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Starsfall, Once Again, Sign-Ups OOC Masterpost [Fate-14

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Welcome to Starsfall, Once Again!


Starsfall is a plot centered around the advent of a savage tribe of miqo'te - the Falling Stars - and their powerful and ambitious Nunh.


Located in a cruel and barren tundra which the story has placed north of the Shroud, east of Coerthas, and in the lee of Xelphatol, these isolated and xenophobic tribals have kept to themselves for thousands of years, mercilessly slaying any who enter their lands. Disinterest in a land both clearly resourceless and aether-starved (for Eorzea) on the part of the outside world has helped ensure this insulation. The majority of the Falling Stars' interactions are with the Ixal to their east and north, and the rare hapless traveller.


Now, however, this isolation is ending. The latest Nunh holds more interest in the Outside than is healthy, and has already shown himself willing to kill for what he wants... and where he goes, his fanatic tribe follows in step.



A force of Immortal Flames, aided (some would say spearheaded) by Adventurers, pushed into the trackless depths of south-eastern Thanalan to confront and expunge a sept, an outpost of the Falling Stars called the Bloody Prints, which had been established following the massacre of the nascent township of Rock Falls. The clash was brutal, the Falling Stars revealing inhuman toughness and strength to go with peerless cruelty. The Flames-led forces triumphed in a pitched battle, an assault on their own freshly-established Camp Nowhere, under the leadership of Flame Captain Maximillian Maximus, who personally slew the Warlord of the Bloody Prints, X'yhulud Tia, the Sand Worm.


In the aftermath prisoners were taken, and Rock Falls was invested, the slave caste (called Clip-Tails) of the Falling Stars finding liberation into Adventurer hands. Other Adventurers confronted a voidsent who had come into existence on the unsanctified grounds of Rock Falls' citizens' slaughter, and there retrieved proof of the demise of the township's founder, the late Mister Gagaruju (whose more-famous cousin had sent the heroes to discover his fate).


In the depths of hidden caves in the outpost was found a beastman-style aetheryte, purportedly leading directly to the homeland of the invaders... but before Adventurers could make use of it, X'zarann Silverfall, the Nunh himself, took prisoner a girl, Echo-blessed, who had served as guide (and gave crucial forewarning of the attack on Camp Nowhere) and departed, leaving his lieutenant to fight the interlopers. The lieutenant, a hulking monstrosity names X'zam, was barely defeated, but it was too late to follow; the aetheryte was deactivated on the far end.


The trail now pointed far to the north, to the home lands of the Falling Stars...





To be written!





Days pass, sennights and moons, and what was once a furious blaze ebbs, burns low, until naught but ashes remain. Yet ashes may be stirred, sparks rising once more, catching... and once more burning bright. Consuming. The drive for glory is not so easily constrained, ambition unveiled once again...



ACT III: Fanning Sparks


Scene I: Missing Purrsons



a) Where Goes The Neighborhood? (Friday, February 3rd, 2017, 9 pm CST)


Several moons ago, twoscore tribal miqo'te were given a home in the Goblet, bought and paid for by registered Adventurers. At first there was concern, as rumors abounded (everything from warmongering to cannibalism) about their parent tribe, and yet they have proven to be as close to ideal neighbors as one could hope for. Now, something seems to be amiss, as none of them have been seen to enter or leave in over a sennight. The Goblet Housing Committee requires Adventurers to investigate.

"They pay their bri- erm, dues on time, keep the lawn clean and, incredibly for miqo'te, have yet to generate a single noise complaint. They are perfect tenants, it would be a shame if their house was demolished for inactivity. What if some hooligans claimed the spot? No good, no good at all."


1. Khunbish Adarkim

2. Nihka Mioni

3. Zaphir Zurlac

4. (Zanzan Yanzan) Enju Abbagliato


b) The Pride Of The Golden Prints Sept (Saturday, February 4th, 2017, 2 pm CST)


Ul'dah has many districts, rich and poor (especially poor) and in the latter are known to lurk any number of squatters and ne'er-do-wells... and, of course, street gangs. One has, in the past year, made itself known for its restrained yet very efficient brutality in enforcing its territory; the so-called Golden Prints Sept. Consternation, then, to find a leveplate posted which would direct Adventurers there. Confusion, that the leve seems to originate from the gang itself!

"Fell and efficacious investigators and initiators of violence are required most expeditiously at the lieu and location described above, there to offer services including but not limited to the above-mentioned, and the below-mentioned as well, to wit, knowledge of Ul'dah's byways, spyways, roundabouts and irritatingly obtuse underworld. Please do not carry raw meat or wear offensive and/or alluring perfumes. -U"


1. X'cinna Ares

2. Jana Ridah

3. Marian Greyashe

4. L'rinhi Kett


c) When The Cat's Away, The Birds Will Prey (Tuesday, February 7th, 2017, 9 pm CST)


Two days north of the border of the North Shroud and the tundra of southern Xelphatol sits Camp Glorious, a recently-established trading post between the savage Falling Stars Sept and the rest of the world. Uneasy peace has been the order of things for almost half a year. Now, X'indro, the Southern Warlord, comes with a task for willing Adventurers.

"The Nunh does like to take long journeys... and this one is longer than most. Our feathered friends to the east begin to grow excitable, in his absence. It's taken them some time... and I have other things to worry about, quite aside from not being responsible for our Eastern border. Might I entice some of your hunters to follow in your Warrior of Light's footsteps, and make the birdies squawk a little? Bring me back something nice~ It will keep our relationship sweet, and earn our good graces besides."


1. S'imba Tia

2. Virara Wakuwa

3. Khira Lhizahla

4. Enju Abbagliato



Reserve List


1. Arblis Ellhis

2. Orrin Halgren ©






[align=center]Important notes regarding Starsfall:[/align]


With the introduction of Fate-14 2.0 revision, I will be moving over to the revised system. Updates to character sheets shouldn’t be hard and I can help with those.

Additionally, I will be adopting the “turn” system that Verad is using for Merchant, Marine. A full explanation will follow.


[align=center]Story Aspects:[/align]

Like all aspects, Story Aspects can be used via a FP by anyone, even those not responsible for its creation.


Aspect TBD: TBD


[align=center]Turn System:[/align]


This system was taken from Verad, who himself adapted it from a different system. I like how it has been working for him so much that I’m going to start using it myself!.



Forewarned is forearmed, and preparation is an important part of any adventurer's long-term survival. However, there's only so much time in a day to find out important information before going into an event. Even the most powerful magician, richest Monetarist, and strongest warrior has to contend with the rise and fall of the sun.


To represent the issue of limited time in a storyline between events, a modified version of the Turn system from the Guild-Fate (or Seasons) FC management system, by Halren Rhalsgard, will be used to limit the amount of actions players can take between events. Actions will be broken down into one of three categories, with a different turn value for each:



Cost: 1 Turn

Prepare actions involve single characters gaining advantages to improve their own chances of success. These actions are performed on their own time, and often require little personal investment on the characters' part.


Common Prepare actions include looking for/making new equipment, getting consequences healed, hiring help for a future event, or in the case of ship-based events repairing damages and replacing crew.



Cost: 2 Turns

Some actions take a lengthier time commitment because they require the character to spend a lot of time reading books, talking to old contacts, or piecing together clues. Attempts to take actions involving the Lore, Investigate, and Contacts skills in particular are considered research actions. However, these actions can often yield information and results critical to resolving a plot.


In general, actions that take suggest a long period of time to work like the skills above indicate a Research/Investigate. Actions that require multiple different skills to work are also candidates. It's possible for a simple Prepare action to become a Research/Investigate as the situation becomes more complicated.



Cost: 2 Turns

Getting together to pool information with other players requires some organization and time spent gathering everyone in one place, in addition to the actual RP scene itself. No rolls are needed for a Discussion.


Discussions indicate fairly large gatherings of characters, at least four or more. If you need to coordinate everyone's schedules OOC, it's a Discussion. No rolls are necessary.



Cost: 3/4 Turns

Why wait for the DM to come up with events all the time? This is supposed to be a proactive system, and you're adventurers! You don't always have time to wait for other people to cause problems for you to solve. Get out there and cause problems of your own!


Acting indicates that you want to organize an event outside of the usual list that come with sign ups. The cost varies based on the size of the event. Small events with no more than three players cost 3 Turns. Larger ones that would be the size of a normal event, up to four to six players, cost 4 turns. Make sure everybody's schedules are clear for this - especially the DM!



There are only a few restrictions on being able to use Turns to prepare outside of events, as follows:


Characters who have signed up for events marked as TRAVEL events cannot perform actions - they are too busy getting to the event itself.

There are only a limited number of Turns to be used in each round, collectively shared between all members of the plot. Turn usage will be tracked in the sign-up thread, but once they're gone, you're out of time.

Turns do not guarantee success - they give you a chance at success.



Current Turns for Starsfall: 30

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Starsfall Turn Status For Act III, Scene I: Missing Purrsons


Last updated: Jan 25


It should be noted that in this instance the large number of Turns relates principally to all the time that has passed since Starsfall's last round of events. Players should not be assumed to have IC knowledge of the current Events until roughly the day before. This being said, Turns can of course be used for actions players WOULD have taken in span of 5 months of so which have passed without incident. Additionally, you may perform Event-related Turn use ahead of time; you are just limited in how many specific actions you can, personally perform with relation to the Events.


Player Turns: 30

- X'cinna Ares, Investigate (2 Turns) - Rooting through castoffs, getting arm broken...

- S'imba Tia, Prepare (1 Turn) -

- S'imba Tia, Investigate (2 Turns) -

- X'cinna Ares, Act (2 Turns) - Where's Dederu? Meanderings...

- Nihka Mioni, Prepare (1 Turn) - Shaking up some potions.

- Nihka Mioni, Prepare (1 Turn) - Fixing a silly cat's arm.

- Orrin Halgren, Act (2 Turns) - What's happening in Camp Glorious...

- Virara Wakuwa, Prepare (1 Turn) -

- Virara Wakuwa, Prepare (1 Turn)

- Nihka Mioni, Prepare (1 Turn)

- Nihka Mioni, Act (2 Turns)

- S'imba Tia, Prepare (1 Turn)



Remaining Player Turns: 14


NPC Turns: 40

- X'zarann Silverfall Nunh, Act (4 Turns)

- ????, Prepare (1 Turn)

- ????, Act (4 Turns)

- X'zarann Silverfall Nunh, Prepare (1 Turn)

- ????, Investigate (2 Turns)

- ????, Investigate (2 Turns)

- X'indro Tia, Investigate (2 Turns)


Remaining NPC Turns: 24

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L'rinhi Kett for The Pride Of The Golden Sept


Also, I'd like to take a turn to Investigate. First time dealing with the turn system so if I'm not doing it right please advise me. :D


Added you in! And that's fine, you can do it this way. It might be easier to contact me in Discord (preferred) or Skype or even PM me here in the RPC, and you can tell me what you want to Investigate, and how.



Dang! I didn't notice this was back.


It just came back! You're totally welcome back if you want to participate, things are kinda full but there's always reserves.

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There are still many Turns left in which to take actions! Remember you can take actions even if you're not signed up for any Events, and that actions are viable both in relation to the coming events and the situation several months ago, at the close of the last arc.

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The previous arcs of Starsfall were extensive, with many events and heavy participation. Upon reviewing signups and involvement, the following Milestones are to be allocated:




Akiko Nomura

Arblis Ellhis

Deidre Carpenter

Enju Abbagliato

Evangeline Primrose

Jana Ridah

Kiht Jakkya

Kuina Kusushi

Lan Darklyn

Leanne Delphium

Nheu’a Polaali

Nihka Mioni

Orrin Halgren

Renaea Algiernis

R’shesha Otharn

Virara Wakuwa

X’cinna Ares

Zanzan Yanzan

Zaphir Zurlac






Aigiarn Kha


Chrysta Levail

Khira Lhizahla

S’imba Tia

Uzuki Jana'saltwhosenameInevergot

Vael’a Ruhne

V’aleera Lhuil

X’bree Ares

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A flame which burns unseen remains deadly, poisoning the air with death unseen. Slowly choking out life, a spectral hand. To those who fall victim to such fires, they are no source of light or life, becoming, instead, something wicked...



ACT III: Fanning Sparks


Scene II: This Way Comes



a) Into the Fire (Saturday, February 18th, 2017, 7 pm CST)


A leveplate has been issued, from Camp Drybone. Not long ago, what looked like a small tribe (or a large extended family) of white-haired miqo'te moved into town. Then, just as suddenly, they all left together. Heading east by southeast. The local Flames Captain, spurred by a number of concerned citizens, has requested Adventurers to go look for them.

"Seemed ignorant of the area. Fair bunch of them, and almost nary a weapon to be seen. Pilgrims of some sort, maybe. Azeyma's shrine is down that way, and you know how Seekers of the Sun are about her. Still, that's not the only thing down that way. Myotragus coming into season, and there's always the bloody Amalj'aa..."


1. Nihka Mioni

2. Enju Abbagliato

3. Kiht Jakkya (tentative)



b) Violet Eyes (Sunday, February 19th, 2017, 7 pm CST)


What Adventurer doesn't dream of delving deep into mysterious and ancient depths, uncovering buried secrets lost to time? The Catacombs beneath Ul'dah, also known to a scholarly few as the Aqueducts of Sil'dih, have long remained buried... closer to the surface than one might think, it seems, as a tunnel apparently leading into them has been discovered under a warehouse in the bad part of town. The "owner" of the warehouse proposes an expedition. Of sorts.

"Evidence most clear. Everyone takes their pets for walks. Dogs, chocobos, apkallus, er, opo-opos... yarzons... and firedrakes, yes, especially firedrakes. Not good to just keep it inside, the scratching! The digging! Accursed thing, and I do mean that, though subject to definition and interpretation. Not all voidsent are curses, especially not those bound in amulets and then swallowed along with body parts, no, stupid voracious lizard. Go, lackeys, see where she.. he?.. it! Where idiot possessed firedrake Nightsparkle wants to go, deep into the earth. Where doom awaits!"


1. X'cinna Ares

2. S'imba Tia

3. Khira Lhizahla

4. Dusk Shadow


c) Reverberations (Friday, February 24th, 2017, 9 pm CST)


For moons, since the end of her captivity, Ul'dahn street rat, would-be revolutionary and general troublemaker Moon Keeper Garri has enjoyed tranquil sleep. Now though, fresh dreams trouble her once more. Those who know her know better than to ignore them, even if her dreams lead her to truly dangerous places. Adventurers are called on to escort her on a long trip through the desert.

"Not like before.. not something about to happen.. or is it? I have to go.. again, to the place.. the place I was taken. It's important. She wouldn't show me this otherwise.. right?"


1. Zaphir Zurlac

2. Orrin Halgren

3. L'rinhi Kett

4. Khunbish Adarkim



Reserve List


1. Virara Wakuwa




Rumors and Story Aspects

  • A new mining expedition has been financed by interested parties, despite previous setbacks, north of the Shroud. Amajina & Sons representatives call it a daring attempt, while speculators name it desperation.
  • The privately-funded Brass Blades' Order of the Aster has seen a recruiting surge of late, enjoying popularity due to the quality arms provided by their sponsor.
  • Tension is growing in the air in and around Ul'dah, with no clear reason. The aetherially-sensitive find themselves driven at time to bouts of spontaneous rage and violence. Experts claim it is just a temporary imbalance of the ley lines, while conspiracy theorists and doomsayers alike maintain that /Something Wicked/ is at work...

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