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Winter is... here?

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Ooooohhhh... after years and years I can finally post in the welcome desk again as a newbie.


Hiya everyone!  After being missing from Eorzea for nearly a year Kylin has managed to bring me back home. It seems like a lot has happened!


For those that don't know me, I play Kylin's older sister, Seraphine Winter Cerius Felstar (wow... she's collected a few last names). I was in Stormguard, Outer Heaven, and now Crystalline. Pretty sure you could find out everything you ever wanted to know about my character through this site. Yes, I'm going to be playing ARR, but still working with everyone to decide what direction to take the character in and if you'd like to get in on the RP goodness you can always PM me.


So what has everyone been up to? 8-)

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Seraphine!! So good to see you again! *super hugs!* I havent been up to anything super exciting, got a tablet trying my hand at drawing, read about 20 books since the game closed(ok I lie.. probablly more.." Been playing XI and I love it but the glamors starting to wear off on the tediousness of things to do. Missing you, missing roleplay, missing XIV. Can't wait to see you again!!! (Kyri btw!) ^^

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So what has everyone been up to? 8-)


Oh, not much. Just recovering from the Eorzean apocalypse and all. Mourning my believed to be dead sister, friends, and ex-lover yadda yadda yadda. And what better way to get on with life than an upcoming gala?!

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We'll plot world domination for House Felstar together, Kylin! And yes, I'd love to hear about what you all are up to since I'm way out of the loop.


I definitely remember you Nee as well as Aysun!  We were in SR together, right? ^^


Good to see you again, Mtoto!  Would love to get some RP in since Sera and Mtoto had a rapport building last they saw each other.


Its great to meet you Garik! Heard a lot about you from a certain someone.  All good things and I love your artwork :thumbsup:


And hiya Eva! Been looking for you on facebook for a while so just decided to send you a message >.>


Same for you, Gospel!  I've been checking my IM for over a week now, although I hear your on skype more now.  Message me :love::love:


Its so good to see all of you and hear about what your up to!  I've been playing GW2 for the last year and polishing my roleplay skills with some others in that game. Its given me a lot of new ideas and inspirations. If any of you feel like hitting me up on that game let me know. Having an RP beach party with a pirate theme there next weekend and all are welcomed to attend. However, I think I'm ready to come back home.  I've been missing you guys a lot and can't wait to get started in Eorzea... once I figure out where to begin :dazed:

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@ Vareal 


*points to the topic* I see what you did there. cool.gif


Yep, I'm just cool like that. :thumbsup:


@ Arlon


OMG!!!  OMG!!!  I missed you too!!!  At least I'm sure I will have once we actually know each other >.>  Thanks for the welcome either way ^^


Xenedra!  If anyone has class and style its you. Still playing GW2? - Having an RP beach party if you'd like to come. Should be tons of fun.


*quick edit because I have no idea what happened with the funky font there >.>

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Yessss, SR. Also you sent me a PM a looong time ago when you were going to start that entertainment LS. xD I think I saw you when you came back and we were dragging Arydin on Darkhold runs with the Nebulous LS lol.


Good to see ya back.

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