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Character Scents


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As I've been re-assembling my wiki it occurred to me that with the miqo'te RPers being about in abundance and the knowledge that their sense of smell is somewhat heightened, I thought to add a small blurb about Eva's perfume and usual scent.  I've had to describe this in the past during 1.0 and thought it might be a helpful thing for other RPers to think about.  Then I considered that it might be useful to have all that info in one place, and so I decided to scrape together this thread.  While it makes sense that any character's scent is going to be situational based on environment, perspiration, etc., this would be more of a neutral thing based on things like grooming, smoking, working with chemicals, flowers, or what-have-you.


So what do y'all smell like??  :D




For Eva:

Her usual perfume carries the sweet scent of lilac dashed with a trace of sun lemon.







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Since he's out harvesting herbs, ore and produce often, Kevaraan would probably most likely smell like a mixture of various herbs and fruit, with an earthy overtone like that of fresh dirt or soil--especially if mining is involved. The individual herbal smells are something I'd have little experience describing, but they'd depend on zone.


There are two individual scents that would be much harder to detect amid the above, but they're still worth mentioning: 


He always has the faint scent of blood about him, but I imagine one would have to be versed in warfare, keenly observant, or really straining their nose (or be another Miqo'te, I suppose) to detect it. Given all the killing of various fauna the average adventurer does, this may be taken as a given. It may be interesting to note that there's no hint of death or rot--just blood.


There is also, on some mornings or in some evenings, an  extremely bitter, sharp smell around him, that has a bit of a tang to it. It could come from a strong elixir, ointment, or powder, but it's distinct from a smoker's smell, and isn't it.

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Certainly something I wouldn't have considered....um... I guess Alex(my 'bad' character) could smell like drink occasionally or even a hint of perfume if he was at a brothel which probably wouldn't even come up in RP anyways.


I don't think anyone else would have any lingering smell.

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Yeldir either reeks of soil and armpit, or a faint spritzing of pine-cologne, depending on when and where you catch him, and whether or not he's been somewhere you can buy a decent bath in the past couple of weeks.


He's meticulously groomed when he's in and about Ul'dah, and completely loses track of his appearance and well being when out on a dig or exploration.

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