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Tumblr Balmung RP Event Directory

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Hey everyone. I hadn't thought of posting the link here, but I am under suggestion from Xenedra!


I recently opened a tumblr account to help advertise upcoming (Balmung) RP events. Some users I knew prefer using tumblr and don't really use the RPC, or don't want to.


So I do my best to browse the tag a couple times a day to see anyone's events, or I look here on the calendar. For any events I haven't already posted, I welcome submissions to the tumblr (which do not require an account). You're also welcome to point me in the right direction via messaging me here (I get email notifications instantly, so don't worry about me missing anything).


The URL is http://balmungroleplayers.tumblr.com/


All a submission requires is an in-game location, time, date, an in-game name contact, and a brief description.


Thank you all. I hope this becomes helpful for getting information out there.

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Does anyone know if there is a directory of RP FC houses? I haven't RPed much since FC housing came out because a lot of the pick-up RP around Limsa (where my character lives) seems to have moved to FC housing, but I don't really have the patience to wander all the wards and check out every house. Thanks!

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