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Name's Gaspard, and I thought that it was time to finally sign up around here. So!, a bit about me:


I've been roleplaying steadily for the better part of 7-8 years now, I'm an avid fan of stories and fiction and nearly all forms (Movies, Books, Visual Novels, TV series, you name it). I began Roleplaying on the Star Wars scene, mostly on Text-RP boards and an old-ass game known as Jedi Academy, and kept venturing into other games for an RP fix over the years, and ofcourse alot of play-by-post RPing ,aswell as some Pen and Paper (mostly Vampire the Masquerade, and other TDW games)


English is not my native language, (as some may've guessed already), but all the roleplaying and mass-consumption of English Media helped me to brush it up to the point it's on par with my native language (That being Zhe German, followed by Zhe Polish)


Nowadays the only game I still play is XIV, as I lack the time for any different games.


If you want to contact me via Skype, you can add me via male or Skype handle:





Anyway, Looking forward to some amazing roleplays around here!

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Welcome to the community!


Things may be a little hectic with the mass Ul'dah panic, but I'm sure we'll get that worked out. Eventually.


As for language abilities, I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say anything. Maybe that's just growing up with a family that used to speak German a couple generations ago, and recently having some very extended-family cousins visit to improve their English.


I'll look forwards to interacting with Gaspard, should we get the chance to meet!

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Hey there, Gaspard, welcome to the RPC! First language or not, your English certainly isn't lacking. I'm glad to chat or role-play anytime, so feel free to approach or send a /tell if you see me around!

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Hello Gaspard, and welcome! <3


Like the others have said, I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say so, so maybe it's like a neat little secret... that the entire community knows. 


Anyway, I hope to see you in game sometime. I'd be glad to roleplay and such, so see you there!

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Yeah I consider my English rather well polished, but it still shows at times that i'm not 100 percent proficient in it. I like to mention it because I've used to have contact with alot of english/american natives that paid alot of attention to grammar and other details, simply to keep things..at a certain level.


So I like to warn people before zhe german starts showing.

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Pffff, there are plenty of first-language English speakers who aren't 100% proficient in it.



(one of my rp buddies, one who had a ridiculous grasp on a few languages thanks to years spent studying them, once told me that sometimes my writing sounds like I'm ESL (English as a second language). eheheheh. . .I only speak/write in English. ;_; . )


Welcome to the RPC!

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...an old-ass game known as Jedi Academy...


...Jedi Academy is not old.


Dark Forces is old. Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight is kind of old. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is sorta old.


Jedi Academy is, like...


*recalls that JA was released over a decade ago, and that Dark Forces was nearly two decades ago*


...I'm old.

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