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  1. Heya! My character, R'miah Tosh, is more and more starting to fit the bill of an amateur bard, primarily with the help of the friends she's making... (shady eyes at Ulemo) I'll provide as concise of answers as I can, without repeating the very good advice and experience that others have already revealed * Miah only knows how to play the lyre. However, as she continues learning, I only plan to incorporate instruments that have a representation in-game. Mostly, this is because it makes me happiest to suit the setting and the times as closely as I can! * I write all of her music,
  2. Late in doing so, but the warmest welcome to our newest: L'zhax, L'annah, and Xau! We're happy to have you! :chocobo:
  3. My suncatte, R'miah Tosh, would happily be a supplier and potential customer! She's a botanist and alchemist by trade, and is currently struggling to learn the ropes of conjury. I'll try to catch you in-game sometime Sounds very interesting!
  4. Warm welcome to Vayler, our newest applicant! Happy to have you aboard, my friend!
  5. Hello there! I recently brought the Fate 14 system into my FC to run a brief story arc, and a bunch of us had a blast with it. Since I hope to continue using it for minor (maybe major!) campaigns, I'd love to be a part of the LS, if you still have room for new members It's been many years since I've participated in any tabletop RP, let alone run any, so I'm all kinds of rusty, and pretty eager to engage with the community! :chocobo:
  6. Just chiming in as a Bard main, but those pacification macros are actually quite useful for allowing me to help my Warrior tanks out with Warden's Paeon I can slap it on the tank right after they use Berserk, and as long as no other harmful effects get applied to the tank before pacification is timed to land, neither the healer or the Warrior have to worry about it! Of course, that doesn't mean that a majority of Berserk/Pacification macros couldn't be less eyetwitch-inducing, but it is a different perspective! :chocobo:
  7. Welcome to Noa and Mighty Biscuit! We're happy to have you onboard
  8. I don't feel that it's necessarily bad to tag your own RP as light, medium, or heavy, but it's always going to be subjective to other peoples' definitions of what each of those labels means, exactly. As long as they're viewed as very broad, loose descriptions of your desired RP involvement, I think they'll remain fine, too. One of the more ridiculous things that happened to me in-game, recently, was a sudden and unexpected PM from someone that wanted to dispute the definition of "heavy RP," my free company, my free company's story arc, and the characters in the FC, and whether or not they
  9. R'miah actually has very little grasp on what she's truly capable of. Her role within her tribe, and the various things that she was trained in (hunting, alchemy, medicine) were for a very specific purpose that never really came to fruition--therefore, she never learned how her trades might come together. Her innate aether has very potent potential for using magicks, but she knows very little of them. Recently, through RP development, she's been attracted to the tenets of conjury, and deep meditation has allowed her to begin getting a sense of her own innate aether. It'll be interest
  10. We're so glad those kids finally got together! (Be afraid, world :blush: ) And we have so many new folks onboard! Proper welcome to Jem, Boots, Cat, Tamamintbrush, and Tyo!
  11. EXT. COSTA DEL SOL - DAY R'miah Tosh approaches Tidus on the docks. They share a meaningful look, full of intent and understanding. Tidus: "Ahahahahahaha!" Miah: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" At this point, Tidus becomes perturbed. Tidus: "You...probably shouldn't laugh anymore." Miah: "AHAHAHAHAHA---!" It's several moons before the two are released from their Coral Tower imprisonment. Concerned patrons of Costa del Sol, memories still scarred by the recent Calamity, always give them a wide berth. :dazed:
  12. Great turnout for SpellGuard this week, everyone! Shoshopu will be back at it next time, but the 81st had a fun time hosting tonight! Without further ado...the victors! Xanadu Noire on the left and Yisugei Tumet on the right! Congratulations! :chocobo:
  13. Best wishes to you and yours :love: We'll do our best to look after things, this round :thumbsup:
  14. Speaking of fiery birds...look at these bird brains! Much love, friends :love:
  15. You guys. Y'all are lovely. That's all <3 Just needed to get that in before the 3.1 wave crests and washes us all out to crazy amounts of fun.
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