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Choose Your RPG Party

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Not to be confused with the "Your character as a party member" thread! I've fallen in love with the Vath quests and the Vath Deftarm, and decided that I would have in in my party if this were a classic RPG. Then I thought:

What if your character were the main character in a classic JRPG? Which NPCs from the FFXIV world would fill out your party? Pick 2–3 NPCs to join you on your adventure. Be realistic, though! Kan-E-Senna is unlikely to leave Gridania to follow you around, or the Scions have bigger fish to fry.


Alderique Valeriant

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If my character was the main character, he could totally have at least one Scion in his party:


  • Archon Thancred
  • V'kebbe the Stray
  • Alka Zolka


I like Lominsans okay. Sshhh.


It's fine ;D. I just want people to avoid filling their party with top tier NPCs, but one doesn't hurt. Nice choices <3

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Vath Deftarm because he's a buggy bug and I love him.

Chuchuto because we go way back. Pugilist was my first class in the game and for a while we practically looked like sisters on my other server, given the gear I was using.

Alka Zolka, he is cute, his name is funny, and he is both intelligent and strong. (Marauder+Scholar trainer.)

Honorable mentions to Punished Thancred and Ayylmao the Blue.

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Lho'a, Franz, and Scarlet.


That said, it is more likely Ave and Franz start bitching at one another then do something productive... but all the more fun! Although I'd imagine Scarlet would be capable of slapping the two apart and get shit done.


And damned be NPCs, Sounsyy stole the cool ones already.

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Hmmm. That's a tough one.


Just going with mildly obscure side characters, probably...

- Q'yantaa

- Ba Go


Alternate answer: Nashu and Jandelaine and Sidurgu! The unbeatable dream team!


Ugh, how could I forget about Ba Go. I love him. He goes somewhere in my potential party cast of like 7 characters.

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