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IC Starlight Wishes

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Just curious - what are your character's wishes this year for the Starlight Festival and the coming cycle? Do they want that new sword they've been meaning to be crafted for several moons? Do they just want gil? Or is your character a meaty Highlander who secretly wants that teddy bear? 


Also, what are your characters hopes and dreams for the coming cycle? Lemme know. :3

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Okay but imagine a Christmas special about a grumpy adult, who turns out to have been an abused orphan as a kid, learning ~the true meaning of Starlight~... and you got Aghurlal.


This will be his second Starlight in Eorzea, and his first was spent in the streets of Ul'dah and surrounding scrubland, scrambling for work so he could eat and also maybe not sleep outside. He saw the decorations, but (correctly) assumed they were something just for rich people.


This year, he's... well, he's not rich, but he has an apartment, he can afford rent/utilities and food, plus a few indulgences. So he might actually... have to... learn... what Starlight is. And how to pick out gifts. And how to receive them without looking like a total idiot.



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"This Ishgardian shite again? I swear by Rhalgr... Fine, fine. Anything you say? Well, beyond the standard 'I want Gyr Abania and me temples back' whining? That a certain fellow Brother be stopping his swiving jealously and reigns in his shite temper, and that a certain person hopefully gets hit against the head repeatedly so he may get some swiving selective amnesia when it comes down ta his swiving wife. Who knows. Any of that would be great. Else? Suppose a few purebloods Garleans, a piece of the wall and a heap of spoons would amuse me. And nay, not in the swiving way ye be thinking."

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Selah (Seselahi Rerelahi) is looking forward to January, when he will hopefully be free of the (profitable) tyranny that is doing the calligraphy for his clients' Starlight Festival cards and announcements. It won't be a long reprieve, though -- Valentione's Day is just around the corner. He also has a small list of practical things he would like as gifts -- a new pen knife, a few sturdy plumes, some folios. Secretly, he is finding himself missing the traditional foods he grew up with -- especially his parents' family recipes -- but he doesn't dare try to find the recipes.


Renan is wishing for a cure for the Tonberry plague, but if they can't have that, then they'd like to go with Negevs to visit his hometown, after all the stories he's told them. Also: hot chocolate.


Zedyr is starting to feel homesick after nearly a month away from his business in Limsa Lominsa, and (with some chagrin) finds himself sending prayers off to Nald'thal that Maayan is handling the pre-Starlight rush okay and that he isn't losing customers thanks to not being able to work on custom designs for the time being. He is wishing for some time to sit and breathe so he can write a few letters to his friends back home...and also for some warmer clothing, maybe some earmuffs or a hood. He isn't adjusting well to the Coerthan winter, as he runs a little chilly most of the time to start with.


Maayan is mostly wanting to strangle Zedyr and is planning to write him asking (slightly tongue-in-cheek) for a very generous gift voucher to The Pools, as she will need a month's worth of massages after this, and where the hells did you hide the _____? and, How do you find anything in this workshop without any labels? and, Did you know that the Sirens had no idea that....?

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Ayaka doesn't really celebrate Starlight but at this point, she is willing to give it attention for the sake of giving her lil' ol heart a hint of hope.


So she wishes for the downfall of the Garleans, the safety of her family, Doma to return to its beautiful state once more and oh, the well-being and attention of her savior.

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Alothia wishes for things she can't have. For faces that she's long forgotten to return, for her company to be bustling and full of life like it once was. For the five years she was gone to magically come back.


But she also wishes for the future. For a child someday. For a peaceful life with Khale. For the ends of the conflicts that have been plaguing Eorzea.


She could also use a new pair of boots.

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Mhaya's Starlight wish is for all of her friends to be safe and join her at the various events!

This sounds pretty close to Chachan's IC Starlight wishes: that all his friends and family are happy and safe and enjoy Starlight. ... Of course, given that he's also bringing his girlfriend to meet his family for the first time at Starlight dinner, he's also quietly wishing that they don't mind she isn't a Lalafell or a Doman and like her for the delightful and wonderful person he sees her as. Especially his straight-laced father.

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Valia - gold jewelry, a plush blanket, housemaid, some more fancy clothes would be nice


Brinn - that his sister gets what she wants so he doesn't have to listen to her complain for the next year


Ralin - a vacation


Alberic Sr. - a lap dance


Alberic - to be far away from his father if he gets what he wishes, and a new book to read while sitting by the fire would be nice.


Tin - new clothes. the seams on his old ones are nearly pulled apart. matter of fact, the seam on his britches went the other day while he was moving cargo. at least all the other workers got a good laugh... >..>;


Chanar - Starlight?


Daire - food!

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This would probably be the first year Illyriana has every had the energy and spirit to take part of the festivities. Normally she'd just be hiding and brooding lol. This year I can see her going for the first time and being completely star struck and running around like a little child :3


If she could have anything she'd probably want another cute stuffed animal. She has a stuffed chocobo she loves to death.

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