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Blue Skies Event: Horizon Crossing (temp Gilgamesh, perma Balmung)

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[[it's time to revive the good old fashioned Blue Skies tradition of a Horizon Crossing. What is a Horizon Crossing you might ask? Exactly what it sounds like..  ..sort of. Exploring the world, crossing horizons as they come and going beyond.]]


[align=center]You find the following flyer posted in Adventurer's Guilds across Eorzea.[/align]



[align=center]Calling all Adventurers![/align]


[align=center]Think you have what it takes to call yourself a true adventurer? Have a lust for excitement and action that you just can't satisfy in your every day life? Then look no further, as the Blue Skies has just the thing for you!




[align=left][align=center]Strap on your boots and get ready to cross over the horizon on the 29th sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon alongside the Blue Skies Adventuring Company as they test the mettle of Adventurers across Eorzea.



[align=right]~Endemerrin Rosethorne




Who: Any and all roleplayers!


When: Satuday, June 29th at 5:00pm EST


Where: We will be gathering on top of the Coffer and Coffin to start, and we'll be on the Gilgamesh server!


Why: For excitement and adventure! Building off last week, we have an exciting and much more adventurous event planned for this event! Level won't be an issue, as combat will not be the focus of this event. Just make sure you can make it to Thanalan if you're playing a Marauder, as you'll be stuck in Limsa-Lominsa until you complete your 15 story quests!




Whether you have a new character you'd like to test the waters with, or an old one you'd like to jump back in with! This event will be considered both canon and non-canon. We are leaving it up to the individual as to whether or not they want their character at the event ICly. If you choose otherwise, your character may simply be chalked up to another nameless adventurer in the crowd.


We won't spoil what we have planned, but it's going to be a fun event! However, if you do plan on attending, please make a little note here on the thread, even if you're uncertain if the schedule will work for you. We'd like to get a good feel for numbers beforehand, though we will also be taking a head count once the main attraction is ready to begin.


As a small side note, we plan on making an ooc pearl for all attendees this time, so no one gets left behind or lost. We'd like to apologize to anyone who ended up in that situation last time![/align]

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I have Saturday off, so I can actually make this one. Yay! I'll be there as Elza, though I'll have to remake her in Ul'dah as a fresh level one since she's stuck in Limsa. So the tough guys better be willing to be knightly protectors :P


ICly, I'll have to have her just stumble across it though while putting up gala fliers at the Coffer and Coffin or something >.>

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