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New FFXIV roleplayer


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Good morning FFXIV roleplay community.  I'm a new roleplayer to Final Fantasy XIV, but I am not new to roleplay as a whole.  I will here and now openly admit I am very unfamiliar with Final Fantasy lore.  I play a Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun (I do have others but...in the interest of not killing myself with my alt-itis this time).  I'm looking for a guild that is very friendly someone like me who knows absolutely nothing about the lore.  I tend to shy away from HUGE guilds but like small to medium guilds.  And I completely suck at RP fights.  I don't PvP, so please, don't ask me about it.


During the work week, I am normally on from 12:30pm-3:15pm Eastern.  On my days off, I'm normally on all day.


But more than what I posted above, I'm also looking for places to RP to get my feet wet in the FFXIV lore. 


Thanks for all the help.



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But more than what I posted above, I'm also looking for places to RP to get my feet wet in the FFXIV lore. 


Thanks for all the help.


Welcome to Eorzea and the RPC! If you have any lore questions feel free to ask them and we'll be sure to get them answered! This Race Lore Compilation might be a good place to start learning? Hope this helps! ^^ Maybe tell us some about your character?

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Hi! Welcome to the RPC.


Are you familiar with the game's chat system?


RP fights generally come in two flavors here: Freeform and /random (RNG-based).


PVP is thankfully only in a designated area and not open-world. There's no /duel command or anything of the sort either! (So player-killing is basically impossible unless you enter the Duty Finder to go to a specific PVP instance on a timer).


Lore-wise, you'll find a lot of information here, and I'd definitely recommend checking out the Official Forums Lore Board for more information as well. (Tumblr, Reddit and other wikis have results that may vary, but if there's a source link, it's generally confirmed).


If you've got any specific questions, feel free to ask. We've got a variety of boards that may help.


FFXIV Discussion: Things related to the game itself and lore.


RP Discussion: General RP topics and how to RP certain things. A place to discuss concepts. (If your topic had "I", "me" or "my" in it, it'll probably be moved to the next section below)


Character Workshop: Like RP Discussion, but for your character in particular. A place for tips, critiques, and feedback.


As a quick start, I'm gonna link a couple lore compilations from another user just to get you started off!


-Racial Lore Compilation

-Eorzean Religion Lore Compilation


edit: she beat me.

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Welcome to FF and Balmung!


You should find things quite nice as the RP is quite active and friendly here.


Some points that might help..

  • Free Company is like a Guild (there is a list of some on these and linkshells forums)
  • Linkshell is a custom (invite only) chat group (you can be in up to 8)
  • The game is tailored more to single characters where each character can play every class/job, though Alts are still perfectly viable too
  • Main RP hubs are the Adventure Guilds (taverns) in each city, though Ul'dah is most busy

My advice, join one of the Lickshells aimed at RP connections and newcomers and go and RP with a Free Company before joining.

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I guess I can say that Akasumi is polite, tries to get over the solitary living, and isn't always successful.  She's a huntress (Archer as of this point).  She can sing (which will lead to her Bard profession later), but does not like to dance.  Her mother was a dancer.  Her father, she has no idea who he is.  He left when she was a little kitten.  She has hunted with others before.  But fallen into the "territorial" aspect when someone took a shot that was hers (I'm only guessing that Miqo'te might hiss or growl when they're wronged or get REALLY upset, correct me if I'm wrong please).  She has taken swings at people that think she is a 'dancer' or insisted she dance for them because "she's a Miqo'te".  Just because she's of the race, doesn't make her like others they've seen.  Which again, causes her to start avoiding people again.  Treat her with respect, and she'll give respect.  Treat her differently than that, and she will be less than polite.  Far less.

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 (I'm only guessing that Miqo'te might hiss or growl when they're wronged or get REALLY upset, correct me if I'm wrong please). 


It all depends how close you are willing to play to cat-like behavior I would say. It's up to you and your interpretation really!

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Welcome to the RPC and to FFXIV!


I strongly suggest delving into the Wiki and other lore links in your spare time. While no one is expected to know the lore 100% I find it helps new players ease into things a bit more when they feel comfortable at least with their own racial lore. It helps get a better feel of what that character's motivations and history would be.


If you have any questions about something always feel free to ask in the character workshop forum. That's what it's there for!

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