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The Pen-Pal Project III

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After a year of gathering dust, I've decided to get the Pen Pal Project up and running again.


What is the Pen-Pal project?

The pen-pal project is a chance for you to make more connections, by getting matched up with another character. You will then exchange IC letters with the character you were matched with. How it comes to a part of your characters lives is all up to you & your match, maybe the first message is found in a random location that sets the basis for the exchange going forward. Maybe they actually wanted to deliberately find a pen-pal. Be as creative as you feel like!


The matches are random, and gets made through the sign up information. Whenever possible, I will attempt to avoid matching you with people your character already knows.


Okay, how do I sign up?

Fill out this information in a reply or PM to me:


Character Name:

Wiki link/short description:

Have you completed the MSQ up until end of 3.4: Yes/No

My character should be anonymous: Yes/No/Either works


(NB: If there's someone that, for whatever reason, you don't want matched up with make sure you send this information in a PM.)


Wait? Anonymity? How does that work?

Anonymity is tricky, but not impossible. It opens up for discussions your character might not have with anyone if they knew a name or face on the other person.

To make the exchange happen, I recommend using either an NPC or PC courier-type character to deliver the letters back and forth, but you may be able to find other ways that better suit your characters.


When does it start?

I need at least 10 sign-up's for a round to happen - When that criteria has been fulfilled, I will then announce the matches in this thread. For each match, one person will be highlighted in bold to indicate that they're the ones that will start the exchange, by being the first to write a letter. But remember, communication is key with all things roleplay - and this is no exception - so do send off an OOC note just to make sure that everything's okay so start.


With all that said, feel free to sign up! Any questions can be sent towards my PM box. Cheers!




Round 1 Matches:

* If your name is highlighted in Bold, you start the correspondence.

* [A] Indicates that your correspondence will be anonymous.

* [N.A] Indicates that your correspondence will not be anonymous.

(In many cases both sides were fine with either. I have defaulted these to N.A)


[A] Yvain Desrosiers Yael Cahenaut

[N.A] Keiragi Kishi W'chaza Yheli

[A] Nathaniel Salem Syranelle Ironleaf

[A] Kiri Rokuyari Deafel Pharasma | No spoilers!

[N.A] Ryuichi Shizumi Roen Deneith

[N.A] Ume Gyoji Lamia Vuinet

[N.A] Ruran Vas Chouwa Morrison

[N.A] Liliro Liro Y'zhara Zekial

[N.A] Simeon Sibaruse Reinhold Alleman

[N.A] Lucaell Townsend Willow Evinar


Ready, set, write!


Round 2 will happen if the thread receives an additional 10 sign-up's!

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Character Name: Ruran Vas

Wiki link/short description: Wiki - Wandering, melancholic masked knight who hunts voidsent and searches for relics.

Have you completed the MSQ up until end of 3.4: Yes!

My character should be anonymous: Either works!

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Character Name: Roen Deneith or Brynnalia Callae (I haven't decided who might be more fun to do this with - only one of them, not both!)

Wiki link/short description: Roen or Brynn

Have you completed the MSQ up until end of 3.4: Yes

My character should be anonymous: Anonymous if Roen, Either if Brynn

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Character Name: Willow Evinar

Wiki link/short description: A small wiki here. The tl;dr of it all is that Willow is conjurer with absolutely awful memory.

Have you completed the MSQ up until end of 3.4: Don't think so, I have a lot of gearing left to be done still so I'm stuck on MSQ, but I have no concerns about spoilers what so ever. Lay 'em on me!

My character should be anonymous: Either works.

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Round 1 matches are complete! Check the OP for the list.

Round 2 is taking sign-up's, if there is an additional 10 sign-up's below this post I'll match people up again.



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Signing up for round 2...


Character Name: Threed Crowley

Wiki link/short description: No wiki. Middle-aged, traditional gridanian tree hugger, self-taught potionmaker/salesman, sleezebag.

Have you completed the MSQ up until end of 3.4: Yes

My character should be anonymous: Either works

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