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Baby Hands Enters...

Baby Hands

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Hello everyone,


I am here to introduce myself. While I am not new to FFXIV or RP, I am new to this site. My character is on Balmung - a lalafell named Baby Hands. That's not his real name of course, so don't worry.


I have two other mains, one on Tonberry for raiding and another on Balmung for RP purposes, though real life and PvE obligations have left me little time to RP seriously anymore. Thus, Baby Hands was born, who I mostly just play during downtime and when I get bored. I've had a lot of fun on him so far, so I hope to see some of you around, despite my weird hours.


In terms of RP, I can easily adapt to any style, and I prefer to stick to lore as close as I can. Baby Hands is a bit of an enigma, and comes off as a bit stupid and nonchalant, and almost offensively gregarious. At the end of the day, he is a 100% villain-type character with lots of experience in unsavory things, and I'd like to explore that with him once I get into the groove with him a bit more. If anyone is looking for a dangerous yet cautious criminal for use in their storyline, please feel free to contact me. Other than that, he's a free spirit that can work with just about any character type, so if you see me scumming about in Ul'dah (I'm only level 4, mercy), feel free to approach!


He can be pretty rude, though.

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Yes it had to be said in caps, because I love lalafells like him!

*slams palm down on an agree button*


I have not thoroughly had the time to RP with Baby Hands but I have loved every interaction! It's been a pleasure each time!

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I've seen you about in the Quick Sand! I thought your name was incredibly creepy when I first saw it, and now I get the feeling that was intentional!


Welcome to Balmung, its always nice for RP to have some unsavory sorts about :)

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