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How does your character's family look?

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Or any other NPC that is part of their story!


I spent the day developing Rocky's backstory, and as a result, ended up creationg a slew of characters to go in it...


And then I got the itch to see how they'd look in-game. So I started tooling around with that, and this is what I got.



R'kali Fidar, R'aqsha's late mother and one of the greatest huntresses of the Sagolii Desert!



R'haaz Nunh, R'aqsha's daddo obviously!



R'kali Aqsha, R'aqsha's eldest (11 years old) and favorite daughter. Troublemaker and thief extraordinaire.



R'maki Bashir, R'kali the younger's mom, and one of R'aqsha's mates.

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I did something like this back in 1.0...


Eva's father (sans tattoo):




Eva's mother (probably deceased):




She has no siblings that she is aware of.

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Relevant to both of my characters:



I think I have the same dead parent syndrome as Disney...but anyway.


Tivahlt's mother



Tivahlt's father



Tivahlt's eldest sister



Tivahlt's second-eldest sister



Tivahlt's closest younger sister



He has even more younger brothers and sisters, but I would like to actually play the game at some point. Curse Miqo'te families for being huge!


Also, if it isn't obvious, in Tiv's native culture all of the women have to wear makeup after a certain age, with the color denoting their status in society and their family house. In case you can't tell, Tiv's family color is purple.



Mali's mom (presumed deceased)



Mali's dad (presumed deceased)



I like Roegadyn family sizes much more...


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Ryanti's father, the War Hero Lorenthian Veanysus. He is Ryanti's role model (A little too muchly):




So who gave him that scar? Hmmm...





And in war garb:





He is actually my alt. He is retired from active service but he still ventures ever so often. If you keep looking, maybe you'll see him!


I'm sure you'll see his mother, too. Aria, at times. :thumbsup:

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So this got me thinking of how Khaze'to's family would look and I had all kinds of fun trying to mix sun seeker and moon keeper traits and its not easy.  


To start as head of the family


Mummy Khaze Zhwan



Daddy Okhi'a Epocan



The eldest of the children Tyakha Zhwan



Khaze'to's big brother Khaze'a Zhwan



The man himself Khaze'to Zhwan



So the next two need some names but here are Khaze'to's two youngest sisters..


??? Zhwan



and ??? Zhwan



I would have done his grandfather as well but its difficult to make really old looking Miqo'te.  If you have any suggestions for names for the two girls let me know :D

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