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Mysterium, the Ivory Tower

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[align=center]Mysterium, the Ivory Tower[/align]


While you're perusing a fine old tome of secrets best left unsaid and magics sweeter than fine wine, a small parchment envelope -- possibly unnoticed, possibly previously nonexistent -- slips out between two pages and into your hand. The envelope is smooth, almost silken, and ever so slightly warm to the touch. Upon opening it, you withdraw a smaller slip of sharply creased parchment with a scent like the leather binding of an ancient tome. In an immaculate professional script, it reads:




"You probably don't know me, but I know of you. I know that you're a mage of no small talent, and I know that you want to learn more about the Aether. I know that you're looking for others who can truly understand the pulse of the world and for whom magic is a calling. You want a place where magic theory isn't synonymous with 'naptime'.


"If I'm right about you, you want to know more. We want to know more about you, too! Come to our office just outside Limsa Lominsa and knock thrice. Say the Mysterium sent you.


"We'll be waiting!"


On the back of the parchment, where you're sure there was nothing before, is a map to a building just outside the city with an "X" marked "Mysterium, the Ivory Tower." Will you seek to learn more?


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Color me interested!  I've been waiting for a group like this. 


Still brewing up my character.  I have my character from 1.0 but never played her beyond 8th level conjurer, nor roleplayed her at all.  She's almost a clean slate.  Luckily I have the basics down, save for appearance.  (Curse you, character generator.)

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Another update! After speaking to some members, I've decided to open the concept up a little bit. If you're a character who's not a mage, but has a connection to someone in Mysterium (or wants to create such a connection -- the bar isn't very high to be a friend of L'yhta's, for instance :) ), you can join as a Fellow. So, if you were hesitant about joining because you were going to be playing a Disciple of War, Hand, or Land, hit me with a PM and we'll see what we can work out.

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