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The Bardpocalypse

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What do we want?


A performer's linkshell.


When do we want it?




TL;DR, friends: I'd like to propose an idea of a LS for connecting performer-characters IC and OOC. I know there are a few FCs that focus on performance or do it actively -- I want to hear from you! I want to start amassing a merry troupe of misfits for creative collaboration.




I will be reaching out to those of you that handle performances over the next few weeks and scouting talent at ongoing events. For the LS to really take off, I'd like to start with a good core group interested in putting together projects and sharing ideas. I wanna see things like IMPROMPTU JAMS, band formations, mentorships, music instrument and nipple tassle smuggling-- you get the idea.


I don't want this to be bard-exclusive. Any acts, including stand-up comedy, sword swallowing (and yes, interpretive dance) would be welcome. The idea is to have this big resource for creative-inclined characters that love to perform and entertain -- and want to give back to the community OOCly by connecting with FC and personal-hosted events.




While I'd love to join (or form) a FC, that's just not in the cards right now. I am confident my community-bouncing can reap fruit, and have experience with hosting events across MMOs prior. I'd also like to offer a chance for unaffiliated characters and newer players to meet like-minded characters and get some rockin' fun RP on.


I'd also hate to step on anyone's shoes here-- I'm still getting my bearings, so please let me know if I am!



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If you make it I will come


Right on! I've loved your explanation threads for performances, definitely look forward to seeing you there.


I'm certainly on board with every part of this Minstrelocaust idea.  Thank you for taking the initiative and I would be flattered to be included.


I remember you from the cabaret event! Thanks for the response, glad I could find you again.

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Dudes and dudettes, bards and bardlings!


I can't say this enough, but thank you for all your encouragement and support. I am in studio late today, but I will be forming the LS and hopping on around ~8pm PST. The official post with LS rules and list of people with invite privileges will be published tomorrow evening.


So prod me if you see me in game (Marcellain Chevallier), and I'll add anyone that has responded here with interest so far, if I find you on :^)

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