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Would you attend these sort of rp events?  

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  1. 1. Would you attend these sort of rp events?

    • Yes, I'd love to watch!
    • No, not my thing.
    • I'd love to be in the play!
    • I'd love to contribute to the play!
    • I'd love to vendor at the play!

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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating/partaking in plays of various nature?


I have a passing knowledge of Greek plays and Noh theater, and am interested in creating more role-play events that help contribute to the cultures of the various city states.


I would assume that the plays would need to be written by scratch, kept short, and would require a lot of costumes/masks/emotes.


Would anyone be interested in collaborating, participating, or at the very least watching these sort of things?

If so, I would be happy to make one as an example for others to follow~!

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10 Print "yes"

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Translation - count me in, big time!


I believe Lansquenet does this from time to time; I missed their last show, though. Some collaboration might be great.


Also, it might not be as hard as you imagine. There are massive numbers of English-language, short one-act plays that could be adapted to the setting with minimal rewrites, in addition to the Greek/Japanese styles.

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Great timing to see a poll like this! MY RP FC is putting up a play event as well!


We'll definitely need help as so far there is just the three of us, so once the script is finished, prepare to see a thread about it with requests of recruitment and all!

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Forsooth! I am mightly interested.


And is it just the play or do you plan to reherse and do sets and costuming IC? I know a tailor who loves to make costumes for the stage (Ilwe'ran)


I may be totally off track but in the sidelines..


We can't go on as there are imps on the stage!

We must have Garuda's bow, it is the perfect prop!

No no no that's the wrong blue..the other blue!

We need to find the rest of the unfinished play, which I am sure was finished.

It's a ghost story, so obviously we need to perform it to ghosts?

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And is it just the play or do you plan to reherse and do sets and costuming IC? I know a tailor who loves to make costumes for the stage (Ilwe'ran)





I would probably write up the play in google docs- with positioning and lines detailed out, as well as the overall feel of the performance, but IC rehearsals and costuming would be fun to work with!

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This is very encouraging!


I'll plan a play of my own and post an 'audition' once it's ready- and anyone who already has plays in mind, look! People willing to be in them! Gather them up and hoard them like nuts.


This. As much as I dig PK's style, I'm happy to do this sort of project with any group that can handle it. If plays are being done at Mih Khetto's - in other words, needing only to be able to get to the Capital cities - I can provide several alts and alt slots to fit. Yes, I have altoholic tendencies. They pay off for moments such as these.

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