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Senah needs to meet people.

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Senah Viqqoh is a Keeper of the Moon and on a mission. Unfortunately her mission took her outside of her clan and into the unknown. Of course thanks to the books she's read, she knows how to act around other races (not really)... super polite! But, again unfortunately, also believes in telling the truth all the time.. which makes it kind of hard to make connections for her.


While spending time searching for her run-away fiance, she is writing a book on other races. Since Senah has only the (really badly written) books to base her own off of.. her research gets a bit quirky, personal, and just plain strange at times. 


So if anyone would like to be a part of this, please just let me know! Either on here or on the game works!

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I would love to be a part of this on my miqo'te! Though, admittedly, she'd be feeding Senah false information to see what she can differentiate from fact and fiction.


<.< >.>


It'd be pretty funny, I'd imagine.

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