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Far From Home

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He listened to her words as it dawned on him that in his strange way, what his brother wanted for him was coming true. The boop to his nose brought him back to her attention, catching him by surprise and causing him to rear his head back in surprise. He would playfully swat at her afterwards and shake his head while chuckling.


"If this is truly his aim, I think I might kill him when I find him.. Sure'y there were easier ways to get me our of the Shroud... Besides.. Doesn't explain why he has been gone for so long with no contact... I'm afraid there is going to be more to this story... There.. There may be trouble... I know you offered your help but..." Honi wasn't sure what else he could say. There was a chance of getting mixed in with some bad people trying to uncover the tail of what happened to his older brother. Would Lyra be up to it? Hell he felt guilty enough accepting her help to begin with but he new with a extra set of eyes, they could accomplished much. Still, he needed to hear she was fine with helping and if she wasn't he wouldn't hold it against her. Hell, he would be relieved in a sense.

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"As long as it's the good kind of trouble, yeah?"


Lyra hopped to her feet, wincing a bit as she still hadn't fully recovered from today's odd jobs. She wiped her mouth with her dirty sleeve, which served more to stain her sleeve than to clean her face, and placed her hands on her hips. "So! Where we goin', Honi Littleone?"

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He couldn't exactly promise good trouble, but they would get into trouble nonetheless. Laughing lightly at her antics, he shook his head and chuckled.

"It's little wolf... And I'm not a kit any more.. Honi will do..." He said, though Honi had to admit there was a smile creeping over his face. "To the desert first thing tomorrow... See if this Lion person worked there as well."

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Lyra grimaced for a moment. She had worked hard (in a very streetrat kind of way) to get herself out of Ul'dah. The thought of returning to Thanalan barely a few moons after she had left gave her pause. "Trouble" would definitely be on the menu if they found themselves within reach of the city, be it the good or the bad kind.


She shook off her nerves, cracking her knuckles with a determine smirk. Whatever it was that waited for them, she reiterated her promise to herself: she wasn't going to die in that Twelve-forsaken sandpit. "Right. First thing tomorrow. I think I's got enough gil saved up for an honest passage this time anyway."




The next morning wasn't miserable skies, but clouds had started to roll in. There would be rain again later.

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