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I've been seeing these pop up a lot more lately, and I remember they were pretty prevalent in WoW's RP scene.


I'm curious if there's lore supporting the "dragons-in-disguise" thing, and I'm missing it, or if players are just being creative about how they're explaining it. Is there anything to actually back up the idea of dragons hiding out as humanoid races?

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Well, imps glamour as other monsters all the time so I imagine dragons could glamour as people if they wanted to. I don't know why they want to, but you never know.


Younger dragons appear to be ridiculously curious - and older ones might still want to see for themselves what all the fuss is about, or relive the glory days...


Presumably visiting mortal settlements wouldn't be as dangerous as it used to be, given the end of the War? So they would have a little less fear to explore.


I'm curious about the examples of the disguises though - like I know there's an in-universe rumour that dragons disguise themselves as men to walk among them, but doesn't that turn out to be "heretics that turn into aevis/etc"?

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I'm curious because it seems like dragons would've disguised themselves to avoid the whole....war thing, if they could?


I thought about the Aevis thing, but it's my understand that they aren't "dragons", and they can't "go back" once they change.

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Here's what I could find on the topic. It's said that Dravanians are skilled with glamour magicks, but it doesn't specify if this is on the heretic side or if actual Dravanian dragonkin are also skilled with glamours. This also doesn't account for the misinformation given to us pre-Heavensward about the truth behind consuming Dragon's Blood, which is the ability Guillaime casts on himself during the MSQ fight in The Heretic Among Us, whereupon he turns into a giant Aevis. I also couldn't find an instance where an actual dragon (not a man-dragon aevis, syricta, diresaur) glamoured itself into a person. They always just use heretical agents to sow their poison in the masses.


Iceheart did what? And...you're certain about that' date=' are you? [b']Dravanians are skilled with glamours, after all...[/b] Look─if you say that's what you saw, I believe you. It's just that I've never heard of a primal being summoned like that before.

Faced with Lord Drillemont's accusations' date=' the false inquisitor declares that he cannot betray that which he owes no allegiance, and that all Ishgardians must be held to account for their persecution of the heretics. With that, he summons his Dravanian allies and endeavors to defend himself, going so far as to use his magicks to assume the form of a dragon. The ruse serves only to anger Lord Drillemont, however, and with his aid you dispel the heretic's glamour and slay his scalekin accomplices.[/quote']

My glamours...dispelled...


More on dragon blood consumption and transformation in this other thread.

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