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Hey, my name is Chaos - or ChaosMAJORA. I'm a UK resident, and I joined FFXIV about a month and a half ago. I'm an ex-WoW player/forum RPer, and I'm hoping to meet a few like-minded people through this site.


I'm currently playing on the Ragnarok server, since my RL friends - who invited me to FFXIV - have a large presence there. That said, I find they're not as into RP as me, so I'm reaching out.


I enjoy writing, and I love RP because it allows me to use my writing and dramatic skills. I was part of several RP groups in WoW, and my old profiles should still be available on the Argent Archives for those who are interested. (Be nice - I was 16-17 when I started there, I did the best with what I had. :S ) I was also a member of an alternate reality X-Men RP, which I've simply been unable to get back into after a large-scale ret-con and community fallout.


I have a painting in my head as to how I'd like my character to begin, but I'm looking to introduce them to new things, and new people. I'd call myself a 'medium' level RPer, happy to discuss events beforehand, and change things to make a story intriguing and enjoyable for everyone involved.


Okay, I'm gonna stop blogging now. I hope to meet other enthusiastic RPers here. Thanks for reading!

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Hi there!


>_> <_ ....i uh i also adjusted the title for ya. you can do that with full-edit button src="%7B___base_url___%7D/uploads/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)">


In any case, welcome to the RPC! As Virella said, if you've got an alt on the new Chaos Data Center that was there before the datacenter move, SE is allowing free transfers off (they really should all free transfers in tbh) that datacenter to other ones, so you could get a character onto Balmung for free since Character Creation is almost always locked on the poor server. (It lasts about 5 minutes after maintenance, including when maintenance ends early).


If you've got any questions about the site or any resources on it, lemme know!

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Hope to see you in Balmung soon! Regardless, welcome to the RPC.

I'm sorry to hear about the community fallout you suffered, that's never fun to experience. 


Rest assured the community both here on Balmung and Gilgamesh are very friendly.

If you need someone to introduce your character to the world or help you get established, feel free to send me a pm o/

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Hey, thanks so much for the kind response! ^_^


I'm debating perhaps starting an alt. on Balmung or Gilgamesh, based on my main guy - any excuse to play this game forever. (y) It'd save me leaving friends behind on Ragnarok, and also mean I can get a 'full experience' out of FFXIV.


((To clarify, if I don't RP at least a little bit in an MMO, I always feel like I'm playing 'half a game', you know?))


I'll be asking plenty of questions, and doing my research on the current/past RP plots people have down. Very interested in making some connections with any IC Brass Blades. ^_^

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