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  1. In this room where shadows live And ghost that fail learn time forgives Welcome friends please stay a while! Date: 21st bell; Sixteenth Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon (December 16, 9:00PM Eastern) Location: The Rose Garden, Goblet Ward 1, Plot 60 (Main division) Event: A theatrical-musical showcase inspired by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Contact: Executive director U'vera Rahz, or any member for more information Our story starts with one small child Who spend her nights in attics dark As Menphina bathes Thanalan in her loving glow c
  2. Your emergency summit on the post-2.55 global instability regarding the sudden political climate shift was my very first RP event. It's good to see you back.
  3. Yes! Please. I know there are a billion and one theories to what causes the server lockout, but honestly it's not going away any time soon so it's not like it really matters. Make yourself eight characters and bring them all to Balmung with the one paid transfer! I mean, there's little reason NOT to since you can move them all in one go. And it's always good to have spares in case you don't like how things are turning out on one character! The point is to find out what works best for you~
  4. Lady Leveva and Quimperain Evertrue. Even before the level 50 AST quest their subtext becomes... Text.
  5. Juuuuust to clarify: Nald and Thal are the same being—Nald'thal. He also uses singular pronouns despite His title being a plural—The Traders.
  6. Since this thread was resurrected by someone that wasn't me for once, I'll chime in! It seems to me like the concept of a soulstone would work much better if it wasn't just a generic crystal. Cases in point would be the Gem of Shattoto and the machinst's aetherotransformer. The Black Mage quest line shows that when one pushes thaumaturgy too far, the flow of aether in and out of the body will burn you, but there are specific means of filtering that aether in a safe manner—the/a Gem of Shattoto, a heat sink in essence. Most of the Goldsmith Guild's early quests were about using materials a
  7. One thing that it seemed that they were trying to go for, outside some of the new content, is that while the Player Character is something of a prodigy with being able to pick up so many skills it wasn't particularly atypical of an adventurer—the kinds of people that dabble in everything. However, it still seemed to make it quite clear that even though you're a prodigy, your superiors are just that—superior. One of the first guilds I joined was the Goldsmiths' and there are no less than two quests where Serendipity steps in to finish work beyond your level. Even the level 50 GSM quest wh
  8. Funny how we got a crossover for a game that was promised to be released to the US three years ago.
  9. I can say that the idea has also crossed my mind long before Heavensward, and all signs thusfar do point to Shinto animism as the sort of driving belief system of Doma. However, there really isn't any concrete detail yet. But! The most important part is, of course, to have fun with it. You already have pieces to the puzzle, what harm can come about if you fill in the gaps?
  10. Good luck on your ventures, and do be sure to continue to make use of the RPC. We're not really as Balmung-centric as history would lead you to believe. Promote RP er'rywhere.
  11. I've been to like four weddings in the last few months. I have enough fireworks for it to be a felony for me to get to the hot springs through the port in Limsa.
  12. Yeah. I think it's time for a trip to the hot springs. Count me in.
  13. I'm an enabler. I get my kicks out of fleshing out an already established world. My mind is such a churning chaos of creativity that every attempt made and spinning something from whole cloth tends to fray and the threads snap. And the spinning wheel locks up. Then the loom collapses in on itself. Give me an idea. Your character. Your character's perception of mine. Your headcanon on how you think Magic A works. The fact Eorzea is such a huge, rich world is such a bounty for me that I can't even begin to explain it. There's joy to be found in pulling weeds in the farm in Upper La No
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