted at the Grindstone ), whom he deems to be of importance.

And despite having not seen them for a time, he'd likely still risk life and limb for Nataru, Nahare, Orenji, Flynt, Shirono, Yvain, or any number of the pirate group he'd been working with for some time.

So in short, the links he has gained through combat and respect..are the ones he values above all else. Maybe not the Warbound I wanted, but he has still met some pretty cool people.

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When asked who she is allied to, Ella will say she is simply an ally of Hydaelyn, that she is simply an ally of the world, of it's nature and is less concerned about who she is an ally of. But talking to her will quickly show she is very closely allied to Gridania and the guilds there in. She feels strong ties to the more naturalistic views. In a similar vain she has a lot of resentment towards the people of Ul'Dah. She was adopted by a family of dunesfolk weavers and taught the value of wealth. Yet Ella often sees the people of Ul'Dah as selfish and greedy, and worries that the monarchy is hurtful, and because of this she avoids returning to Ul'dah.

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There are three groups/individuals Faye is notably loyal toward, and for poor Faye, those loyalties often clash! She tries her best to juggle them all, but with the often at least two of them at odds, if not all three, she tends to fumble.


Zularti, her adoptive brother--now deceased, but she is still loyal to the idea of him and his memory. As her first true friend and what she considers to be her most "real" family despite the lack of blood relation, she was always protective of him and eager to see him happy, as well as quick to snap at anyone who would speak ill of him. Despite that, the two often butted heads, and trying to follow the philosophy of WWZD after his passing has not been any easier for Faye, as the two had very different ideals. Her loyalty to him has caused a lot of conflict and confusion in her life, as she finds herself torn between what she thinks is right and what she knows Zularti would do.


She is also, of course, loyal to Val, her lover. She would do anything for his health and happiness. She is more concerned with his happiness than honesty, however, concealing her troubles from him in hopes that won't have to suffer than alongside her. Being loyal to a troublemaker isn't easy, though, and the two still have their spats like any couple. Still, she would risk life and limb for him, and anyone who harms or insults the Nunh will find some consequences, even if in time... revenge is best served cold!


And last is, of course, the Harbingers of Dawn. Faye views the free company as her baby, which is something that extends to all its members. She's sacrificed a lot for the company, and continues to do even when it makes her think she must be a glutton for punishment. She takes her role of Matriarch seriously, and she tries to do what she believes is best for the company, which has caused many a problem when her idea of what's "best" deviates from what others believe. However, she sticks to her guns, considering any grief she gets for it to be the price of leadership, a job she deems largely thankless yet never abandons.

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I've probably said it enough, but her Master.

It is an interesting case, in that Virara holds fanatically to the belief system her Master inculcated her with, but also holds animosity for the woman in equal measure. The odd nature of their relationship has a lot to do with this, as Master very likely knew from the start that Virara only accepted the offer to learn lethal martial arts so that someday she could free herself and murder her teacher. Yet Virara had no concept of human bonds, and before she engaged with Master, her thought process was much more on the level of a wild animal than a sapient being. So both Virara's sense of self and intense hatred bind her to Master, and neither can be extricated from one another: Master is the strongest, so she is right. She is the strongest because she is the greatest at martial arts, and martial arts are connected to murder. Murder is different from killing in that an animal kills to survive, while a Spoken can kill for reasons other than pragmatism. Animals kill, people murder. Therefore, to be a person, Virara has to follow Master's way of living, because she is an unparalleled genius at murder. Virara's intense desire to kill out of animosity rather than fear for her life was the first real human emotion she experienced, so in a sense it was like a second birth. There is obviously a lot more to being a sentient being, but given that this emotion was what anchored her to her newfound way of thinking, those other elements are often drowned out. She was "uplifted" out of a survival-focused half-madness into a blank slate that was starting to resemble a thinking being. A lot of characters remark that it seems like a rather twisted "mother-daughter" relationship, but that's probably only part of it.


With this intense dependence in mind, Virara wants to kill Master, but at the same time will not suffer slander upon her and will even violently rebuke people who too aggressively dispute things that she has taught. Virara categorizes all things in the world that she didn't learn from Master as "vulgar" in a somewhat neutral "low" or "unsophisticated" sense, rather than whether it's useful or not.

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For Lunelle: 


Waylon: Lunelle has steadfast, unquestioning loyalty to her former employer, sometimes lover and current partner in crime. She does not question him, nor will she ever, and his wish is her command. 



Nathan Telluride: Luney's former bestest best friend, she still harbors affection and loyalty to him



The Thibaults:  Lunelle will protect her family at all costs



For Therese, the only loyalty she truly has is to her husband. The rest of the world can burn for all she truly cares.

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Aigiarn Kha is mostly loyal to her family, her friends, and her mentor in Garlemeld. The latter isn't necessarily loyal to the Garlean Empire, but the ideas of the old Republic. The former is still roaming the steppes of Othard, relatively free as in the old days, considering the importance of trade across Othard. Her friends are here, and she is loyal to them, as they helped her.

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L'yhta's loyalties, more or less in order, are:

  • Hydaelyn or, at least, her interpretation thereof. She views herself as a light in the encroaching Darkness and is willing to do pretty vicious things to interfere with the plans of those she considers to be doing harm to the planet and the Mothercrystal. She feels that everyone has a choice in the actions they take, and so offers no quarter to those she feels have chosen to walk a path of evil.
  • The Code of the Magi, which is the oath sworn by Wizards of the Ivory Tower. While she's not as bloodthirsty about it as she used to be, she's still devoted to what she sees as critical principles underlying the fruitful study of magic.
  • Llaine Tetheros, to whom she was eternally bound not so long ago. Romance, however, must take a backseat to her Oath and her religious duty.
  • Certain Wizards of the Ivory Tower, specifically Eamont Desormaux, Kurenai Nagi, Rosamund Cartwright, Sazhi'to Bajhiri-Tariq, and Clalaris Sil'laris, who she considers her adopted immediate family.
  • The other Wizards of the Ivory Tower, who she considers her quirky adopted extended family and to whom she's sworn an oath to protect.
  • Other friends outside the Tower, whether PCs or NPCs. L'yhta's entirely the sort of person who'd jump in front of an arrow for someone she likes, even if that's particularly stupid of her to do.
  • The Maelstrom and Limsa Lominsa, which she very slightly puts above the rest of the world because she thinks the pirate city has exactly the right approach to the living one's life.

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Raeje is loyal to the kah tribe. She's loyal to Chrys D'Fyr, even though she's still unsure what the true story behind his disappearance is.


She's loyal to Miss Data, because ever since Raeje joined Gilded Pony, Miss Data welcomed her with open arms, and has been almost like a second mother to her. Raeje would drop everything for her if she asked.


Raeje is loyal to Rowan Eldred, because Rowan joined Gilded Pony roughly the same time as Raeje, and they kind of went through performance anxieties together. If Rowan needs anything, Raeje will try to help. 


Raeje is loyal to herself. She's always trying to better herself and become a successful bard and performer, even though she's not the most social person offstage. She's almost too loyal to the written word. She keeps her head in her words, within her own world.


Other than that, it's hit or miss whether Raeje will be loyal. If you're loyal to her, and give her the time of day, without being too put off by her personality, then she will almost certainly be loyal to you. However, if you're not even willing to try to get beyond the abnormalities, Raeje is probably not going to be very loyal to you.

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Arblis.. doesn't really have a good grasp on the meanings of honor and duty and loyalty.


But speaking by actions, she's extremely loyal to Rendezvous. Much of her time is spent trying to fix every single problem anyone of Rendezvous could possibly have- even the ones who don't host and just do little things in the background. Anything that poses a threat to them is something she just can't abide. Miss Maia's noble group will not be harmed by anything.


I think that about covers it all for her. I mean, everyone is loyal to their friends in some capacity, so an average amount of loyalty to em isn't really worth mentioning~

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