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A quick thank you to Castiel

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I thought I'd say thank you to Castiel for all the effort and work put into this site. It's definitely a good tool to have and has helped out my guild in its reboot and recruitment. I have gotten a few new guild members who saw the guild advertising on this website and decided to go and give us a look. One member didn't even know Final Fantasy Xi or XIV would have RP but this site opened his eyes and led him to us ultimately. So just thought i'd say thanks, you're making it alot easier for smaller guilds like mine to recruit quality people and get to know others in the RP community and try to forge alliances.


*Raises glass* Thanks!

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Agreed. Castiel has put a huge amount of work into this site and this coalition, and he's helped mobilize a strong and large community out of the many fractured elements from FFXI. I'm proud to be a part of it, and happy to see such activity and focus put into the coming game. A toast indeed!

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I agree. Thank you Castiel! The site remained up during some pretty heavy traffic. I think everyone here can appreciate the endeavors you've made to bring and keep this community together.



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Awww. Thank you everyone :oops:


It's wonderful to see everything come together like it is after all these many months of discussions, debates, and tail chasing. So thank you for being such an awesome community :approve:


Can't wait to RP with all of you in game!

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