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  1. General Profile Name: Septimus Aurelius Age: 18 Race: Midlander (Garlean) Occupation: Engineer Class: Machinist Combat Style: Non-Combatant Home: Ul'dah (Formerly Garlemald) Personality: Friendly, Hopeful, Optimistic Enjoys: Crafting, making new friends, art, music, books, family Dislikes: Violence, unnecessary aggression, war, tea, being judged Magically Capable: No Skills: Engineering (Magitech, Machines, airships), Piloting, (still learning what he is good at) Marital Status: Taken Seeking Long-term Plots Short-Term Plots Ongoing Story Arcs Family Rivals Hi there! thank you for stopping by to check out the thread. I'll jump right into it, my characters name is Septimus Aurelius and yes...he is a Garlean, as the title suggests I am currently looking for more static rpers within his story whether it be friends from home or friends who have met him along the way at some point, rivals or anyone who has a hatred of Garleans looking to do him harm but mainly I am looking for members of his Family. Allow me to expand on his backstory a bit. Septimus was born to house Aurelius, the youngest of seven though most of his brothers and sisters had joined the military or went off to pursue other aspirations to help in the war effort. Septimus however was kept home, sheltered from the war and the military despite his desire to want to stand beside his brothers and sisters. This sheltered lifestyle came with a side effect, Septimus knew nothing of the war except for what he had heard, that the Empire was trying to bring the other countries under a single flag to unite them all under one leader, in his mind this meant peace for everyone and that his family could be together again. Until then he stayed home and learned Science and Medicine under his Father's tutelage. When he turned 18 he became bored with learning the same things, being taught the same history or looking at pictures of various parts of the world through the same book. With the help of a friend, he snuck out one night and traded places with a soldier getting ready for a deployment to Othard, taking the man's place gleefully. However, upon arriving in the country he witnessed the truth of the Empire's war and horrific treatment of the other races at the hands of his countrymen. Septimus ran during a battle that he wanted nothing to do with and fled into Othard devastated at what he had seen. Since feeling, Septimus found his way to Ul'dah with the help of an Au Ra to join Crossroad Haven which is where he now resides. The reason Septimus does not fight, besides being sheltered, is simple and naive, he has no interest in causing pain or harm to anyone in Eorzea but he refuses to join in any fight against him homeland mainly because....it's his home and as much as he disagree's with their war and their methods they are still his people and he still loves his home and his family, this has left him stuck at a crossroads without any real direction to go. What I am looking for: As I stated I am mainly looking for anyone interested in playing a family member, I do have a storyline that I am currently working so there is definitely something in the works for everyone but I am not exclusively looking for family members, anyone is welcome and if you are interested feel free to IM me in game or on Discord at Septimus Aurelius#0901and Thank you for taking the time to read!
  2. THE COURT OF MIRACLES. Good evening and welcome to my thread, as the title may suggest, I am recruiting for my LS "The Court of Miracles" To start this off, The Court is not an FC, I decided to keep it as LS so that people don't feel compelled to leave current FCs or such if they are interested in The Court and it's easier to deal with in my opinion. That said, if enough people join it and enough want it to be an FC I would be willing to start saving up for a house. Now that that's settled, let me tell you about about what the court is, Black Market Dealers, We are called the Court of Miracles because we can get our hands on just about anything (Crafters are very welcome) we fence items for people who may not know how to play with the MB and take a small cut from the proceeds. Rp wise The Court is treated as a Mafia type family, both IC and OOC I will expect members to be respectful to one another and to deal with any arguments in an adult manner. Dark themes and Mature content are a given, so please be aware that Murder and Violence will spring up, however, we are not an EVIL LS, we are mobsters, everything boils down to Money. I expect loyalty, I will not ask anyone to act against their FC unless that FC wants to do an event regarding the LS (Mob wars are always fun) I would prefer people to be loyal to the LS but if things move a certain way that you don't like and we can't come to an agreement or real life is getting in the way, there will be no hard feelings, so long as you communicate with me you will always have a spot in The Court. If you are interested in joining catch me in game on my Main Character Rokuro Sato or in Discord at Rokuro Sato#0901 and feel free to ask questions if you are still unsure or want some more clarification. Until then.
  3. Hello and Good evening!. I have recently returned to Eorzea and will be around a lot longer than I was before. A little bit about the man behind the Character, I spent the last 8 years in the Military for those years I performed my duties as a Mortuary Affairs Specialist, due to certain issues I thought it best to leave the Army and pursue my education in the Culinary arts and have since been working happily as a Chef. On the Gaming front, I have been involved in several MMORPG's including Rift, SWTOR, WoW, TESO, and Guild Wars 2. I have been involved in Heavy Rp in all of these games but due to deployments and various real life issues I had to leave. As for other games I have also done many Table Top games such as Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness, Adventure!, Traveler, and Anima. Now onto the the character himself. I am looking for contacts for my character Matthias Lyon, a former Mercenary who has since retired his sword in an attempt to leave a violent life behind him. The background is very open, I have had time to work on his personal background but I would like to not discuss everything here. I am very easy to work with and I enjoy fitting anyone who is interested into Matthias's life. One point of interest: 1.) After Matthias's wife died he left his daughter behind with guardians, feeling that his life as a Mercenary was no place for a child to grow up. I am not going to try and force anyone to play this role, but it is something that would be nice to fill in and add a bit more to the character. If you are interested in this particular story please let me know and I would love to work out greater detail with you. That's all I have, if I missed anything I apologize. If this post was too long I do not apologize. Feel free to contact me in game or here, as I stated the Characters name is Matthias Lyon. P.S I apologize for any grammatical errors.
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