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RP: Mateus Stay or Leave

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I've been playing FFXIV for a bit now. I originally played on the Behemoth server but had a fairly bad experience joining an FC that was using DPS meters (parsers) and stuff. I'm strongly opposed to people cheating or breaking ToS in these types of games. Agree or disagree with them, I feel we need to respect and abide by them.


So, I quit the FC and then the server. I started fresh on whatever random server was suggested during character creation. That ended up being "Mateus." I'm now moving forward in HW content working my way to 60. Taking my time as I like to play other classes, etc. I've been hesitant to join any FC in Mateus due to negative experiences on the other server.


Anyway, I love roleplaying. I'm not particular good at it, but I just love being in an RP environment even if I don't tend to contribute so much. I've played text muds in the past and loved that sort of interaction, I miss it with MMORPG's. My thoughts are, to get into RP and leave these issues behind. However, Mateus seems to be a very low population server, and there doesn't seem to be any RP at all that I'm aware of. Should I transfer to an RP server, or try to start an RP FC on Mateus? Not sure if there are official RP servers in FFXIV or if the players make them unofficial style. I'd love to stay put, and try to start a small community here but don't want to fight a lost cause.


Sorry for the long winded post!

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DPS meters are only relevant when gauging your own abilities or when raiding. I'm sorry you got stuck with a bunch of tryhards.


I'd recommend trying to seed something on Mateus. Try looking around for suspiciously-clustered groups of people emote-motioning at each other or try shouting/yelling/making a PF to gauge interest. If you find some folks who are like-minded, you're on your way to storytelling co-op happy times.


If it's all a bust, though, you can definitely swap to one of the unofficial RP servers. Most of the people here are located on Balmung, but I know Lamia has some presence and of course, our bros on Gilgamesh are always open too.

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I'll start off with the most important thing. FFXIV does not have an official RP servers. It's all handled by players. There may be some people interested on Mateus, but I haven't heard of any. ...cross-posting over to the server's forum on the FFXIV Official Forums may help find some like-minded people!


That said, The only server I know of with a massive RP community is gonna be Balmung, which is very, very full. (Not so much of a problem if you were already planning on a paid transfer). Balmung very rarely opens for new character creation. If you're the type of person who likes having alts, whether for new characters or just for fun, make them in advance and transfer all 8 slots with the one transfer fee. As long as they all start and end on the same server, only the $18 charge applies.


If you're looking for some smaller communities that are easier to make a character on, Siren and Jenova are usually the common ones I hear. Our Linkshell and Free Company halls also have listings of known groups that are active. Most of it's weighted towards Balmung and Gilgamesh, but there are some other servers too with a few groups!

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Have to ask, though it's a damn longshot... you ever play Lensmoor?

No, I didn't play Lensmoor; I've heard of it though. I played Gemstone for years, back when it was Gemstone III... and was very RP centric. Unsure what it is like these days though I believe it is still out there. I then played Achaea for some time which was very RP heavy. I'm not a great RP'er. I usually just keep quiet... but I just love being in that atmosphere; it makes the game far more meaningful and enjoyable than mere stats and numbers. It also tends to be player driven, which I love.


Anyway, thanks for the advice here. I think what I'll do... is post in the Mateus FFXIV official forums and try to put something together. I mean, why not. I'm still learning the game so am in no rush. If I cannot get any sort of community going there (it really seems to be a low population server), then I'll transfer to one of the "known" ones. I'll post here if I can get something going (may take awhile!).

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Hang out, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Even if you don't end up on another server the website's still a useful commodity for lore, information and just general community!

Agreed. This place rocks :-) I'm digging in!

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I'm going to be the devil's advocate here, but if you don't like parsers, you shouldn't be raiding. If you parse low, and refuse to improve, you are screwing over the other seven people in your raid. And sadly enough you will need parses to see if you are improving. Anyhow I won't go into ToS breaking, seeming SE really doesn't care as long you ain't a dick about it to random pugs.


If you like roleplaying, I'd strongly suggest just to focus onto that, seeming the more casual stuff sounds more up your alley.


So yeah, I'd say make to hop to Balmung. You be a lot more happier here if the laid back stuff is more your thing. While it is a nice and valiant thing to try to get a community on your current server, coming from someone who kept the RP scene alive on a dying WoW RP server for months, it isn't worth it. Just make the jump and roleplay away.

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Mateus is pretty dead my original toon is still there, but Warren's right. Balmung can't keep accepting transfers forever. 


Though the low population could be advantageous in building a community cause less people to troll, plenty of housing, plenty of room to grow and have the room to fill it with rpers. It's a huge undertaking but I'd be willing to come over and rp there. Maybe we'd get lucky and actually make something out of it. 


I mean if you wanna transfer go for it. Though according to the official site transfers will be the first to be moved to a new server if the server gets overloaded.

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