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Calling all RP performers!

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I've noticed quite a number of actors, singers, dancers, PERFORMERS in general popping up and this makes me excited! I understand the lots of you probably already have ideas on how you'd like to incorporate your character's talent into the world of Hydaelyn, but maybe some of you don't. Maaaybe you do and you'd still be interested in my li'l ol' linkshell: Soliloquy.


Soliloquy does not require full time or exclusive membership. It is literally just meant to be a hub for those of us whose characters are into the performing arts. I'm hoping one day, if I/we can nurture this thing into a full-fledged force, that RPers will come to us for shows. Bored on that random Tuesday afternoon? I heard there's a play going on at Soliloquy! Holding a ball and need some musical entertainment? Hire out those Soliloquy chaps!


It's a big dream, I know, and I certainly can't establish such a monster all on my lonesome. I'd really like to start getting together a group that's interested in giving the RP world some awesome entertainment! If this sounds like YOU, then please, please, PLEASE hit me up! Drop me a line on here or PM me and let's get this thing on it's feet with events planned and ready before our game even lands!


Many <3s to those that read and many MORE to those that are interested!

Linkshell Hall Entry

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On my old game Tera, I somehow ended up in a two part play put on for an audience. My character had exactly zero acting chops,so I rpceptioned her being herself, while struggling to also be the character she was portraying.


It was absolutely one of the best times I have ever had rping. I would so be up for this if I end up in the world of Hydaelyn.

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I have a character that was going to be kind of a foil, or the other side of the coin, to Uther Skystrider. (While Uther is more King Arthur, this guy was more Robin Hood) unfortunately, class, gear, and appearance limitations prevented me from making him. 


If I ever end up making him, he'll be perfect for this... as long as you don't mind affiliating with known scallywags. 


Even if I don't make him, Uther loves entertainment and it'd be cool to see a performance or stop by Soliloquy as a spectator.

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Ryanti is very much into poetic things, such as acting, storywriting.. and he has some musical talents.


I too have always wondered if a group of RP'ers can pull off something similar to an organization that provides entertainment and shows such as plays. I can easily find this as something Ryanti might get into for a hobby.


Count me in.

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For a long time now, I've considered trying to organize a weekly/biweekly Eorzean "soap opera" at the amphitheatre. A set of IC actors/actresses would play out overly dramatic storylines on stage in front of a live audience. ICly, everyone would assume there's a script written by someone. But OOCly, it would all be made up on the spot in order to avoid the stress of constantly creating a script for something that should be more fun than work. Not sure if this concept will take off or have interest, but thought I'd mention it since it could be right up the alley for this.


In other news, my comic relief character, Valina De'Vuri (and a couple other minor comic relief characters) tend to dabble in entertainment related matters.

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Kaoru: Yes, you goofball! We do the things~


Kylin: I had a pretty similar idea a while back, though I never thought of it as a soap opera. That's a fun way to put it :>. Also gives me hope for interest~


EVERYONE!: I'm going out of town for two weeks in like.. 30 minutes, so if I don't check in, don't think this idea is going no where! If I can get my greedy hands on a computer, I will check in~

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Okay, well the twins will probably be into this, occasionally performing god knows whatever will get them some mention, maybe seedy or maybe traditional who knows (whatever makes their father and mentor roll their eyes and cough awkwardly)?  Of course you have to wait for the PS3 version to come out so I can play them both at the same time lol, but it will be worth the wait for certain! I can probably sneak one of them in to start with too.


Also, I am a writer, so sign me up to help out with the behind the scenes stuff, organizing, filler, dramaturge, and anything else you can come up with that needs some trimming and extra bits.  I would be willing to help out some even before I have characters in, so put me down and though I haven't been as active of late, when the game actually starts picking up, I plan on jumping back in full steam!

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Yesss, it makes me giggly to see so many interested, and not just in acting, but in writing, too! I'm still out of town for about a week, but when I get back I'd like to have some kind of meeting with everyone. Maybe in skype or a random chatroom somewhere. Things I'd like to iron out will include the particular talents of everyone interested in joining, so that we can organize appropriate event types, as well as nailing down what sort of play we'd like to do for our first, since a majority seem interested in that.


Get your ideas together, everyone! I'll see you in a week!

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