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RPC Census, Part VI (Family--CLOSED)


What living family members does your character have?  

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  1. 1. What living family members does your character have?

    • Grandmother
    • Grandfather
    • Mother
    • Father
    • Brother
    • Sister
    • Uncle
    • Aunt
    • Niece
    • Nephew
    • Cousin
    • Stepfather
    • Stepmother
    • Stepsister
    • Stepbrother
    • Wife
    • Husband
    • Daughter
    • Son
    • None

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This one is a bit different than the others. Please select ALL that apply, as you are allowed multiple votes in this poll.


Please note that this poll pertains to LIVING family members. If, for example, you HAD a brother but he is now deceased at the start of ARR, do not select 'brother' in the poll (unless you have a second one). If you have multiple of one item (such as multiple brothers), you only need to select the category once. You can offer more explanation in your post if you wish.


If you character is pregnant at the start of ARR, do NOT select 'son' or 'daughter' unless you know for sure that the child will be born and you have already determined its gender.


In order to not get overly complicated, some options (particularly in-laws) have been left off of the poll. I also left off grandchildren since I'm assuming nobody is old enough for that yet (though post here if your main character is a grandparent O.o). Also, I ran out of options (can only have 20 max). So let's get started! What living family members does your character have?

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Lessee...my family is still fairly decent sized even after the Mavanix slaughter xD.


Father: Cartius Felstar

Stepmother: Nefron Mirgolia (Felstar). Ky's birth mother is deceased. Nefron is primarily just a background npc with no real relevance.

Sister: Elza Ashfen and Seraphine Winter (Seraphine may/may not be dead >.>)

Uncle: Islude Felstar. Background character with little relevance, though his character is heavily based on his past incarnation in FFXI's RP community.

Cousin: Undetermined yet, as a different player may be playing this character. But he/she does exist!

Grandfather: Ziegfred Felstar. Background npc who's slowly dying at the start of ARR.

Grandmother: Lily Felstar. Same as above, though not deathly ill like her husband.

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Father, Uncle, Aunt and Cousin for Luka!


Father's the only real important relationship he has left, as it's key to his story. I included the Uncle, Aunt and Cousin being alive for future plot development, though! Having family options available is nice in case other people feel like RPing part of your family, too! :P

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I was going to get all controversial and ask how you defined life, and then I saw this:

If you character is pregnant at the start of ARR, do NOT select 'son' or 'daughter' unless you know for sure that the child will be born and you have already determined its gender.

Since Eva is carrying fraternal twins, and we're pretty well resolute that she'll carry them to term unless something really crazy happens in RP. So she will probably have family, but we haven't decided the gender of the babies yet or anything.


So I guess while it may seem a bit cliché, we had to select 'None' for living family. Eva's mother ran away when she was just a little girl and is not a part of her life, and may be dead. Because of this, she may have half-sibling(s) somewhere that she doesn't know about, but her father and mother never had any children together after before or after she was born so she has no direct siblings. Her grandparents also died before she was born so she never knew them, and her uncle and aunt on her father's side were also dead either just before or just after she was born, so she has no memory of either. Her mother was also an only child so no aunt/uncle there.


Eva's father passed away almost a year ago to the day (R.I.P. Dy 2U/28/1572) leaving her somewhat alone in the world.

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Well, I guess I can't vote multiple times for one option, that's unfortunate!


Deirdre's Living Family


Brother (he is not considered step because there was no marriage for his integration): Bancroft Gairn

Son 1: Crane

Son 2: Cygnus

Son 3: Falke


That's it. Everyone else is dead. :cactuar:

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Kerr actually has quite a bit of family left alive in the world. Not that he knows about them yet. He has two daughters of his own, that he's never officially met. One would be 10; the other around 8-9. His father (unknown to Kerr) is still living and produced two other sons. And I'm leaving "cousin" open for any other extended family or PC family that pops up.

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Just put down Brother, thinking sworn siblings would count. xD;; 

Lren's family was wiped out at various points in time due to rising conflicts, so he marches onto the battlefield with his head held up high. Though, during the time between the calamity and ARR, he's been busy getting drunk trying to run from his mistakes and failings. It will be his Sworn Brother that gets back onto the field of battle, not as a Soldier but as an Adventurer. :3

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Galv's brother went missing after the last scuffle they had before ARR, so he'll be popping back in to "visit" him once or twice. Galv's sisters will show up once i figure out the best way to properly introduce them, there's a bit of work i need to do basically explaining why galv has a blank spot when it comes to them, but once i've mapped it out they should be around. He also had a few people that were basically a surrogate family, and out of those i think the only one left will be Aysun. (Who i love and adore so so very much! :love: )

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Rhio's mother has always been alive, because I keep thinking I'll have some use for her even though she keeps just showing up via oblique references. Should the game allow me to properly model a miqo'te woman pushing 50 who still can use an axe with the amount of thought most people put into breathing, she's a candidate for althood.


In addition, her father is still alive. I've never explored who Rhio's father is, she has never bothered asking any questions about it, and I've always left it completely open in case a perfect opportunity came up. It has not happened yet. Regardless, I have now closed off the possibility that he is dead.

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Manari believes all of her family is dead. My answer(s) to the poll are kinda spoilers, not that it really matters. At the start of ARR, she will have a child that she will be desperately hoping is still alive as well. I don't want to give too much away right now.

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All of Armi's immediate family (Parents, one sister) and some cousins and aunts and uncles are alive. Her grand parents are dead and a some cousins died in the Calamity, some were on the front lines and sent forward in time. Armi's mom had 2 sisters and 1 brother, Armi's dad had 3 brothers - two of her uncles died in the attack. There is a total of 24 offspring from this branch of the family - 6 died in the calamity and 2 were sent forward in time with Armi. All of these people are really just background NPCs with no real importance to Armi's story. She was close to a cousin who she'll will find out died, but other than that they have no real effect on her RP life.


Armi's family is quite simple, a lot of them are farmers who live in small hamlets outside the large cities that are Limsa, Uldah, and Gridania - some have never even been to the cities. She is very much, all around, average.

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Ship has no family, or at least none currently about. Unknown who is father was, his mother drifted away when he was young. He lived a lot of his young life with his brother, but they didn't see eye to eye.


There's certainly some bad blood there, but such things were in the far past and unlikely to recur in the foreseeable future.

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I'm still working on creating Ronberku's wiki profile. But his parents died with the destruction of Ala Mhigo. It's basically an important part of his life and how he came to be the man he is today. And he also doesn't have any brothers or sisters. I didn't really think far enough to include cousins and grandparents. Although I simply pretend that his grandparents died either of old age or in some battle.


But basically Ron is without relatives.

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