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Very new, very nervous


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Okay, hello everyone! I suppose I will start with a little about me before I dive into those background stuff. I'm shy, it's taken me a long time to work up the courage to make this account today. *waves* and umm I really have something I want to play but have no idea how to do so, I've spent a few days reading keeper lore and feel like 90% of what I read was on mating >.> That said I want to play a keeper I just wish I knew more than the basic stuff from the website and twelve thousand discussions on relations. So I could use some help there, and now I am starting to ramble on so let me sum that all up.


Hi, I'm new, I want to play a keeper, I'm also scared to play one knowing so little about everything.


I once solved that problem playing a character who couldn't remember anything but it also took someone willing to IC teach me everything. It was fun but I don't expect to do something like that again.


Oh! Oh! I do want to add that what I see from this site already points to a large and wonderful community so that had me excited.


Let's do those background things now


--MMORPG background:

WoW, SWTOR, Matrix Online, City of Heroes


--RP experience:

Lots, just not here


--Character ideas/info

Keeper and that is about all I have ;-; maybe a Mage of some kind or something I really don't know >.<


--How did you learn about the coalition?

Google :P

--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Heavy, very heavy


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I'm a secretary, I like to sew and bake ^^









I guess my questions to all of you are, do you need a new shy friend?

And also, Help! Please help! I don't know what to do or even how to do it ;-;

But really if you teach me to fish I'll be good forever, I just like to get my first time right and not trample lore or break it

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I like to sew and bake ^^




I don't have many friends as I'm fairly new to Balmung too, sooooo I have plenty of room for you!!!


As for the specific questions, someone else is probably better equipped to answer them, as I don't know much about Keepers/Miqo'te.


Again, welcome! And feel free to say hello anytime! We can be OOC, IC, or even just forum buddies!

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Hey there and welcome to the RPC! I totally understand being shy about things and also just recently got the courage to reach out to an RP LS as well as introduce myself here. If you're looking for someone as scared of you as you are scared of another person, I might be a good candidate!


There are a ton of people here who are knowledgeable here about lore and would be more than glad to share the information. There's even a Keeper group if you're interested (http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=7564). I've never been a huge lore-buff. For me, it's more of avoiding anything lore-breaking rather than always to try and fit the mold. I play a keeper too but more of a urban type than a tribal one like what you're thinking of.


From personal experience so far, everyone here is super patient, friendly, and willing to help in whatever way they can so nothing too be to apprehensive about. If you're around in the evenings, don't be afraid to send me a PM @ Phayte Lior. I'm more than happy to just chat, or if you want to run a dungeon, or need help with something crafted. It's always nice to make new friends!

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But in all seriousness, welcome to the RPC!


If you happe nto find me in-game, feel free to walk up or send me a /tell any time. For the most part, feel free to ask me about anything in-game, and I'll answer the best of my knowledge, or find another person who can be poked for answers.



If you're thinking mage for a class, FFXIV has 3 options:

  1. Conjurer (Becomes White Mage) - Uses the aether of the land. - Typical healer-ish things and a couple elemental spells that are wind/stone/holy-based. - Gridania
  2. Thaumaturge (Becomes Black Mage) - Uses own aether for big bursty fire, blizzard, and thunder spells. - Ul'dah
  3. Arcanist (Because Scholar [healer] or Summoner [pets]) - Uses math/geometry for arcane magic. Summons a carbuncle, and later, either a pet to heal (as scholar) or ones to attack (as summoner). Uses some type of combination of own aether and surorunding aether. - Limsa Lominsa

Do not be afraid to ask about local customs/lore in-character. There are many ways around it, like saying you're from a different city, or recently, from another country. There are some peole I've seen that said their characters were from smaller villages and they've been been to the bigger cities before. 



Have fun in the game!

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Hi, I'm new, I want to play a keeper, I'm also scared to play one knowing so little about everything.


Hey Talha! It's totally okay to not know much about Keepers! There's actually not a lot of lore about them as of yet. ^^; But I've got a few links that might help you out.


>> Miqo'te Naming Conventions - SE's official lore post about Miqo'te naming conventions and societal/marital norms.

>> FreelanceWizard's Miqo'te Lore Compilation - Collection of Dev posts containing Miqo'te lore.

>> Keeper of the Moon Census - Complete list of canon Keeper family names and their distribution throughout Eorzea.

>> Player Created Keeper Groups - RPC Thread listing Player-created Keeper families/groups/clans as well as fabricated "lore" about them. Note: This thread is not strictly official lore based!



TL;DR: Miqo'te migrated to Eorzea during the Age of Endless Frost approximately 3000 years ago (aka the 5th Umbral Era). The nocturnal clan of Miqo'te, known as the Keepers of the Moon mostly settled in and around the forests of The Black Shroud. There are 50 canon Keeper Families and many of those families continue to live within the Shroud today, but a good many others have left the Wood because of racial persecution from Gridanians and territorial disputes with other Keepers. This has prompted many Keepers to become Adventurers and leave the Shroud. They uphold a matriarchal society and very rarely interact with outsiders.


Hope this helps! ^^ Let me know if you have more questions!

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Wow!! Geeez lots of people being nice *^.^* I think I'm going to like it here!

Anyway I'm going to be reading up on all the keeper stuff I was sent and try to work something out tonight...


I hope to meet all you friendlies in game even if I happen to wallflower.

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*points*  NEW!  Attack!








Yeah...thought not.  Anyway!  Welcome.  If it's rp you're looking for, I'm usuall ylogged in just sort of...standing around.  I play black mage as my main if you want to discuss casting spells that blow things up.


Also, get off my wall.

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Wow, you remind me of myself when I was first about to make an account. Memories, memories. But, hey, we've all been at this point before, all of us. So, don't hesitate to ask things, or be shy. Everyone will try to help you the best we can. And you're absolutely right about the RPC being a wonderful community. :)


That said, feel free to look Eleni up in game and RP, or for dungeons, duties, etc. And take a chill pill. You'll soon see it's not all that scary. 


And, yes, hello and welcome!! :D

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Except for me.


I eat souls and stuffs.  :tonberry:


We know Lia, but we love you anyway. We can talk about it next time I'm at Stillglade taking a wiz on the alter. "WHAT!?! ITS NOT MY FAULT EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE A DAMN TREE!!"


I will cut you.  With my Tonberry Knife.

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When I get past the server restriction I will join all of you <3


Hi there! I'm also new, so we can be new together, yay!


And yeah, the server is usually locked except during the wee hours of the morn.


My shift at work starts at 6am so I'm lucky enough to be able to make a character while I'm there first thing in the morning.


Here, this might help.




It's not always accurate, but this will tell you when certain servers are open and when they're locked.


Welcome again!

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