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Your Character & Pokemon

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With the Sun & Moon hype train getting ready to set off (and run for a year straight with 6 months of lead-up and then all the fun after release), I wanna get into the Pokemon spirit a little early:


What pokemon would be your character's main partner? Would your character have a certain type specialty? And if you wanna get really into it, What kind of trainer would they be? A breeder, coordinator, gym leader? Maybe a member of Team Rocket or Galactic?




For myself, Mercury's partner would likely be a Mienshao, with a general emphasis on Fighting types. He's still a wanderer, but living alongside this kind of pokemon would influence him to turn his dancing to a fighting style himself, focusing on melee instead of swordsmanship.

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Aghurlal's main partner would be an Absol. It'd be a non-combat pokémon, though.


I actually made a team for him a while ago - Flygon, Salamence, Garchomp, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Noibat.


...better hope your opponent doesn't like Fairy types, hon...


I had this idea that he'd be a League hopeful but get knocked out in the semi-finals or something and - as a result of his strong performance - be offered a position as a Dragon-type gymleader, so that's cool.

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Lunelle would have an Umbreon as her main partner. Her entire team would be dark ghost and psychic types, because it fits her completely, with a fire pokemon on the team, though Im not entirely sure which. Maybe Houndoom? Idk.

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Main Partner? Gyrados. She'd've put way too much faith in an otherwise useless Pokemanz and it pays off as a result.


Eses is a follower of Nymeia, and the elemental inclination to that is Water. She'd be a trainer, with the protagonists' level of determination. She would be an ace gambler in Goldenrod Game Corner.

Her team would comprise mainly of Water/Dragon types.

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Aaron's main Pokemon would be a Slaking since they both are lazy bastards who's attitude inhibits how strong they actually are in battle. Also for those that doubt the beauty of Slaking.


  • Outside of Legendary Pokémon and Mega Evolution, Slaking has the highest base stat total of all Pokémon, even surpassing Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon by 70 points.
    Slaking has a huge Movepool, larger-than-life stats, and ONLY has the tier of OU (competitively speaking, I think he should be Uber). Of course, he's held back by Truant, but still, his stats are tied with GROUDON AND KYOGRE, and is 50 stat points away form being tied for BEST stat total in Pokemon.

Get rekt


His type specialty would be Ghost/Dark however, and he'd probably have a only Ghost/Dark types save for his buddy Slaking.


Gengar, Tyranitar, Absol, Claydol, Zoroak, and Sable. He'd be one of the Gym leader types to procrastinate about battling people and because of this denied every offer to join the Elite Four. And when he does get to battling he generally will give up if he doesn't continuously one shot the opponents Pokemon.

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Karmine would have an Electrode because of it's penchant for explosions.

It's would probably have a stupid name like 'Pookie' or 'Snookums.'

Karmine would probably be one of the random nincompoops that stand around, has no idea about the finer points of pokemon battling, has a team that consists of two Voltorbs and the Electrode, and stands around a route waiting for the main protagonist to steam roll over him for EXP fodder.


"I like robes! They're comfy and easy to wear!"

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Lynea would most certainly have all fighting types, with a Lucario as her main and a Pancham just because it's cute. It would work out well, she likes to hit things, they like to hit things. All of it would be a win win.


She'd probably be a traveling trainer or work at one of the gyms, just not as a leader.

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Roh would be by and a wandering trainer roaming the land for good battles and a noble crusade to partake. His team would consist of Cat and knight-esqe Pokemon. 


However is main partner would be..




A pokemon so good they had to nerf his butt.

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Oh boy, I was thinking a lot about this lately here we goooo


Aekira's main partner would be a Honchkrow, no doubt. He loves birds ICly so it makes sense to me that he'd be all about the flying-types (They make up about half of his team lmao, type balance isn't his specialty). His team consists of Honchkrow, Noivern, Gyarados, Electrivire, Weavile, and Clefable, and most of his squad has at least one sound-based move.


As to what kind of trainer he'd be, he'd probably be a Pokemon Ranger. Former league hopeful, failed for some reason or another, took a job working with and protecting wild Pokemon because, for the most part, he likes them more than most people. He likes to sing to them, the dweeb

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Zigovali's lineup:


- Maractus (Main partner)

- Roserade

- Solrock

- Honchkrow

- Flygon

- Mismagius


Roserade and Maractus aren't so much meant for serious battling, but more to indulge in Zigovali's love of dance and roses. He caught a Solrock for the obvious sun symbolism. Honchkrow, Flygon, and Mismagius are his powerhouses, while still sharing in his own aesthetics of shady activity, the desert, and magick.


As a Trainer, he's not one to say no to a fight, but he enjoys putting Roserade and Maractus into Contests and similar events.

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I'll just post main pokemon for my characters since there are alot


Arala Makeo: Blaziken

P'rita Kali: Ninjask

Edward Lazipu: Bonzor (shiny)

Xyla Quintessence (Quint): Gardevoir

Wati: Vaporeon

Igni: Flareon

Forta: Glaceon

Gaia: Leafeon


and P'rth: Joltik Army (Yes...multiple ones)

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Averill's primary partner would be an Aggron.


As far as a team's concerned... can't build a team without reflecting the trainer, so let's take a look:


1) Aggron:  Damn thing claims a mountain and does its thing far removed from people. It's a perfect fit.


2) Skarmory: A bird that regrows its wings once a cycle to full strength. It's a weird... violent... phoenix-thing. I like it.


3) Mega-Mawile: Normal Mawiles use their charm to lull foes into a false sense of security. Averill tried that once - Mega-Mawile's more his style.


4) Haxorus: Kind when left alone, dangerous when disturbed. If there was ever a reflection for Averill's more human side, it would be here.


5) Tyrantrum: Hubris? Unstoppable rage? Self-destructive over-compensation? I'll stop there.


6) Tyranitar: All of Tyrantrum, with more realm-shaking strength in the right conditions.


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Can I make teams? I'm going to make teams xD


Basically Liara's team would be Sawsbuck (for her love of nature), Bilssey (for her motherly compassionate side, as well as being a healer), Togekiss (for her cheerful demeanor), and Leafeon (because I can). Her ace would most likely be Blissey and would use Blissey to help other humans or Pokemon who were in trouble or who needed medical attention. Liara would most likely be a Pokemon Center nurse, or a wandering trainer. 


Y'zhara's team would have Glaceon (the closest eeveelution that looks like a emerald carbuncle), Swellow (because she likes fast birds - chocobos), Gardevoir (for her magical potential)... that's all I could really think of. Her ace would be Glaceon and she'd most likely be just a wandering training, maybe an entertainer, probably dancing with her Glaceon.

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Suko'to: He'd totally be a Gym Battler, or battling away at the Battle Resort. His type specialty would be Dark, and he'd have a Gengar as his pokemon partner.


Leiard: Pokémon breeder, type specialty Steel, and would probably have a Raichu.


Baergrim: Definitely a battler, would probably favor the Fighting type, but would most likely have a Nidoking for a partner.

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Taejin being a magitek engineer... Golurk. Full stop. Would also have a Weavile to compliment his ninja heritage and a Mienfoo cause its SO GODSDAMNED ADORABLE- Ahem... sorry. Also, a Gardevoir and Lucario cause favorite pokemon, leaving one space for Litten. Need Ryuko cat.


(For reference; I bred a shiny Gardevoir for her majestic as f*** mega evo, and have a lvl 100 Mienfoo. YES, ITS UNEVOLVED FOR CUTE, DON"T JUDGE ME.)

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I don't really think Osric would favor any one of his Pokemon over the others, since he identifies with each of them in one way or another. Charmeleon shares his fiery spirit, Marowak his lonely past and resulting protective streak, Umbreon his love of the night and sneaky backstabbing underhanded tactics, Zangoose his instinctive drive to put down vipers and serpents, Milotic his heart of gold, and Pachirisu his mischevous personality.


...he'd probably end up as some force of law enforcement, private security, or P.I.

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W'erryn; Erryn would have a single pokemon companion, and that would be Zoroark.


Yayoda; Her pokemon partner would be a Pikachu, which would of course eventually evolve into a Raichu. I don't think she'd have a type preference. She'd be a very casual trainer.


Kokari; Hmm...this one's kind of difficult to peg. Kokari wouldn't rely heavily on her pokemon companion, so it'd really be more like a pet than anything. She's be a pokemon researcher though! My little bookworm...lol. She'd probably have a mawile or something.


Faei; I've gotten nowhere with my elezen lady, so I'm going to say her partner would be my personal favorite, Growlithe. xD I have no idea what type she'd favor, but she'd most likely probably be a gym leader.

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Hmm, Ruran's primary pokemon would be...


...Aegislash and Solrock.



Because a steel/ghost pokemon that is literally a sword and shield? Fits too well. And...a sun-shaped pokemon is also perfect. <_< As for the rest, I'm not sure. Probably a mix of steel and ghost, though I can't picture Ruran having a full team.

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I could see Caleria packing an Escavalier as a companion.  They like to poke things to attack them, she likes to poke things to attack them, and both have somewhat stylish sets of steel armor to protect them.


As far as the rest of her team, well... I could see her with a Ferrothorn (incorporates her love of the Gridanian forest where she spends most of her time battling the beast tribes and keping people safe), as well as a Steelix that she uses when the subtle approach just doesn't seem to be working.


Secretly, though, she trains a Dedenne because of just how cute she finds it when it uses its Nuzzle attack...


As far as her job, I could see her as a Steel-type gym worker or leader.

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