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Any such PVE LS?


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I know that Balmung's Finest is similar in concept but what I've heard it doesn't quite meet the needs of what I'm looking for.


Are there any LSs open and dedicated to the "higher" tier of raiding that people in RPC know of? Raid content such as MogEx, Ramuh Ex? -Capable- of actually farming said content? Or maybe perhaps during the weekend after SCOB static groups meet and are unable to clear T7 these people can get together to make serious attempts.


TL;DR: PF sucks and I'd like to see if I can join an LS where things like RamuhEx farming can happen. Cause I want that sch book. And SMN book.


One of the stipulations I have is that I'm not interested in LS where "lewd" or constant chatter about similar topics happens. I'm not interested in the content and it'd annoy me into not wanting to read the chat and that defeats the purpose of wanting to be in it

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You'll be hard pressed to find a LS that doesn't have it's obscenities. After all, it's da internet. Pornography, kinks and memes are the daily routine.


beyond that, I'd suggest you look for a high status pVE fc and see if you can get into their fc linkshell. Many of the high tier fc's recruit freelance players if only to fill the spots they temporarily can't fill.

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Thank you Ros I wont be home until about 6 hours from now.


Np :thumbsup:


I also farmed MogEX a lot and could probably heal the fight in reverse while blindfolded at this point if ya wanna make groups for that at some point.


Make Roen go in too! ...she really wants to murder those moogles.

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I'd really like to find a solid and reliable PvE LS as well. There's a number of things I'd like to accomplish in FFXIV and yet finding people to do it with has proven rather difficult. I've been invited to a few so far and yet they're rarely active and those that are generally don't have people going out of their way to aid new additions to the group unless they're well known.

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I'd also be incredibly interested in this! I'm not making much headway with my end game progression as most people I know are already in statics or prefer to do other things. Sadly the duty finder is hopeless in this situation. It'd be lovely to find some more people to regularly play with. :P

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