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How does your character earn money?

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Hey pals! I'm curious to hear how your characters make a living, and what the money they earn goes to support! Here's three examples of what I mean:


I have one character, Thatcher Bookbound, who is a researcher of aether and the arcane arts. When he started out, he was just reproducing books by hand as an amateur book printer. Now, most of his money comes from research grants from wealthy patrons, but he also writes his own textbooks on advanced arcanamia, which he sells. He has a retainer who's financially savvy, who manages his money and earns extra with investments- which is lucky because he's very irresponsible with cash! The money goes toward supporting his estate, as well as helping fund independent field expeditions.


Another character, Mi'ke, is trying his hand at engineering, but demand for engineers in Eorzea is a little low... He's had to resort to ringfighting (boxing), as well as local levequests to scrape by. What money doesn't go to keeping himself fed and clothed, either goes to his deadbeat estranged relatives who he recently reconnected with... or his blossoming alcohol problem.


The third example is Amber, who aspires to start up her own independent weavers guild, but money seems to slip out of her fingers faster than she can earn it. So besides selling handmade clothing, she "pretends" to be an adventurer in order to get adventure-oriented work. (idk how you pretend to be an adventurer; i mean, if it looks like an adventurer, and quacks like an adventurer.... well she seems to feel the need for deception, so...)


So yeah! share a little blurb about what your characters do for a living. I'm curious to know! And if your characters don't earn money, describe what they do to stay fed, and how they support what's important to them! I'm eager to hear it!

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By going on adventures such as dungeon delving odd jobs or exploration/rescue requests, then selling/trading tomestones and crafter materials through retainers who also adventure.


The nice thing about the setting is daily cost of living for food isn't that much, topping out at possibly 999 for travel, and you can buy permanent housing at 500k. I avoid RPing my toon as having more than he actually has at any given point, which is usually 2-3 mil.

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