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First time! Opinions?

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I'm trying to make a Lalafell (Female, Dunesfolk) that is raised by an loving Au Ra (Male, Xaela of the Kha tribe). Their first names are still being worked on. But my issues is how does a Xaela come across a little lala? And helpful tips and what not would be wonderful~!


<< I wanted a Lala raised by a Xaela, because the rhyming of lalafellien names would drive me insane!~ And giving a lala an Au Ra papa is adorable~ :3 >>


/\ The above has been answered to my liking /\


New question post number 5~

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Perhaps he found the Lalafell shortly after arriving in Eorzea?


Au Ra are not native to the land, and fairly recently came to Eorzea after they tried to rise up against the Garleans who had occupied Doma (and surrounding Othard regions) and the Garleans razed the land in retribution.

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Perhaps he found the Lalafell shortly after arriving in Eorzea?


I see what you did there.


There's a tribe that takes in the orpahned/abandoned children of other tribes, I can't remember what they're called. That might be something you can work with.

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If by chance I could get some opinions on this here fetus backstory as I have come to call it~

I sat down about 9:30 last night to try and start Nanaza’s story. I ended up staying up all night and this is what I have to show. Focused mainly on her mother and how little Nana comes to be. I welcome consturctive criticism.

Oh, and I think I got the year right, but not 100%. I’m trying to make her 20. Does 1559 make her 20? I’m not really sure what year we’re in~ lol

Anywho~ Here it is! :3




I was born on the 19th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon in the year of 1559 of the Sixth Astral Era. My name? Nanaza Naza of the Kha tribe! I was born … well, my mother doesn’t recall exactly where, but somewhere on the very eastern edge of the Twelveswood. And I just started and you already have two question. Ones that must be answered in the form of … Secondhand Flashbacks!


My grandfather, Kukunan Totonan, was a gambler. He complied a massive debt at the Gold Saucer and he borrowed gil from the wrong people. The man those wrong people worked for was none other then Lord Febas Helbas. This young lord had his sights set on the Syndicate, and you can only get there by spilling blood.


To pay back his debt, my grandfather groveled at the feet of Lord Febas. Offering anything he had, just as long as he’d let him live. And, Lord Febas knew exactly what he wanted. Febas wanted my mother, Jajasa Jasa. Being the pathetic man her father was he agreed, but begged him to give him eight days. Just one week to spend with his daughter, before he takes her away.


What neither of them knew was that Jajasa had already found the man she wanted to share her soul with. A fierce gladiator by the name of Rurumai Zuzumai. Who spent all the gil he had earned in his fights to study goldsmithing. For the sole purpose of making the perfect wedding ring. And, make it he did. He proposed to her at the very spot they first met, after one of his more grisly of fights. He was attempting to use a simple potion on his wounds. When she walked over to him and stopped the potion before it reached his lips. Unintentionally resulting in him kissing her hand. Blushing passed it, she focused her magic on the young man and within moments he began to heal. Naturally, Jajasa said yes.


The next time she saw her father she was going to tell him. When she got home she found things packed and ready to go. Her father was holding tickets to go see her favorite troupe at the Mih Ketto’s Amphtheartre in Gridania. She took the tickets, placed them on the counter, and took his hands. She told him, with an adoring smile, not only is she going to marry Rurumai, but unbeknownst to the gladiator, she is also pregnant. Thinking her father would be happy for her, she leaned in for an embrace. Only to be shoved to the ground in fury. Yelling about his debts, Lord Febas, and an agreement they had. He ran out of the house hoping to find Febas and renegotiate.


The reality of his rambling became clear to my mother and she grabbed what necessities she could with one though going through her head. “I am my own!” Before leaving the house, she grabbed the tickets off the counter. Using the Linkpearl Rurumai placed in her ring, she told him everything. Given that he was currently in Camp Drybone, he told her to go. To get out of Ul'dah as fast as she could. Before boarding the airship, she told him he could find a ticket to Gridania with a friend and the proprietor of the Quicksands, Momodi. His last words to her were “Be careful, Ja. I love you.”


She waited for Rurumai at the inn in Gridania. She tried the linkpearl, but nothing. It wasn’t until she caught a glimpse of Febas Helbas coming off the airship with Rurumai’s ticket in hand that she knew what had happened. She went to the Chocobo porter crying and hand on her belly. Offer him all the gil she had in exchange for his fastest bird. Placing her things on the back on her new mount, she ventured out into the Twevelswood. Not knowing where she was going. However, as long as it was as far away from that sad excuse for a living being, she would be as okay as she can be.


She had been traveling for weeks, only stopping for a few bells every other day to rest and eat. No idea how far she had gone, nor where she is, but believing she is far enough away. Jajasa makes an effort to find a place to make a real camp for a night. My mother found a natural blind on the bank of a river. And, that is where I am to be born. Well, with the help of, at the time, a beastly stranger.


That night my mother slept well into the next day. As did her Chococbo, she aptly named Oshra. An off shot of the god of travelers and vagrants, Oschon. That blind became her home for the next few months. I was about a month away from arriving in this world when it happened. She woke up to being dragged out of her home by a Garlean Eques and thrown in front of the rest of his party. Trying to protect me, my mother took a blade from a Centurion, going from her right shoulder to her left hip.


It was then, when the Eques and the Secutors were closing in on her that arrows came from the sky. On the cliff across the river, stood an archer, bow poised to fire. The Garleans did not heed the silent warning. The Eques stood with my mother and the others went to the bridge that leads to the cliff, to advanced on the bowman. Before her eyes the archer let’s lose an arrow. It embedded itself in the skull of the lancer guarding her. Three more arrows were released in quick succession. Each finding their target. The four Garlean Soldiers were dead before even hitting the bank.


The stranger leaped off the cliff and into the river below with the grace no being of his size should have. Arriving on shore, she was finally able to get a good look at him. Tall, blue tinted skin, and black scales, with horns to match. My mother did the only thing she could do as a heavily pregnant, wounded woman, who just survived a Garlean attack thanks to a two-legged horned beast. She fainted.

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I'm out at the moment so can't give aas detailed a response as I'd like, but a few things I'd like to mention:


1- If you are going for a 20 year old character, they would be born in the Year 1557 of the 6th Astral Era.


2- As Warren pointed out, the Gold Saucer but recently opened, but the Platinum Mirage houses Ul'dah's premier gambling halls. This would be a great place to accrue a debt, because its the primary role of the pugilist's guild to "deal" with such debters.


3- As was pointed out, there is a native Lalafellin population in Othard that you could also pull from if you didn't want an Eorzean native character. The Au Ra are but recently immigrated en masse to Eorzea since Garlemald's razing of their territories.


I can provide some links to relevant lore texts when I get home but hope this helps for now! ^^

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