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The 2014 Starlight Ball (All Details and Updates in First Post)

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((This is the Official Starlight Ball Thread for Balmung. As promised details continue to pour in. If anyone remembers the Royal Ball from earlier this year (to be repeated next year, but that's another thread), you will remember how I organize these things. I have made my way around Eorzea on Balmung, asking random people of their ideas and opinions on how it was to be done. After much input from you, the attendees, we have organized this thing a bit and are on our way to getting it done. Remember as this is a group-sourced event like the last one, you won't get everything you want, try and refrain from generally non-constructive complaining. Things got a bit heated and ugly toward me last time and many who hit lowest below the belt seemed to enjoy themselves despite themselves. That said, come out and have fun with us. The holidays in game and out are a time of merriment. So let me and my friends give you this little holiday treat. With that disclaimer out of the way, I present you with.....))


[align=center]The Starlight Ball - Hosted by the Sanctum of the Twelve




Event Name: The Starlight Ball


Event Location: The Sanctum of the Twelve [East Shroud (17-16)]


Event Time: 21-12-2014 @1800 to 22-12-2014 @0000 (All times in American Eastern, Time subject to change to accommodate the most people)


Special Needs: Anyone who RPs as a priest or priestess to the Twelve, we have great need of you to take roles at the Ball, as Sultansworn did at the last one. Please PM me here for details.


Ordained Helpers

Erik Mynhier - Priest of Halone

Rhisi - Priestess of Azeyma

Eva Zelorius - Priestess of Nymeia

M'wanthala Khryn - Follower of Oschon

Mistalv Arroway - Priestess of Rhalgr

Ashren Snow - Priest of Nald'thal


Event Backstory: The Sanctum of the Twelve has noticed the fracturing of once friendly nations. People seem closer and closer to darkening hearts. The constant fighting, monsters, villains and plots have begun to take a tole on the souls of Eorzea. To that end, the Sanctum has reached out to the ordained of Eorzea to organize a celebration to coincide with the Starlight holiday. By no means an evangelical or religious event, the Ball is to simply provide a night of enjoyment and to promote togetherness and joy among all of Eorzea's children.



[align=center]((More Details to be Added))[/align]

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I'm glad to see everyone excited. I will be out of country for a week so I won't be in game at all, but when I get back I'll be laying out the details.


One thing I can't decide is location. If we have the turnout of the last Ball, I may need to keep it where that one was, minus the Sultana as this is a holiday, and not a state event, not totally anyway.


The story I'm running with is, as you may know, the spy side of the Red Wings is an IC secret. Publicly they are a disaster relief and humanitarian aid unit. As such they are holding a charity Ball, the way real life organizations do around the holidays.

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I want to actually do some interesting events for this if you are okay with it, Erik. Perhaps back at Royal Promenade and Husting Strip would be okay again?


Get with me over PM and we'll work out the details.


Also a note, preliminary planning will begin next week. I will post the date. Anyone interested in helping please post here and we will figure out a staff and get this ball rolling.

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