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Intermission has been nuked! We've merged with "Open RP"! Hit me or any of their leadership for a new pearl if you'd like to keep in contact with the ooc rp finding community!


Leadership (A-Z) and time zone.

Aysun Demiir (NA)

Faye Covington (NA)

Gospel Gestalt (NA)

Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa (EU)

Nebula Stardancer (EU - bug 1st if on)

Val Nunh (NA)

Xenedra Ambreaus (super late night - early morning NA)

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Oh, I know I didn't spend as much time on OOC/Intermission/Backstage as some others, but I fully support this!  I think I was also a sackholder at the end of 1.0 and would be glad to continue making sure RPers are welcomed to the greater community by giving out pearls and such.  :thumbsup:

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After some recent thought, I was not going to return to Intermission in ARR, however reading this and the rules has me optimistic about it. I'd be glad to still be a sack-holder in ARR.

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I'm made a temporary Intermission pearl on Gilgamesh server for the beta weekend. If you'd like one, hit me up on Xenedra Ambreaus. For now I'm giving leadership status to just about everyone, so that it's easier for everyone to get a pearl. So if I'm not on, there will probably be someone else who can help you if you ask around :)

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Noob question and i appologise for putting it here if its the wrong section, I would like to join this because it seems like a great idea to have a ooc Linkshell. However my question is, How do i join a linkshell ingame?



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