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A Long Overdue Apology

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Hi everyone. I've been playing this for just over a year now and enjoy the game, but in the course of playing the game I have also met and interacted with so many of you in one way or the other.


And in this holiday season and due to a lot of rl things causing me to re-evaluate things, I want to offer a humble and sincere apology (and I won't name names and I know everyone will say this is not necessary, but it is for me).


To those I have forgotten about or failed to talk to regularly.

To my old friends who slipped away because of my failure to handle myself properly.

To the FCs I have left and promised I would be in touch and haven't been.

To my RP friends who I have stood up or have failed to even show up at times.

To the folks I befriended only to let rl issues spoil a good friendship.

And to those I've upset because of my own immaturity and speaking without thinking....


I am truly sorry to everyone I have upset or wronged over the year and trust me...there's more than a few. I still love you all....you're all like a family to me and even though we don't talk or interact, or do so minimally, I still care about you. And I hope for those in the list here, I hope you can forgive the mistakes of a guy with a lot on his plate in rl. *hugs*

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To those I have forgotten about or failed to talk to regularly.

To my old friends who slipped away because of my failure to handle myself properly.


To the folks I befriended only to let rl issues spoil a good friendship.


I totally understand the feelings with these right here because I've done them so much. Especially that first one. There's so many folks I just lost regular contact with and I'm... just worried that messaging them out of the blue with a "HAY REMEMBER ME?" would be either obtrusive or obnoxious or both... :blush:


I can only hope those that the apologies are directed to accept them. And add a hug to the hug-pile.

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I really like the spirit of this thread. I think we've all felt this at one time or another. *hugs*


I'm in the same boat as you. I feel bad because I let RL things get in the way of the game I love, and it has caused strained relationships with people that I used to be quite close with. It hurts, and I can't help but sympathize with you and your want of mending.  I'm gonna add my name to this list of apologies, and say that I hope that we can all find it in our hearts to forgive one another this season. It's a good a time as any.  <3


Hang in there, and best wishes!~

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Like others have said - oh wait, *Hugglesnuggles* - we understand.


Since (again, as others have said) I've been there before too and I suppoooose that's kind of where I'm at now, this is my advice! To both you and everyone else - since, apparently, this isn't an unusual occurrence.


I'm not the most concise... speaker/typer/whatsit. So lemme try and communicate my opinion as precisely as possible! I have friends from when I first started role-playing, and we don't talk much. But luckily I've snagged friends that understand. One in particular, who I consider myself very close to despite never physically meeting, I met when I was fifteen. He became my role-play partner but unfortunately, 'cause life happens and this is the internet, we lost contact completely. When I was eighteen I found myself looking into my screen of another online game, considering if this player having the same name as he had had, three years ago, was just a coincidence. I whispered him and such and anyways, hilarity ensued. And now we're twenty and still chit-chatting. We haven't even played a game with each other in like, a year and a half, and it's been even longer since we role-played. We don't talk every day - but also, sometimes we do. He's going to university, I'm a lazy bum. He also has come to understand that I can be unnecessarily avoidant of things, even a little "hello" from my dearest friends. Not to assume things about you, or anyone else here, but I think that probably rings a bell with some of you. Sometimes we only talk to each other when the other is going through some emotional turmoil and needs a ♥boost. And we love each other for it.


You would consider role-playing a hobby, yes? It's not your job or career, so commitment and effort is completely up to you. It's involves communication, because it's essentially collaborate story-telling. True? So you do want to be kind to your fellow man, as well as establish a set of rules for yourself and others so boundaries are not crossed for either. Also, like I mentioned above, this is the internet. A lot of people that use it struggle socially. The fact that you sometimes experience a difficult time with keeping up and maintaining virtual social obligations isn't that strange! While I'm sure these people appreciate your apology, I personally don't think you have a whole lot to apologize for. I mean, this is supposed to be for fun! And I think others should be more understanding of that. Again, life happens. This is meant to be something relieving, enjoyable - and a bit (or a lot) of an escape for most of us. So to be dramatic and take it personally and be a little jerk about things not always going your way... really, relax. We're all just here to role-play. ♥


Speaking of which, if anyone wants to! *Waves hand*


Edit - I hope this was a little bit helpful for reflection and not just incoherent ramblings. ;_;

Just in case: TL/DR Since this is a hobby that is shared with others friendships will be made and some won't last. It's sad, and it sucks, but that's how relationships work. You can't keep them all - and if you can, you're not being yourself. The people that stick with you will truly like you for you (even if the internet distances and obscures a lot) and will understand whatever you is. Find those that can be patient with you, 'cause that's what you deserve. Anyone unwilling - well you're not really losing anything, are you? That's how she rolls.

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*lots of huggies*


Erm, I'd like to join in on this as well. If I have done anything to anyone that has led to any negative emotions of any sort (sadness, anger, etc.), if I have wronged someone, hurt someone, or anything else, knowingly or unknowingly, my humblest apologies. 


Simply put... I am sorry. 


That said, I would also like to point out that I hold no negativity against anyone, and I have no qualms or problems with anyone, so no worries from my part. 


Thankies. *huggies and love for everyone*

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I am guilty of some of the things you are Melodia/Ruru. I have people I use to RP with a lot more, and now hardly do at all because RP has taken me elsewhere in our open world.


Yes, this is the internet, and yes the person is a /tell away, but it isn't about the ability to communicate. It is the fact that sometimes people's paths diverge, and sure I could send them a tell, but I am doing my things and they are doing their things. Our stories don't always converge. Life paths do not always cross, or remain parallel.


For example, there is one who I have RPed with from the very beginning, and I love to RP with her. However, her character's story does not often cross with my character's story. The only time we RP is when we do manage to find time, and send tells to each other to arrange a meeting.


The whole "Hey, haven't said a word to you in three months, but wanna RP?" can be a bit awkward, but I do not take our lack of frequent contact personally, and I hope she does not either. To me, it is just life; regardless of internet.


Since starting RP, I have made more friends and acquaintances than I can handle. I wish I can multiply myself to frequently RP and stay in contact with them all. I offer my apologies as well for any I have not kept in contact with. It is not personal. There are plenty who I would love to RP with, but can not get around to doing it often. There are those I had made plans with that never came to fruition. I apologize, but I have not forgotten.


Kiht still has:


An prior student to help become a Dragoon (even if she has no idea how now).

A couple old friends to catch up with.

An old mentor to congratulate for his recent engagement.

A loyal ally to question about his strange power he displayed.

A cousin to update.

A few pains in the arse to visit.

An investigation to conduct.

A group of spies to aid.

A few allies to make plans with.

A hook to make to pull someone into a plot.


I could use a few Kiht clones right about now... Maybe even some clones of my real self.


TL;DR: I am guilty of some of those things too, and I apologize as well. It is not personal, and I have not forgotten. So, your situation is not unusual, and you are certainly not a bad person, Melodia.

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TL;DR: I am guilty of some of those things too, and I apologize as well. It is not personal, and I have not forgotten. So, your situation is not unusual, and you are certainly not a bad person, Melodia.

Thank you. I appreciate all of the comments and hugs. And I don't feel like a bad person per se....but I know I've made enough mistakes to own up to them. Again, thank you.

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I could never believe that someone sounding so honestly troubled by all this meant to do any of it intentionally, so don't blame yourself too much.


Sometimes we have to make priorities that leave other people behind, but if the people you cared about cared about you too, then I'm sure they would never hold a grudge. Being brave enough to admit you regret not doing more for them is a very sweet sentiment.


Again, don't blame yourself for things you never wanted to happen. You tried your best, and it's bad to let it haunt you. 


*waits for hugs group to disperse before giving own hugs*

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