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Vagrant Miqo'te looking for people to share the road with

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Hey, there roleplayers! I’m brand new to the world of final fantasy, but I’ve rp’d for the last 10 years of my mmo life. So a new game, new world, new community. All good but then comes the eternal problem of making connections, so here I am! I’m not currently on Balmung, that’ll happen next week, the pay check has to clear first. But you can never start too early can you!



[align=center]Miya Vophela[/align]






Miya is a young character, one that can’t quite find her place in the world, and one that’s been displaced so many times that wandering it self has become her place.


At a young age she was forced to support herself, away from her family and community. Because of this mercenary work and adventuring became her primary way of living, at least for a while. Until the debts stacked up, the lack of completed contracts stacked up, and finally the city life it became too much of a burden. Stone boxes are no place for a miqo’te anyway! Because of all this, she took up wandering and trying to provide for herself with what the land could give her. And this she failed at terribly. This is where she is now, outside the conventional  communities, by herself, looking for a new family or anything that could help her.



Overall goal



A new tribe, a new family. Finally, a place to stay.

She simply doesn’t have one, so anything that could provide her support of some sort. Something as simple as a fireplace to share would be a joy after being on the road for a while.


A mentor, master, or just someone to look up to.

Miya sucks are survival skills, she sucks at merc work, the only thing she’s got going for her is herbalism. So anyone who could teach her the basics of living off the land would be a star in her eyes.




Met on the road

This is perhaps the easiest. Miya bumps into you on the road. You wouldn’t be some fancy adventure, they don’t have time to jump off their chocobo, but rather someone else a bit down on their luck.


This’ll make you feel better!

While gathering herbs, she finds you and she’s got just what you need! A kobold gave you a nasty gash perhaps, so she makes you an herbal remedy consisting of mary gold. Or you eat some old food and are vomiting all that precious nutrients up. Some peppermint tea while help you!


Food. Delicious, delicious food.

I haven’t eaten in days! Is that a fish you’ve got there? Mind if I.. Erhm have a bite? Having been unemployed for a while, and only eating what she can stea-.. erhm borrow, and scavenge from nature. Food is something she’s always on the lookout for.


That’s.. That’s awesome!

Stumbling across your camp or merely hunting ground. She sees you doing something impressive to a young Miqo’te. Did you start a fire out of wet timber? Gut a rabbit in one quick motion (You can actually do that irl)? Or maybe you just got a particular impressive set of tools. A young woman is easily impressed and always looking to learn.


Would you like some young blood in your grizzled tribe? Perhaps a more upbeat character, or a character played by someone who appreciates the fun interactions between characters rather than gloomy powerplay. Or do you simply just need a herbalist with limited experience to cook you some tea? then give me a poke! I'm always open to CC, especially on the lore aspects since I'm new to the world so don't let that hold you back either!

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Oh my goodness. When you get on Balmung, toss a tell my way! I'd love to roleplay with Miya on Saoirse, I think they two of them could really see eye-to-eye, since they're both rather down on their luck. Saoirse wanders all over La Noscea and a teensy bit of Thanalan, so we should work something out. :D

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Hey there, and welcome aboard on your impending transfer to Balmung! :thumbsup:


For starters, I'll toss you to the ShroudLife Linkshell over here, where you can find quite a collection of roaming Miqo'te roleplayers across a variety of spots. You should be able to easily plug in and start making contacts- it's pretty active and fairly inclusive as well. Some characters don't do so well in large groups, but that's about the only thing if anything. They try to avoid cities as much as they can, so if you're looking for a lot of world RP, this is a good place to try too! 




Aside from that, I can offer up Kasi here as well- there's a profile page in my signature which should give you a pretty good idea about how she can piece together with Miya (traveling merc, steak grilling enthusiast, big game hunter, trader, general wanderer and the like- probably wouldn't object to tutoring either). I'm usually on pretty much every night from 5 PM - 11 PM CST, and all the time on weekends, with some events I run here and there which might muck some availability. No pressure here either way though- think you got a lot of good leads here to start with! :D

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Hey there! Val and Miya seem to have a decent amount in common, but also enough difference that could make things interesting! He was also displaced from his tribe at a relatively young age and was forced to travel alone and make it on his own. Like Miya, it eventually became mercenary work, but he had enough training and practice within his tribe to make it happen.


The character has been around for a while--since the game released--and since he's changed a good bit, going so far as to find a significant other and settle down. I imagine he could offer Miya some help and likely sympathize with her situation, having many hungry nights on his own before he finally found his place.


One thing to mention is that he's not a particularly nice character. Rather, he can be nice to people, but he's also a bit of an ass until he gets to know someone. He also has a bit of a temper! At any rate, if you're interested or want to know more about him, feel free to look him up on the Wiki and send me a message in game :) I'd be happy to RP sometime!

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Welcome to Balmung! There's a good amount of fun, interesting characters here, so hopefully you'll be able to find someone(s) you enjoy RPing with. And like the others on the thread, I'm certain our characters would get along well.


Josiah is one of those "fancy adventurers", wandering all over Eorzea to help those in need. He can be seen almost anywhere, from Limsa to Ishgard, he's not bound to a certain land, though Ishgard and Ul'dah are special to him personally.


He's a pretty quiet man, but fiercly protective of others, risking his own life for random strangers. While traveling, he's usually in his hulking armor, walking along side his chocobo, so flagging him down wouldn't be difficult. And while Josiah isn't an expert of surving off the land, he has a solid understanding of the basics


Anyway, don't feel shy about sending me a PM here or in game! I'm usually on later at night, but I'll get back to ya as soon as I can.

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Just because I died of laughter for once in a while reading a connection topic, I toss you my hat. "Chapeau demoiselle"


Otherwise, I hope you'll find what ye seek on Balmung soon then and as such (and expected) I'll gladly toss (again) a grumpy sharp along the way. Even more as out of late, he seem to have take on both the habit to stumbling upon burglar cats that poke their noses in his things and to teach hunting to a cat. Yes, even he doesn't know what to do with such a poor thing.


As such, see ya! (maybe)

And welcome too, but I don't like to be polite.

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Hey there and welcome to Balmung! You're sure to find what you're looking for here with the sheer amount of variety that the community offers.


My Keeper, Yvenalise, would be thrilled to meet Miya sometime! She's a seasoned huntress and no stranger to the role of being a mentor/teacher, be it for martial, spiritual, or survival reasons. She has some tribal inclinations, but she's well adjusted to life in the city-states as well and can be found just about anywhere.


Feel free to shoot me a PM here or in game as i'm usually free daily past 2pm CST.

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Okay.... I'll bite. That gif is adorable and Miya sounds like s̶o̶m̶e̶b̶o̶d̶y̶ ̶I̶ ̶u̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶ a total sweetheart. I'd love to meet her!


See, interesting thing is, my boy Chip is a wanderer too. He practically lives in the wilds of La Noscea and doesn't like being in cities too for certain reasons. He is well-versed in survival skills and could probably teach Miya a thing or two. I've been looking for some more connections for him anyways. (Connections thread here.) It also sounds like he and Miya share a lot of similarities that could definitely result in some awesome interaction perhaps!


I should note, however, that I cannot currently RP in-game. It's best to contact me via Skype, but I can also RP through the forums or PMs if necessary.


Feel free to toss me a PM if you're interested in meeting my boy. Can't wait to hear from you! :cactuar:

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