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So. . . you know that thing I do occasionally? Round 3?


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Hello ladies and gentlemen.


The hours of ghouls and horrors is upon us and may the heavens open and return to this shell of a word the judgement of our dark savior.


Ahem. Lol. 


So my last rp event was a learning experience for me and i got to meet tons more awesome people to rp with. I also learned some good lessons, included how not to step on toes and that zombie combat rp can be hilariously awesome.


So, was wondering, anyone up for another event, though a much more subdued sort. I'm thinking of a less Garlean angle and a more cultish angle. Not sure what the cult would be or what they would worship but resurrection of something and zombies would be fun. I'm sure Meta xi could enjoy killing some more zombies anyhow.


Thinking that cult has to make a various number of sacrifices and collect certain things for the rituals. And, what I would like, is that anyone willing to help be a cultist could carry out missions on their own on case I can't make it, sort of how Larforet was able to help me when I couldn't be online during last events.


As for cult members, they certainly don't need to be black mages, could just be normal individuals who are part of organization, which itself doesn't have to be terribly large and these events don't have to all take place in cities since cult could be all over.


Also thinking this would be a more drawn out and slower event than last two to slowly raise the stakes with minor events happening such as theft of magical artifacts and law enforcement finding murder victims.


So, my questions are these:


What would be something that would make sense for cult to try to revive or summon? Dead dragon? Person? (Hesistant to make it a primal but is an option)


Anyone interested in being part of cult?


Feed back in general appreciated. :D

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We have twelve very lovely gods. It wouldn't take much for somebody to take an interpretation of that faith in a direction sufficiently perverse enough for it to deviate far enough from traditional worship and into cult territory. Rhalgr seems like an obvious choice, but any one of them could work if worshiped by a sufficiently charismatic and broken person.

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That you all for feed back so far. I'll start digging around and see if I can't work a cannon appropriate way to mix Verads idea with zombie dragons. :)  


Maybe something akin to the cult In Dragon's Dogma only mistake Dragon for incarnation of their version of the god in question instead of worshipping dragon itself.

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Currently at work but thought to post some brainstorm on idea.


The cult will be serving a distorted version of Nald'thal.  The cultist assume Nald and Thal are two halves of the same god and tattoo half their face with black ink. Half the cult is dedicated to the commerce half of Nald'thal and opperate in the business of death, selling out their "Crows" as assassins for hire for coin and to increase the wealth of Nald'thal's soul bank in the underworld while also excelling at commerce in real goods like wool.


The other part of the cult is aimed at ending life on the planet and making the underworld, Nald'thal's domain, the only place souls reside, for this would make Nald'thal a monopoly on the soul market. (Hooray commerce and cults!) 

The idea of event is the "The Voice" of Nald'thal is trying to collect the needed parts of a spell to resurect what he believes to be the mortal coil of Nald'thal, a dead dragon, so that Nald'thal may use the dragon to kill and fill the underworld with souls. 


Cults...why can't they ever have nice goals. 


That's my idea right now. Figured cult would be easy to attract living people for its monitary focus and its "Crows" are actually corpses with dead souls infused back into them that don't rot due to magic.


If anyone makes a "Crow", just make Crow the last name and have something  related to a doorway or building as the first name.


Example "Atrium Crow"


Or if you want to rp a living member...just show up. They take all true believers once they pass the entrance ritual. Which requires the applicant murder someone. Yay cults!


So that's all I have atm. Let me know what you think. :D


Oh,if you join cult, half the face of the character who is a member has to be tattooed black to show devotion to the two parts of nald'thal.

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Mention of Nald'thal makes me think that my Davoren would be interested in all of this, as he looks into whatever he can of said deity considering his backstory. The concept of corpses infused with souls of the dead also hits VERY close to home, so I'll consider some manner of participation in this event considering the themes that have been mentioned. >^.^

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Had a couple pm's about this so thought to post here.


People asked me about details of making a crow. Honestly, I hadn't gotten to in depth with yet but  figured a Crow wouldn't remember exactly whom they were while alive, just have personality traits and snips of memories. They have to obey the one whom returned them to the corpse and subdued colors of skin and hair was recommended to me in one pm and I think that's a good idea. So far, tons of interest in this one. I'll try to get more ready as soon as able. :D

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