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Interesting, but I'm keeping my damn mouth shut.


Someome quick close the thread


You know you want to~


Beyond just romance, it should be a good way to get to meet people. You might get partnered with someone you'd never RP with usually, and maybe make friends with them long term.


What I want is irrelevant. It does seem like a fun, no-thought-required event, though.

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Nat this made my day. Lol.


I think the idea is great and I know some of us could use a little, light humor. :D


If you need any help with event in any way, I'd be happy to help out. At this time, not sure if I can commit Askier for the actual event or not but will get back on that.

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Oh my god this looks hilarious.  Can people watch? <_<;a


I don't see why not? :3 The more the merrier


... and more embarrassment for Kage. It will be SO CUTE she says...


I do so hope our heroes find someone to ship this crazed man with!!!


Battle Royale: Romance Edition?

I just noticed that these chokers look like the chokers in Battle Royale too... Look at Kage and look at Osric...

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