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Fan Festival 2014 - Las Vegas

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As I am sure most of you are aware by now, the Final Fantasy Fan Festival is in October and tickets will be going on sell in a few weeks. I am curious if anybody from our RP community is planning on going, from any of the servers. I am thinking about buying a ticket even though I am not a hardcore gamer who does raids and end game content. Who else is thinking about going and showing their love for Final Fantasy by representing the RP community?



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Posssssssssibly going. If I can work out sharing a room with peeps. And work out having that weekend off from work, which will be tough to swing since it is the busiest month for me!

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Me, Ellion Goto, Stanzie Rhyees, and X'havir Vahl all got our tickets! However, it was because -I- was able to get in. Apparently no one is really able to. O.o

I so want to go!! :(   Costs may be tricky. The overall I mean. Travel, tickets, hotel and food.

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We apologize for the frustration that all this congestion has caused our most loyal fans and truly appreciate the support and patience you’ve all shown us so far. I’d like to give you all an update on advance ticket sales for the Las Vegas Fan Festival.


Advance ticket sales are not completely sold out.

Also, we are still planning to sell the second batch of tickets next week (Tuesday, July 15 at 10:30 a.m. (PDT)) as scheduled.


We anticipated that there would be a large amount of interest in the advance ticket sales which would lead to heavy traffic to the event website, however, there were unanticipated errors that began occurring as a side effect. This caused many people to experience a lot of congestion and/or errors when trying to purchase their tickets.


As a result of the problems that the event site was receiving, the decision was made to halt ticket sales momentarily. While the ticket counter showed that the advance tickets had completely sold out, it was actually a matter of them being on hold/pending during that time.


We still have 483 advance tickets to sell and we will be re-opening advance ticket sales (timing to be announced). The event company is still determining when the fixes can be implemented and as soon as we have a set time that they will be re-opened we will be sure to let you know.


If you have received an email confirmation that you have your ticket, then you have successfully made your purchase! If you have not received an email confirmation, you are encouraged to try your order again when we re-open advance ticket sales.


Regarding the promotional codes – if you have not made a successful purchase with them, then they are still valid and can still be used.


Additional information will be posted when it is available.


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