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Tarot card bonus card contest: the lovers


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It's been bugging me slightly but I've decided to at least offer the chance for the lovers card again (not sure about the high priestess but that bonus hopeful is pre-determined). But in order to make this fair, I need your guys help.


Nominate a couple (your own or the two lovebirds you have to sit next all the time) by March 30th and I'll pick a random winner, much like the original contest.


The rules:

  1. Sorry if you already won/were gifted a card, you can't enter
  2. Please include a short summery of how the two met (or just point me at a wiki page)
  3. Screenshot the both of you
  4. No gender/race limitations... Though... I will have to say no to person/inanimate objects...
  5. Please, like last time, no heckling the artist; she's already pretty good at being self destructive

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Eses and Aryianna met in a speed dating session hosted by the Travelling Templars. The pair hit it off as Eses was extremely flamboyant and ambitious and Aryianna took a liking to her chipper tone. Since then, Eses' spot for the heroic has associated Aryianna as "This Noble Knight's Fair Maiden."

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Not sure if I can enter since Jaques already won a card, but this is my entry, not his ;)




When they met, they didn't get along very well. However, through persistence, Vaughn finally managed to get Jaques's attention and they found they had a lot in common. Through friendship blossomed a romantic relationship, and are currently engaged.


Also, dat beard :love:

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I'm going to nominate my own couple, which some people seemed surprised about. :D Only the people who really knew the two weren't. 


So here's a couple of screenshots of the two, Kylar and Arrelaine. (I really should get more of them. xD)





As for how they met, they started out as friends, meeting through Arry's half-sister Enova. He actually had a crush on Enova, but Enova found a mate for herself a little later. After both had their own let-downs on crushes, they both decided no more crushes. Enova had told Kylar to follow Arry around and protect her, and then months later Kylar disappeared. HoD found out what he was up to, staged a rescue/arrest attempt on him, in which Arry shot Kylar and Arry was very badly injured. She was concerned about him, and needed to yell at him, so when she was better she visited him and shook her fist at him several times. Having been stuck in the manor for most of the month, she got restless and decided instead of hitting him with a book, she would play a prank on him and disorganized his books in one of his bookshelves. That started a very long prank war, which started some very adorable encounters with the other until they decided that it just felt right for them to be together. They're both incredibly cheesy to one another and have already made at least a couple people uncomfortable with it. 


The love part of their story can be summed up to 'girl shoots boy, girl gets hurt in a rescue attempt for boy, boy and girl worry about each other and then just end up smooching'. Arry goes around telling people she's totally Cupid and can go around shooting people, making them fall in love because of it.

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Not sure if I can enter since Jaques already won a card, but this is my entry, not his ;)


*Opens mouth, pauses, and then shrugs*


Technically no, but... lets call it a loophole. I'll jut work it so it's more the non-winner's card then an equal relationship, since it's not fair for me to disqualify a non-winner because of their partner's luck.

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Oh why not \o/ I'm a big fangirl over Aysun's relationship, even if it looks a little odd to some!


Fenix joined the mercenary group Aysun was a member of early on after launch. Aysun was incredibly mentally and physically unwell at that time, and he saw that and sought to help her. He saw things he had been through in her. They became friends, finding each other easy to talk to. Several scenes come to mind when they bonded as friends. Sitting and talking overlooking the Sil'dih ruins, they compared scars. They went for drinks, she drunkenly called him "Felix" and he convinced her that was his name and she'd been messing it up until then. They hunted someone who'd tried to harm her. When Fenix's home was vandalized and burnt to the ground by that very person, they picked up and decided to roam. They lived together, camping at various sites around Eorzea as friends for several moons. He fell for her, and while she denied her feelings for a little while, she eventually relented. The rest is history, as they say.


They've been together for over a year now. They have chemistry and a deep level of acceptance for and understanding of each other that keeps their relationship strong.




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How they met, It was about a year ago one dark night in Gridania City. Qih has came across a loud drunk man as she was trying to get a ferry to the East Shroud. However, ciousity got the better of her and went to figure out what this babbling fool was talking about. As she got closer to him, she stood there for a few moments to hear what this person was talking about. Yep, a bunch of nonsense. Finally she has had enough she was about to leave when he notice her. Now many would think the first glance, a witty smile, ear wiggle or a nice tail flick would be perfect for the first meeting of two lovers.


So you would think, he confused her for someone that works the streets at night which got him a ear full. And a vow of making his life miserable by following him around. As time passed by her dislike for him slowly subsided and their odd relationship took on a friendship. They have taken many venturing jobs together and as they spent more time together a closer bond has formed. There was a time they went their own way, till one day they bumped in to each other once again. Qih knew her feelings for him after all this time has passed, and so did Lan.


One could say Lan was first to tell her and ask her. Perhaps, but things happen for a reason. Their love grew for each other as they grew and got to know each other. Now they are happily bonded by,friendship, faith, and eternal devotion for each other.


There is a saying in which holds true especially for these two. It is about an invisible red thread which connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This thread may stretch or tangle, but never break. 


Thus, this is their story.



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Nyxh & E'shtola's relationship is far from your normal love story, and what works for them -probably- won't work for everyone...


When they first met, both E'shtola and Nyxh had mates already, and hardly even spoke to one another. But after one fateful night, the two became intimate, and slowly began to open up to and spend more time with each other.


Soon afterwards (and for unrelated reasons) both of their mates left, causing the pair lean on each other for physical and emotional support. The two suddenly single, pregnant women found comfort in each others arms. 


Some time later they went on, and failed a scouting mission, leaving both women's injured, but opened their eyes to just how much they meant to each other. Nyxh confessed her love to E'shtola, who took a few suns before admitting that she too had grown to love the young Moon-Keeper.


Currently they Co-own the Dawn Vigil Apothecary and are planning their upcoming wedding.


Eshy's always changing her hair color, and her hair style.. But here's a few screenshots of the two.




Aaaand one last bonus cute one.. Just because it's my favorite. Also the first screenshot of the two ever taken together.



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Sakura Mitarashi and Brandon Stormstrider


They first met at the Gold Saucer near Event Square. Sakura was looking for some friends so she dragged him along to play the various attractions until Sakura gave him a Linkpearl for contacting her. After meeting her best friend Solis, Brandon joined their group Solaris Ventus to help protect Eorzea from all kinds of bad guys.


PS: Both are ninjas.

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Keil Amalle and V'arimbeh Nitsah....


How did they meet? Well you can thank Faye Covington for that, I swear to god I think she knew what would happen if she paired those two together. A blind date orchestrated by the snow haired cupid herself. I didn't think they knew they were paired to each other but that didn't stop them from going on an adventure across Eorzea.




Anyway shall I tell the tale of these two loves struck miqo'te? Well you don't get a choice I'm doing it anyway.


So let's start with how they first met. It all began when Keil finally got a letter from a moogle, telling him to come to the Apkallu Falls, apparently that's where his blind date was waiting for him. For one thing, he hadn't expected this thing to be legitimate but went to it anyway for lack of anything better to do. 


Now how I saw it V'arimbeh thought this was an elaborate prank by the XI:7. For what reason you ask? Ask her or her FC for that matter. I'm just working off what I heard from her. Regardless of whether or not it was a prank, she still came prepared with some meals. Probably on the off chance this wasn't a joke. 




The thing is when they both got the Apkallu falls neither knew who their blind date was. Keil obviously didn't think it was her because she didn't mention moogle mail at all and I doubt Vari thought it was him because he probably didn't look like someone from the XI:7. Again the Vari viewpoint portrayed here is pure speculation.


Seeing as she didn't want to just waste the food she brought, she decided to offer some to the skittish cat boy. For Keil on his part, trying not to let down Vynka, T'shina, Atoli and Tricky. Bit down on his fear and tried to make some amiable conversation while they both waited for their respective blind dates. Except Keil had a deadline to meet and he couldn't exactly just waste a day waiting for someone who may never even come. He'd chalk it up as a joke in bad form orchestrated by someone who had nothing better to do and had access to moogles. 


So they finished up their food and it looked like it was about to end, but being made acutely aware of his own singleness and because he didn't want to look like an absolute loner running jobs for the Valentione staff, he took the plunge, asked if she wanted to accompany him on a journey through Eorzea helping the Valentione stewards do what they have to do in Ul'dah, in Limsa and in Gridania. She said yes and so began an unexpected adventure. 






At the end of this adventure, he promised to show Vari just how beautiful Thanalan can be at night. Oh wait did I say the end? Yeah I lied. Their first date will never end..simple as that. The letter did promise a romance under the stars, it just forgot to mention the whole 'go on an adventure' requirement.




Did I also mention he never did meet his Blind Date? He found someone better though. I'd like to think the same goes for Vari. 




"Hey Vari, I think my blind date will be very mad when she learns what I'm about to do."



And for the requested screenies....












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Juno Iskandi and Lacey Orwell.


How did Juno and Lacey meet? To describe exactly how they met and eventually began their romantic relationship would take forever to describe. I’ll try to keep it brief though.



When Lacey first arrived in Ul’dah she worked as freelance assassin/spy.One day while Lacey was frequenting the Quicksand she was offered a job by a Doman man to spy on his younger sister, Hotaru. Unimpressed by his misogynistic treatment of Lacey and how earlier that day she’d heard he often beat his sister, Lacey not so kindly refused. Juno happened to be friends with Hotaru and over heard Lacey’s confrontation with the man. Lacey became friends with both Hotaru and Juno. Over the next few moons Juno flirted repeatedly with Lacey. Lacey’s responses were generally less then encouraging but yet she insisted on wearing the knee length stockings Juno seemed so fond of whenever they met at the Quicksand.



When Lacey was attacked by a former employer she lost her memories and her ability to speak properly at times. Juno was frequently there to help her and provide comfort as she learnt how to be herself again and recover from a failed relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Somewhere between all this they became lovers but Lacey refused to admit she had feelings for the man even after she had recovered. With some persistence from Juno, Lacey eventually relented and admitted she had feelings and the two entered into a romantic relationship.

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I would like to nominate my couple, Val Nunh and Faye Covington!


How Val and Faye met isn't quite like the sudden romance that you often hear of, and it certainly wasn't love at first sight. Val was tracking a bounty through the Shroud and lost control of his chocobo, partially because it was afraid and partially because Val's temper isn't quite the best when it comes to keeping a mount under one's control. The chocobo ran Faye over, stumbled, and sent Val to the ground as well. Rather than go and see how the woman was, Val instead stood and decided to curse his mount out for being stupid. It was only after he realized that the woman it ran over was incredibly attractive did he give her any attention. The did not hit it off very well and Faye stormed off, angry.


Val hadn't eaten in days, and the mistake had cost him any semblance of a meal. Angered, Val cooked and ate his chocobo and then hiked it to Gridania, where he sold the beak and claws off as well as some other trinkets for passage to Ul'dah. Lo and behold, wandering around in the Quicksand, was the same noble woman that he'd ran over a few days prior! She reluctantly hired Val as her guard, promising to feed him and pay him in exchange for her protection.


The rest is fairly simple. Val expected a quick lay out of the woman, in which case he'd leave. She was not that kind of woman, and soon her attention drifted elsewhere. Val was determined to prove he was better than those that caught his attention and, after some time of awkward conversations and sexual tension, the two agreed to become a couple. She'd made Val another deal--she would date him in exchange for his exclusivity. Val had never actually tried a relationship before, so he decided he would! What Faye didn't know at the time was that he had planned on sticking with it long enough to sleep with her and bail. However, due to their various adventures together, he soon grew to respect and even love the woman.


Now, the unlikely couple are engaged. She has helped Val to grow from a self-centered, irresponsible brat to at least something of a respectable individual. He helps her run her company and, though the two still occasionally butt heads due to their opposing views on the world, they ultimately continue to love and respect one another no matter what. Val would gladly give his life for the woman, and no one else has ever earned his eternal devotion.


You can also find their wiki at: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Val_Nunh and https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Faye_Covington






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I didn't Forget... but I DID have a Dilemma with this one. So... sorry for the wait, I had some internal wars to battle with. Many muses were injured, some are still being unburied from the the pillow debris, and only my Dice set (it kept landing on Re-roll) and some hapless RMT that got in the way was killed, anyways...


Not sure how to do this one, considering streaming times it hard enough for one or two, so I'll leave that up to you and your partner to decide Val.

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I didn't Forget... but I DID have a Dilemma with this one. So... sorry for the wait, I had some internal wars to battle with. Many muses were injured, some are still being unburied from the the pillow debris, and only my Dice set (it kept landing on Re-roll) and some hapless RMT that got in the way was killed, anyways...


Not sure how to do this one, considering streaming times it hard enough for one or two, so I'll leave that up to you and your partner to decide Val.




As far as streaming goes, I'm good with whatever! I'm actually going to be out of town the next few days. Streaming isn't necessarily a requirement for me, but you're welcome to pick an evening that either myself or Faye are online =) I think we both trust each other's judgement enough =)

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