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Good evening! I've been a member of this website for a couple of months now, and I've been on FFXIV for just a little longer, but I'm just now making a post. So, hello! I've roleplayed in WoW, but that is an entirely different beast. So, I spent my time being quiet getting my RP all set up.


If you see me in game this week and you have a few minutes, send me a tell/letter and we'll get you set up with a reading! (I main AST and wanted to incorporate the cards into my roleplay, so I'm going the fortune teller route. From now until 1 November, they're free as long as you tell your friends ;)


See you all in game!

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YO! Welcome among the living! Glad you're going to start RPing in game. Must say, I was thinking of going the same route with Akira (card reading, that is), but maybe I'll elave that to you and do it secretly. ;)


Aw, but it's a lot of fun! Don't keep it a secret!

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