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Your character meets the FF Protagonists! :D


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I've been thinking about this one for a while, but have been so lazy busy that I didn't put up this thought provoking little prompt.


It's really quite simple. Your character meets the various protagonists of the FF numbered series! How do they interact with them, how do they behave, what happens, what goes on? You can pick one character for interaction or you can pick them all! Everything goes! :D


For more funs, you can even write out a nice IC piece about it!


Remember though! Main numbered series only, and protagonists only! So no side series, spin offs etc, and no sword lessons from Steiner, no sky piratey discussions with Balthier, and no swimming with Rikku, etc!


And as always, have fun! :)

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I have actually thought this before:


Leih sees Cloud... Leih gets close... Leih pokes Cloud's hair. "How does your hair do this?! Did you know you look like a Chocobo, mister? Why are you so broody? How can you fight with that huge sword? You kinda look like a girl... You should try wearing  a dress. Maybe people would think you are a girl."



I leave to other people's imagination how Cloud reacts to a little hyper cat girl asking him/commenting so much randomly.

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If Nanagi were to meet Lightning from ff13, i'm sure it would just be them arguing back and forth. Lightning did a bunch of dumb things and both of them see the world differently. The arguing would likely never end.


Also Nanagi would teach Lightning how to NOT STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ATTACK!

(It bothered me so much that in a ps3 game that was suppose to have better combat mechanics, I couldn't have the characters even TRY to dodge attacks)


If Kanako were to meet Cloud, i'm sure she would try picking up his sword. Sure she would be unsuccessful, but she could at least said she tried. Oh and she would take pictures, print a bunch of them off, and then sell them. Bonus if she can get him to sign a photo.

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"... No you're not."


"Why are you yelling? It's noisy."


But *clearly* this has already happened. Why else do you think the cafeteria is out of hotdogs before Zell arrives?

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R'miah Tosh approaches Tidus on the docks. They share a meaningful look, full of intent and understanding.


Tidus: "Ahahahahahaha!"




At this point, Tidus becomes perturbed.


Tidus: "You...probably shouldn't laugh anymore."




It's several moons before the two are released from their Coral Tower imprisonment. Concerned patrons of Costa del Sol, memories still scarred by the recent Calamity, always give them a wide berth.



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I will probably keep coming back to this, but it's an awesome prompt, so... Here goes!




"How can your allies watch your back?"

The words came sharp, pointed - perhaps pointier than the horns adorning the face that accused him, Averill mused. He stoked the blaze with the head of his axe, flames carving deep valleys in old scars. "Who said I had someone at my back?"

"You've the bearing of a warrior." Plate, flawlessly maintained, and an unscarred face shifted into a bemused frown. It had been the first break in the stranger's stoicism, "Any blade that takes the field would never survive if they took it alone."

His attention drifted to the fell blade that Averill so carelessly pushed into their fire. "You presume that I take the field."

An age's silence returned the warrior to straight lips. "You refuse the duty of the strong?"


"To protect the weak - we are the shield-"

"I have an axe."

"Averill, we protect the weak. We stand against the darkness, do we not?"

"You might." Averill shifted. He trained a pale eye on the warrior, resplendent in royal blue and shining gold. "I look like I do much protecting?"

He stood. If there was rage, it roiled beneath gilt armour. "Perhaps you are the fiend that cautioned my blade to begin with."

Averill stoked the blaze again, eyes averted. No steel followed the warrior's accusation; only the steps carrying heavily into the deep night.


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As this is my 1st FF experience...


I'd go with..


"I don't know who you are or where you came from, but from now on you'll do as I tell you, okay?"



(pre may the 4th hoot)

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FF1: "Didn't I hear this story from a fairy tale at one point?"


FF2: "Roses are preeeetty! THAT'S IT! REBELLION!"


FF3: "I have serious reservations about a child going to war with the Void.."


FF4: "Good sir, I apologise..you seem like a great person, but I've heard your story at least fifty times already.."




FF6: "OOOH, AREN'T WE A SPECIAL LIL' SNOWFLAKE! Jump off a cliff or something!"


FF7: "How did you get your hairy so spike--never mind..not interested."


FF8: "Your weapon is extremely impractical and I recommend you choose between a sword or a gun."


FF9: "I've never heard of your race, your friends are weird, your fat companion keeps looking at me funny, that qiqirn with the spear makes me uncomfortable and your antagonist is making me tingly in the worst places."




FF11: "I'm sorry, what? ANOTHER Warrior of Light? Sod off, mate. Seriously.."


FF12: "Psst..Vaan. Your 'friend' Penelo..she wants it bad."


FF13: "Lemme get this straight..a guard becomes GOD and starts invading different timelines and even EORZEA at one point--nope, no. I'm lost."


FF14: "You're like the two-hundredth person to tell me they're the Warrior of Light..I'm tired already..!"



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