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Transfer to Balmung? Is that possible?


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So I decided to give it up and pay for a transfer to Balmung so I can join the rp community as well. However, on the transfer page it says I can't transfer to a server that is already full. I keep hearing you can, so I'm growing confused.


I did try to google it, but a lot of people just say either no, there's no way you can, and others say yes you can. And I have no idea what to believe in. Just honestly worried I'm going to be spending a lot of money on nothing. :(


So... if I were to pay for it, would I still have no means of getting into Balmung? Why does the official pages say you can't, when so many say they've done it?

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Yea, I think I read the same thing once, but it does work. New people still transfer almost daily it seems. Myself transferred a whole list of alts over just about two months ago.


And you choose a server destination for your characters before you pay for the transfer, so I wouldn't worry that you pay for nothing.

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Yes, I had that doubt as well when I started and wanted to transfer. They clearly state in the transfer information that it should not be possible, but obviously, it is in practice...

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