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Character Tropes!

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So, Eva said we could do a thread trope but wouldn't take responsibility for wasting people's time...


I'm totally willing to take responsibility for making fellow RPers waste hours and hours on this!


On a more serious note, hunting for Tropes can actually help flesh out a character and can be a good RP aid.


I'll do mine later. :P

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Oooh! This will be fun! I will update my list of Alothia tropes here:


Be All My Sins Remembered

The Atoner

Good Is Not Soft

Contemplate Our Navels-Well, more like the hem of whatever garment she's wearing at the time, but whatever.

Dirty Business-Although she does try to keep legit.

Guilty Pleasures-She definitely has a few of those...

Hates Being Alone-THIS. It's one of her biggest fears.

I Am What I Am-SHe's trying to come to this...

True Companions-This is totally how she feels about the people of Corvus

Never Got To Say Goodbye-to her parents...and her sister...maybe...

Yandere-to an extent

All Girls Want Bad Boys-Definitely her and Oskar

Single Woman Seeks Good Man-then on to Zenge

Fourth Date Marriage-seems to have been the build up with Para

Ambition is Evil-Backstory

Bathing Beauty-never thought about that reasoning...I like it

Graceful Ladies Like Purple-is it wrong that this is her favorite color?

Lady of Black Magic-But she hides behind her white magic.

The Plucky Girl


Cute Little Fangs





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These are fun but waaaaaaay time-consuming.  I'm glad I've already done this cuz it's kind of a busy day.  I'll post them here, if you want to take it out of the quote in the OP Asyria:





Big Breasts, Big Deal - Eva falls primarily under the 'embarrassment' or 'resentment' subcategories

Hidden Buxom - yeah let's get this boob stuff out of the way now

Reluctant Fanservice Girl

Hello Nurse - yeah...

Hot Librarian - back at the book shoppe

Beautiful All Along - sort of

Weight Woe - she still wrestles with it in her mind

Real Women Have Curves

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold

Long Hair is Feminine

Broken Bird

Iron Woobie

Nice Guy Girl

Interrupted Declaration of Love - for Vaelyn at the end of 1.0

Romancing The Widow

Love Hurts - Pemmy, Oskar... /lesigh

You Can't Fight Fate

The Fatalist

The Anti-Nihilist

You Are Not Alone

Weakness Turns Her On

Pitbull Dates Puppy - Oskar/Eva dynamic, sort of

Opposites Attract - more of the Oskar/Eva thing

Her Heart Will Go On

Someone To Remember Him By - Oskar Jr. x2?

But I Can't Be Pregnant - apparently supposedly-barren women getting pregnant is a trope too




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Ok some tropes for Azyria...

Cat Girl >.>


Chaotic Good Type 4. She's a vigilante, after all!

Action Girl duh

Faux Action Girl Before she went vigilante, she got into a few scrapes and managed very well, which is part of where the whole vigilante idea came from. However, since putting on her mask and haunting the roofs of Ul'dah, she's been pretending in order to maintain her cover...

Let's Get Dangerous could happen if civilian Azyria is caught in a bad situation and has no choice but to fight to the best of her abilities.

Waif Fu with a spear

Blades On A Stick are her Weapons Of Choice

Heroic Resolve she got it

Cool Mask for serious

You Gotta Have Blue Hair she got that too



And some for Agata...

Destructive Saviour She'll put that rampaging monster down, but she'll rampage just as much as it would while doing so. >.>

Boisterous Bruiser cause pirate-ish Roegadyn pugilist 

Amazonian Beauty all female Roegadyn should get this one, at least if they're fighter types

Action Girl duh

Lightning Bruiser Fast, strong AND tough. Her weakness is she's neither particularly smart or careful...

Glory Seeker

Blood Knight FF = Fighting Fun



More another time, I guess!

Hnnngh. I hate TV Tropes with a fiery passion, especially when people try to reduce a character to a TV Tropes link. @.@


It's not about reducing a character to them, it's about having fun associating them to characters! That and it can help define a character and be a RP aid, just like archetypes, definining characteristics, and keywords in pen&paper RPGs.


You don't have to participate if you don't like it, anyway. ^^:

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[*]Action Girl - pretty much describes Loki to a tee.

[*]Lady of Black Magic - Happens during 2.0, she slowly becomes an Summoner due to hearing the Primals in her head.

[*]Deadpan Snarker - obviously

[*]Ethical Slut - Yup.

[*]Good Bad Girl

[*]Kuudere - Cool on the outside, sweet on the inside.

[*]Unkempt Beauty




  • Strange Girl - Especially in 1.0 but a bit of that remains in 2.0. Her personality is more interesting, but she still has an underlying strangeness to her.
  • Small Steps Hero - Armi has been demoted from a Martyr Without a Cause to a Small steps hero. She is no longer looking to die for a righteous cause, but it still a good person who wants to be righteous. This varies in success.
  • The Heart - Always.
  • Lady of War - She is a graceful, stoic bard. Also very, very good with a bow.
  • Drowning My Sorrows - Armi will have a hard time adjusting to the 5 year skip in the beginning (I PLAN on having this just be a temporary thing, but who knows). Honestly, this is my excuse for getting her into taverns where everyone and their dog likes to RP.

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This thread is relevant to my interests!


I love TVtropes...totally wasted an hour looking thru them just now xD


Unfortunately Torvhan is a wee baby pretty much and hasn't done much of anything yet so only a few generic tropes apply till I flesh him out more and more stuff happens to him.


We Help the Helpless

Knight in Shining Armor

Chronic Hero Syndrome

Bully Hunter


I saw a few more I figure will probably be added but as of yet can't really justify them as applying.

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Well, I had time.


The Greatest Story Never Told - Rhio may not be a spy any longer, but the mindset sticks.

Metaphorically True

Exact Words

Cryptically Unhelpful Answer

Mathematician's Answer

Always Second Best - At least, in her mind.

Despair Event Horizon - Well, not quite. But she's come damn close.

Love Hurts

Weak, but Skilled

Deadly Dodging

Combat Pragmatist

Professional Killer - Again, not really any more. But it sticks.

A Lady and A Scholar

Bi the Way

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Uther's tropes! This took me forever so stand by for Wart tropes

Florence Nightingale Effect -- Igraine

Honor Before Reason

Knight in Shining Armor

Heroic Resolve

Bad Ass Family -- The Skystriders

Big Good

The Paragon

Undying Loyalty

Mutual Kill -- Spoilers: Uther and Bedivere

Nice Guy

Evil Counterpart -- Bedivere

Death by Origin Story -- Igraine

Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever -- Dragons. Always dragons.

The Drifter

Chaotic Good

The Dragonslayer -- ...Obviously

Good Scars, Evil Scars




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Oh man~ Here we go.


Seohyun Iyasu



Distressed Damsel (Being kidnapped three times, and relying on others.)

The Medic 

White Hair Pretty Girl

Hard Drinking Party Girl (A little party never hurt nobody.)

Tsundere (This x2)

Long Hair is Feminine 

Lonely Rich Kid (Was shelted until she was 19.)

Luminescent Blush 

Beneath the Mask (Concerning her facade)

Dangerously Short Skirts (When she isn't wearing gowns at least.)


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Here, lemme try!


Isilme Turuphant



Catgirl - Duh

Backstory - Izzy's is pretty complex, given it's built on ideas and characters generated from FFXI roleplay (Though not directly connected to it)

Benched Hero - Izzy is very much this in ARR. She's been focusing on her smithing, and hasn't picked up a blade in a while

Be All My Sins Remembered - Izzy still feels tremendous guilt about abandoning her duty and not going to Carteneau, especially knowing her father and Eva both apparently died there.

Beautiful All Along - Not so much now, but in 1.0 early on Izzy had a bit of this, refusing to believe she was attractive. She's blossomed quite a bit in 2.0, and is much more comfortable with herself, so this does not apply so much anymore. Mebbe with the contrast between her all mussed up from smithing, and her later after a shower :P

Bold Explorer - C'mon, there's just so much cool stuff out there!

Daddy's Girl - She's more or less built her life trying to live up to his example.

Dad The Veteran - Dad is also too stubborn to retire

Does Not Like Spam - Does Not Like Fish

The Gloves Come Off - Izzy has only hit this state once before, when Nel's life was threatened. The person in question ended up with his head in a burlap sack and his body cremated.

Good Is Not Nice - Izzy can be a jerk sometimes.

Hot Blooded - Yeaaaaah....

Berserk Button - Again, yeeeaaaaah...

Not A Morning Person - Like all people who aren't unnatural freaks.

Determinator - Isilme takes the stubbornness of both her parents and combines it, then amplifies it.

What The Hell, Hero? - Izzy returns to this. The orders her father arranged for her were blatantly favoritist. Many in the Maelstrom feel they were less dishonest than simply going AWOL, and they resent that she retained her rank. It will take her a bit to earn their respect back.

Lawful Good - Paladin, natch.


Mama Bear - She has a daughter, Ilyanna. Don't mess with Ilyanna.



Hirilonde Turuphant



Determinator - It runs in the family

All Part Of The Job - Hirilonde has been soldiering along for decades now, without complaint.

Beware The Honest Ones

Lawful Good - Again, Paladin.

A Chat With Satan - Hirilonde has a few with a demon trying very hard to see a very old curse to its conclusion

Dudley Do-Right Stops to Help - Much of what Hiri does in ARR. His position is gone, his daughter doesn't remember his face, but he's still a Paladin, damnit!

Forgiven But Not Forgotten - Hirilonde is quick to forgive, but he never forgets. It's not that he holds a grudge, but don't mistake his easy forgiveness for naivete.

Papa Wolf - The single fastest way to have Hirilonde put aside his Paladin ethics and even-tempered nature is to threaten his family. Now, most of them can take care of themselves, and don't need his protection, but if you are posing an honest threat, then he will quietly and calmly set about separating you from whatever it is that makes you alive.

Humble Hero - He tries, anyway

Let's Get Dangerous

Living Legend - Hiri had a bit of this going before the Calamity wiped everyone's memory of him. Though there would still be some recollection of the deeds done

Nice To The Waiter

Older Than They Look - Hiri is nearly in his 50's by the time of the Calamity. He doesn't look it, aside from some grey in his hair.


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Haha, it's times like these when I remember why I love you guys.


Here are some for Mali and Tiv, although they are by no means comprehensive...yet.





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So...got a little carried away with this. >_<





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Lets see for Xha'li in particular


Cat Boy He's a Miqo'te

Resigned to the Call 6th generation to hear it, he knew it was coming

You Can't Go Home Again Exiled by village matriarch for wanting to study magic.

Following in his mothers footsteps again, he's the 6th generation to get called to adventure


And for his family

Refused the call one of his ancestors did this, it didn't end well

Regular Caller youngest child of the previous adventurer gets the call

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This version of the character has a mix of old and new to him. Definitely different from his GW2 incarnation (who would have half of his tropes be completely different) This version of Amaare is the older original version. Much nicer, and a hell of a lot more fun. Though he pretty much is a bad guy. I'm a villain guy for the most part. So in my original version of him in WoW he was a villain by society's standards, he just often villanizes villains that people forgive him or look past what he does, especially in settings like Star Wars or Medieval Fantasy. A side note? Watch your daughters and your wife if she's pretty enough.


The Charmer - The part about Amaare that has always been there, from WoW to TOR to GW2, this is in his blood

.Ethical Hedonist Another mmo constant, this trope about him will be there ten years from now in whatever mmo I'm playing.

 Brains And Brawn - this  was something that got added to him in TOR mainly because this version has always been a big guy but not a very tall guy, but there was no way to increase muscle mass w/o going taller. What ended up happening was that I started to like the height so in FFXIV I'm going with it.

 Cultured Badass - Just can't do the dumb characters. This trait about him will never change no matter the mmo. He will always be smart and cultured, but the way he expresses his knowledge will vary. Here it will not be as obvious as he is more down to earth. He's a big guy who is quite good with his fists and a bow, and afterwards he will break out his songbook of songs he has written to serenade that beauty over there. (lies- its the same songs he used last week in Gridania for another beauty)

 Big Brother Instinct - Very protective of his friends, to the point where he would kill those who threaten them. He is also very protective of people in general. While far more Han Solo/Lando Calrissian than hero, he just won't stand for some things at all. Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire  Amaare is a bully predator. Bully Hunter

Nominal Hero - Point blank he can be a self serving greedy jerk, but he hides it well because he generally likes to help people, so they can lend him money later on, and well because the kidnapped lady was quite hot, and hot women being kidnapped need someone cool like him to rescue them. You are not as cool as him, so you do not get to rescue hot kidnapped woman. But you may watch.....you-may-watch. *looks at you and smiles*

Loveable Rogue - Absolutely, always with a smile on his face and quite the charmer.

Heroic Comedic Sociopath - By society's standards he a murderous thief and killer, but because he is doing it to Garleans, and other folk worse than him by far, well that's that's just dandy, what a heroic guy he is *rolls eyes*

Karmic Thief - Absolutely, he bullies, robs, privateers against, ambushes, cons, intimidates, shipwrecks, terrorizes, kills and pretty much any manner of wrongdoing against Garleans whenever he gets the chance. For him if you're Garlean you're a target - why? because Garleans make way too much noise, kill way too many people and make pretty women cry. 


Here are others that fit him well

Brilliant but Lazy - This version, absolutely

Rated M for Manly - Definitely for this version

Suspiciously Specific Denial - "I'm not a thief I'm a Treasure Hunter"

Silly Rabbit Cynicism is For Losers - I think this is me honestly influencing every version. Life sucks enough to have a cynical attitude about it all the time. In every version.

Perpetual Smiler - Another Amaare Margolis constant.

Lightning Bruiser *Brand new trope never used. Amaare has never been the best fighter in any mmo, this version due to being primarily a pugilist is different. Of course this is dependent on whether he gets up because he is quite lazy, lazy enough to cancel out how cool this trope can be.

Drunken Master - Because half the time he really is drunk or damn close to it

Its Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught

Smoking is Cool

STD Immunity

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