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Would anyone be interested in clearing the easier EX primals for fun/RP?

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I don't raid a whole lot right now but I occasionally enjoy healing the EX primal encounters like Ifrit, Garuda, Titan, and Levi on Extreme setting.


Im not entirely sure on the times assuming people show interest, nor am I sure on the frequency at which people would want to run these.


I'm not sure if this community, or anyone would be interested but I would personally love to make some premades and get people EX clears for fun, necessity, and perhaps even RP if we would be so ambitious.


Right now Otto and his IC girlfriend make a phenomenal Healer/Tank duo and I know she would want to come along to these sort of clearing runs. Kill experience isn't really required, and I don't think many of us would be upset over wipes considering Echo will help us overpower the fight even if someone is struggling with it a lot.


I've never really tried to organize something like this before, and I really don't know if people would show interest on this site. I can make Party Finders and get my fun clears but I'd rather try and build relationships with people here vs randoms you know?


Hope to hear back from others and hopefully also get some advice on how to manage such a thing.

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I would be interested on an OOC level, though I have no experience with the EX primals at all. I'm the type that can read a guide and get the basic idea, but other than that I learn by doing. I've not done the EX primals because Balmung has a real lack of learning parties and I don't really want to queue for 30 mins as a dps and then get yelled at for being a bad in the roulette, so..

If you're doing something do let me know. I'm a EU player so I'm usually online during the day/evening over here.


Edit: I have BLM (ilevel 100) and SMN (ilevel 99) to play with.

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I'd be interested if I'm on. 


I've cleared Garuda, Titan, and Ifrit Ex as a healer, and attempted King Mog and Leviathan.


While healing's preferred (i99 SCH), I'm interested in learned how to do the other roles too. They tend to be more on the i90 scale.


Whether IC or OOC, let's say Franz is resistant to tempering, but a primal would still ICly eat him for lunch as a snack.

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Sounds fun!


I've cleared Garuda through Moggle as heals and tank. I haven't really had a reason to try Ramuh yet, but it doesn't seem that hard either.


As for ICly, we can always figure out a way to get past tempering (the company of heroes did after all) it's less easy to get past the multiple wipes we'll probably have if anyone is new.


I've been in IC groups that wiped a bunch before and it really puts a dampener on the festivities.

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Sorry on the late resposne from my part I didnt realise my thread had replies even though I thought I subbed to it.


I think we could start on Garuda EX for a little bit since people are new to the EX challenges. Ive solo healed it several times as an i95-7 white mage so its quite easy. Tanking it has its challenges for sure but healing / dps on the fight is extremely simple.


Im not exactly sure how to coordinate a group like this with people from different time zones.


Im thinking Im going to create a Linkshell for FFXIV-Roleplayers for pick up groups for dungeons and raiding and also the server in general. For those reading this thread please message me in-game Otto Vann and remind me why you are and I will add you and start writing down peoples times to move from there.


Tentatively Id like to clear Garuda EX on lets say...Wednesday nights around 6PM EDT/EST?


Maybe thats a terrible time just let me know.

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I think we could start on Garuda EX for a little bit since people are new to the EX challenges.  Ive solo healed it several times as an i95-7 white mage so its quite easy.  Tanking it has its challenges for sure but healing / dps on the fight is extremely simple.


...You'll have to show me how to do that if I ever go back to WHM. But if that's the case, I'd be happy to learn how to tank it (i90-something WAR) or help out as DPS/SCH Healing.


Wednesday nights around 6PM EDT/EST?


I get off work at 3PM PST / 6PM EST, so I can probably help out on a fairly-regular basis. It takes anywhere between 15-45 minutes to make it home, depending on traffic.

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I do monthly Primal HM runs with a plot based around getting aetheryte readings from the primals for some big purpose that will eventually be revealed. The reason I do HM is to include as many who would like to go as possible. People have trouble with some of the EX primals, especially Titan. I proposed doing EX's and there were some worried about being left out. I'd love to include them in this story line after a certain point, but that would draw it out for much longer than I wanted to go. If you want an RP premise, maybe we can put our heads together and hash something out.


I would personally love to RP Leviathan Extreme as part of a resolution of Dogberry's character arc.

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To be honest, I wouldn't be able to do it ICly or for RP because extreme primals still put me in a state where I need all my focus and doing that and trying to keep it with RP elements in is hard. For that purpose I think HM primals is a better alternative.



That, and I don't want to PLD tank garuda ex ever again. Strangely enough I am quite happy Tanking Ifrit Ex though.


But I think just doing them for the community is a good idea.

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From what I'm reading, it seems the general experience for extremes is on a basic level. Some people have cleared the three basic, others, have only done one or two, some haven't even started them. Hard mode may be the best choice. Extremes do require some sense of coordination, and I don't think most players wish to continuously wipe against the primals.


Personally, I saw we straight up do em all, extreme mode, blind folded, without a screen, in another room.

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Sorry for not replying, I've been out of town and an writing this on my phone. I would like to try to set up an extreme run next Wednesday at 630 p.m. Eastern. we will only attempt garuda for now something extremely easy. Everyone can get their taste of Ex kills if they lack it. I will not solo heal it to let other people get healing experience.


I will make a new post announcing the raid for next week and hope everyone would show up.

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Oohhhh, I need this. I've only attempted (not completed) Garuda EX thus far and I could really, really use some of those weapons, too...


If you haven't already, everyone who's shown interest in this thread should consider joining the Balmung's Finest linkshell, since it exists specifically for setting up stuff like this. At the very least, we can never have too many...

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