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Another Voidsent discussion, story spoilers within

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So there's a FATE up in Azys Lla that specifically mentions a cloned voidsent being the pet of Xande.


We know the Void is corrupted/fallen planetworlds that either became too light or too dark.


...so how exactly does that fuck with timespace? Xande was cloning voidsent thousands of years back, but the Warriors of Darkness and Uhlimaskboy talk about their worlds collapsing too. Is there anything in game to clarify just when these things happened, or I suppose more to the point, how many worlds are gone? It seems we have a cap on 13, unless Maskboy's world was just a planet, not a new dimension.


FFXIV is weird.

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Go back to the the Aetherochemical Research Facility and read the flavor text again. Allagans "invented" artificial voidsent.


What Eorzeans refer to as "The Void" might be the fallen 3rd reflection, but voidsent could have existed before then.


As far as we know, at least two of the worlds have fallen. 3rd and I think Warrior of Darkness said his was 6th? I can't remember if more had, but it's certainly possible. All we can be sure of is that the original world (which is what we're playing on currently) hasn't fallen, but it's the current target. Or perhaps the Ascians are trying to destroy them all together. It stands to reason that all the worlds need to fall to maybe merge them back together, which would prove as a catalyst to revive Zodiark.

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Warrior of Darkness is from the 1st reflection, and the 13th reflection is the one that was first consumed by Darkness and became the Void. Igeyorhm messed it up by accident, and its former champions turned into abominations like Cúchulainn.


Here's some info about Voidsent, some of which can shed light on the nature of the Void itself. I included descriptions of the "cloned" voidsent, Igeyorhm, and Cúchulainn.

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I don't think there is anything pointing so far to say that any other shard than the 13rd (messed by Iyegorhm) is part of the Void. As far as I understood it, the Void is the 13rd Shard. And the 1st Shard was scorched by Light so much that we don't even know if there is anything left on it.


I'm not totally sure to understand what this has to do with Xande though? Or Xande's clones?

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