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Which Lantern Ring Would Your Character Get

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Bored and curious to know if one of the rings from the DC Universe/Green Lantern Canon came to Eorzea and to your character which one of the rings would your character have?


For those not familiar with the Universe here is a [link] to the Emotion Spectrum so you can look up and see which one fits your character.


Does your Character: 

Have Great Rage in their Heart

Able to Feel Great Compassion

Instill Great Fear

Want It All?

Great Love In Their Heart

Bring Hope

Or have Great Willpower/Overcome Great Fear




Lol I forgot to add in my Characters for this


Faith would be The Indigo Tribe/Corps


Maetikoel maybe Green Lantern


Ashlyn would either be Green Lantern or Star Sapphire Lantern due to the Sapphires thing about Lost Love


Simon, maybe a Green Lantern due to his will and determination to make something of himself despite his illness or a Red Lantern due to having a slight desire for Vengeance against his tormentors 


Nobutsune, possibly a Blue Lantern. Being a Guardian and wanting to protect. Giving hope to those that have none


S'kenta, Red Lantern


Romoka, Blue or Red

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It's hard to say with Chachan. I keep flitting between Compassion and Hope. Leaning more towards Hope, I suppose. Hopes for peace, that everyone can get along, that bad guys will learn their lessons and turn away from doing bad things. Then again, his friendliness and care for most people could be very Compassion-y. Blagh! :dazed:

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This is such a cute and fun idea!


The one emotion even undeath can’t take from Feine is his inconsolable Rage. Whereas his younger brother, Khaz, has proven to possess unshakeable Willpower.

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Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with the source material. At all.


Aghurlal: I think this is actually the DRK colour tbh.

Medic: Dedicated her life to helping people.

Caiden: Do you think passion for a career counts?

Liuthas: Overcoming his origins as an Ala Mhigan orphan, he's actively striving to become a good free paladin.

Cinu-a: Despite the similarities, is more of a WAR-type than a DRK.

Shuukami: Been through too much relentless crap for anything else, I think.

Y'Trinity: She does her best.

Confiance: Well, he's still here, after all.

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Warren's a big dumb boring Green.


Also I have no idea how anyone could be Orange, I don't think Larfleeze is going to share.



Green is not a Creative Color



If Larfleeze finds himself on Hydaelyn and someone wants the power enough. He could have a target on his back. Someone's gonna get it in the end maybe

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Not big on American comics but I guess Green?


She doesn't fit the qualities yet, but much of Virara's life has been and will likely continue to be defined by a struggle against doubt. She just needs to distinguish between not allowing herself to recognize fear and fighting back against it.

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What would Tyll'a be...


Normally, Tyll'a would probably be Indigo.  However, right now he's definitely Yellow, and Feral Tyll'a is without a question Red.

Thankfully Tyll'a has overcome his Fear of his son's death.  So now he would probably take the colors of Compassion or Love.  Feral Tyll'a is still Rage, though.

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Aziraya would probably be red, for several reasons. The fact that the red lantern rings tend to corrupt the user's body/blood fits well with him. I roleplay Aziraya as lethargic and overall lazy, using the idea that his Warrior's rage dumps an absolute overdose of endorphins and adrenaline into his body. Over time of fighting like this, his body just can't muster very much energy/strength unless he's consciously flooding his system with these. Since this is how he fights, he essentially has near-constant control of the portions of his endocrine system that relates to energy. He actively makes his body store it for later release... meaning his body doesn't really get it in normal amounts during regular activity. The issue with being a red ring though is that the red ring is supposed to be uncontrolled, unbridled rage. Aziraya has a bit too much control over it to really fit well.


He was recently described as a hedonist, which isn't too far from the truth, so maybe orange? The problem with this though is that he isn't a hedonist in the "hoard all of the women, all of the wealth, all of the power" kind of way. He just... really appreciates the simple pleasures in life like a comfortable bed, looking at something visually appealing (whether it's a painting, a woman, or a large aethryte crystal), the taste of a good spiced wine as he relaxes, the soft feeling of a luxurious rug under his feet, a warm bath after a long day, etc. If he doesn't try to hoard it, it doesn't really fit with orange.


I guess he just doesn't feel strongly enough to truly be a wielder of a ring.

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Compassion Purple~



Purple probably fits Zinnia best, she's far more compassionate than any of those other qualities. I kinda find it interesting too since purple is a main part of her color scheme when it comes to outfits and looks. (aside from non-colors like Black/White/Grey of course).

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