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Kage: Experience: .... BLM


With 2.3 I'll need to relearn the 2nd divebombs but eh. Easy.


Tomorrow I'll be at Anime Expo but otherwise I'm utterly free on PDT nights and almost all day weekends. Unless I go to a nice cafe or something.. :3


I could also PLD if needed but I have 0 experience with PLD in Twin so I'd rather not.

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Zhen Malraj or W'majha Shikhu, I can BLM, MNK, SCH and almost WHM and DRG. I've cleared tons of times in non tank roles, and I'd probably be available during the afternoon. I have my static group in the evenings on Saturdays.

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K'nahli and I need to clear T5 ;_;

I hope we can join the list of players in need. I'm very happy that a kind soul came up with such an idea, as getting a good party in this game isn't easy at all.


Edit: Forgot. K'nahli is a Bard and I'm a White Mage. I'm playing on i96 because I dislike most Weathered pieces, but I can equip them if necessary.

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Though I cancelled my sub, I still have some 100 days left on it, so I am available to participate in in-game things. I've a great deal of experience leading and am quite comfortable with T5. I'm available pretty much any time.


WHM, for reference. Antimony Jhanhi.

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So some.RPers did some drunken T5. I feel quite comfy with T5 but I'll have to readjust to the manawall Nerf a bit.



It wasn't that bad dodging twisters and hitting things with  WiFi connected laptop on my lap. Definitely not my ideal playing style.

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Ill heal it, but people if they really want to do this and havent done it before really need to research the fight. Its a long fight, with way too many phases for anyone, regardless of skill, to do without knowing it.


I heal it all the time as white mage so Im used to it. Ive also pugged it with people so its doable with people from here. But you really need to be on your A-Game.

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Personally, I think that it's easy for the group (especially a PUG of sorts like this) to do it if the 1-2 who need clears have experience to Twisters (and know how to dodge them/watch the video >.>)


We put together a drunken party on July 4 that was a PUG and got through to Twisters just fine on the first pull (... except for when someone didn't know anything about Twisters soooo it went downhill from there). I personally think that if -everyone- knew how to deal with the mechanics that that could have been a one-shot. The only thing we had was one person using the 45-sec macro for 2nd divebomb set warning. We also had both tanks not knowing clearly who was MT or OT until the two of us who were with a fairy went "pls come. one of you ; ; ) but it worked out juuuuust fine!


... until the first Twister since someone didn't know how to dodge them.


As such those who -need- a clear would be responsible for getting experience and watching at least MTQCapture's vid. But it's definitely do-able.


So far the Roster for people with experience and clears:

Natalie (PLD,WHM)

Kage (BLM-clear, PLD-no exp)

Okichi (Heals and DPS)

Hiro (MNK-clear, PLD no exp)

Aya (DRG)

Naunet (WHM)

Merri (MNK, WAR)

Otto (WHM)


Experienced but not cleared yet(?)

Nebbs (Tank)

Franz (SCH, could WHM if necessary)

The Wizard (MNK)


Roster of those who would like help with it

Clover (Heals)

Oscare (BRD)


People who I haven't put into a list yet because I'm not sure where they stand or if actually wanted:

K'nahli and Oscare


Depending on timing and if I love you I am also very willing to help join parties that need a DPS to learn the fight. I've offered it to friends I've made in the RP community and will continue to lend a willing body here. Either that, or people should join our drunken T5 parties *nod*


Quick Edit: Please post if that time seems like a doable one or when you think you may be free! I have no life so generally my PDT afternoons/evenings are free unless I schedule something.

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Quick Edit: Please post if that time seems like a doable one or when you think you may be free! I have no life so generally my PDT afternoons/evenings are free unless I schedule something.


What time?

In Nat's post she's mentioned aiming for a few hours on Saturday. I think we're generally seeing a good day and seeing what time slots people may have available.


For example, I'm typically free all day on Saturday barring scheduled exceptions such as taking a car in for maintenance in the mornings or having a café day that will mean I'm only free 4pm PDT onwards etc.

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OOps, meant to say I'm completely inexperienced at T5. Also, update to my ilvl. It's now 92. \o/


I've watched videos, so I have a somewhat clear-ish understanding of what to do. I don't mind sitting out for as long as I need to because I'll probably get nervous and flail utterly when it actually comes to me fighting, lol.


Times that work with me are... well, really, any day except Monday nights. I'm EST too.

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Like I said, if people want experience, I'm also willing to join an RPC T5 learning party if you need a dps.


@TheWizard, can you explain what usually goes wrong in those? Most of the times I see it's because of people not grouping for divebombs well but I'm not sure. Is it because people aren't prepared?


@Oscare: Cool cool thanks!

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If stuff starts going wrong when the second divebomb set starts, it's usually a result of tunnel visioning and missing the beep for the divebomb. People may also slip out of position and find themselves too far up the ditch, which can result in a misplaced Twintania. A countdown macro and maintaining general raid awareness will solve that.

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I've actually never used a countdown macro but I've seen one used twice now. (I also have no idea how macros work >.> )


I've learned one way to force people to make tight stacks is to use a way mark on the ditch so that people are forced in only half the circle (otherwise they touch the flames).

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Anyone doing T5 should feel free to ask me if they need a DPS!  I've only beaten it twice, but I'm pretty sure that I still know what I am doing :-]


I may be too busy to come help, but its worth asking!


(And iLevel 100, I think, may be 99!)

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